It’s simple. Sex is everything. That which we create, we have given life to. Make love, make art, it makes no difference to me. It’s all good. It’s all divine. It’s all sublime. Take your time. Sop up its splendor. Sip. Savor. Your life is your own unique flavor.
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This image captures a lot of what my profile strives to shine a light to. I have huge respect for parents in this generation but I’m often troubled by images like this one. I’m not a parent so do you all find an issue with this image or is it not that deep? #Comment

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating ♥️

Ku bersiap jatuh untukmu
Walau sudah ku pertahankan berkali kali.
Ku siap mengalah pergi walau akhirnya aku sendiri yang tersakiti.

Aku adalah musim gugur di tengah panas dingin yang tak menentu.
Cemburu dan sikap acuh,
ku terapkan meski itu bukan sifatku.
Tak kah kau tanya mengapa?

Ranting ranting kering berserakan di antara lahan penuh daunan yang rapuh.
Serapuh hatiku dan kenanganku
Pelan pelan membuatku rindu bagaimama aku bisa mencintaimu dulu.

Kini ku abaikan lagi,
Dari seribu hasrat ingin menyapamu lagi
Meski jutaan rindu membuncah ingin kau berkata
"Aku juga merinduimu"
Namun ku sadar bahwa hanya aku yang merasa membutuhkanmu,
Sedang kau sudah pergi dengan duniamu sendiri.

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I treated love like the Jungle Book. And you told me that I was too enticed with fairytales, that I shouldn't see you as my jungle to protect. That you couldn't be the mountain lions that governed the cliffs, the butterflies that sung about love through evolution, the swift winds that always gave me direction, the chameleons that always showed their true colors. You couldn't be the rivers that saved me from drought, the trees that always brought me shelter, the rain that brought new beginnings. You were so afraid of being my dream that couldn't come true, so I stole Cinderella's slippers and placed them on your feet, stopped you from biting Snow White's poison apple, saved your beauty from the beast and even had time to go down the rabbit hole to bring you some tea from the Mad Hatter's party because love to me means an ongoing journey. I didn't believe in fairytales, instead, I chose to believe in your resilience. I chose to believe that my jungle book did not warrant sad tales about lost boys and girls who offered their lives up for nothing but a moment. You told me to stop treating love like the Jungle Book after you taught me that happy endings only exist when you aren't present. Now I know how Wendy must have felt after she had aged and felt Peter Pan's presence because once you lose faith in the faceless you truly begin to face yourself. I treated love like the Jungle Book. And you told me that I was too enticed with fairytales, that I shouldn't see you as my jungle to protect. And with that, I burned everything down. -Malik Naim

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