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Ever in the struggle to make the world seem right ◼️
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DAY 14

April 14th 2017.

A friend once told me,
"If we're now okay with having partners of different color, caste, religion, and race then why not someone of a different sex?"
"And maybe if you'd look at us not as people of your same sex, but as humans, as individuals, as different personalities, it won't disgust you as much." So here's to the 'people' who think homosexuality is unnatural,
Who think it is a crime, a sin, a taboo,
Who talk about progressive attitudes and liberal mindsets and say 'OBVIOUSLY, I'm straight' if asked about their sexuality.
Who say things like-
'Wtf, this looks so gay'
'My phone is acting so gay right now'
Who give disgusting looks to guys holding hands,
Who talk about Pride marches and stop their friends from going there,
Who pretend to be okay with it but secretly don't agree to it.
Who have Lesbian porn filled in the computer and non accepting nature on the upfront-

Before you be a man or a woman, be a human.
It'll help.

#NaPoWriMo #Day14 #PoetryMonth #LoveGoesBeyondItAll

A fitting first book finished for April, which is also poetry month. Of course I had read some Baudelaire in college, but never until now had I read all of Les Fleurs du Mal. What a brilliant work of immense influence. If you haven't already, take time this month to read it. #charlesbaudelaire #lesfleursdumal #theflowersofevil #poetry #poetrymonth

@atticuspoetry words turned from poetry to tattoos...and now a book! #LoveHerWild #PoetryMonth Swipe 👉🏾

#Poetry is hidden throughout #Houston. To celebrate #poetrymonth, submit photos of poetry you find across Houston using #chronpoetry. We'll publish our favorites in print and online!

Tweet from Sam 8/15/14 #poetrymonth #samcait #bettertogether #samheughan #caitrionabalfe (twitter q&a, Sam was asked what song he couldn't get out of his head: Nancy Wilson "How Glad I Am")

Roses are red, violets are blue. Tonight we host @poetrybrothel and have a special code for you. Expect tarot, poetry, burlesque and more. Use promo code PROFPLUM to get through the door. (Tickets available with link in bio⬆️). 📸: @vajannadentata #poetrybrothel #poetrymonth #strandevents

A huge congrats to Asiana for showing us what it means to dominate on and off the field at @misshallsschool! Last week Asiana was the 9th grade winner of the poetry contest and she has also been crushing it during her first lax season for the hurricanes! Keep up the great work A! #poetry #poetrymonth #workhard

In honor of #PoetryMonth: A haiku for #NationalBeerDay
Foamy and hoppy
Makes us happy and refreshed
Beer us a beer, please 🍻❤️


The poetry slam in newburgh went of the hook. Shout outs to the winner and all those who came to support... June 30th is the next poetry slam at milkweed, 2 and 3 romers alley... We start at 7pm sharp... Tag a poet, friends and family.. You don't want to miss this....

I am looking to doing a house video dancing with with Djrpbeats and Dj H20 in Aug so I want to prepare you all to look out for it when I post it... In other news....If you dance house the way I do you would know what I mean when I say having a great Dj with awesome song selection is important.. This is why I stress in having great DJ's playing at your venues.....Hudson Valley is in for a treat this summer....I want to give shout outs to all the Dj's I know who play house music and keep it real when it comes to music..... You guys and gal keep my spirits up when it comes to dancing.... @djrpbeats @djh2o_fresh @djtrumastr @djchela @decoramusic @dj_far_east

One day our sun will set
And our flesh will become the tomb for wrinkles
So on our skins will kiss the dust
And our bones shall become one with the earth in solemn silence for eternity
We will loose sense of any and everything witty
Humour will become a myth and
From what we were made back to we will return
Unclad like the beginning
The very earth we tread upon will be the glue that holds our charred remains together
The ground will become ceiling
And the fortitudes of our loss will be left for our families and loved ones to bear
One day the book of demise shall grace our names
And our strength shall grow extinct but before then... Before our bodies become too light to carry the weight of those mascaras, lashes and jewelries
Before our earlobes loose their firmness
Too worn to retain the beauty those earrings once gave them
Here's my message to us all me inclusive
Serve the Lord while it is yet day
Gather the seedlings of your praise while the sun still smiles
For when the moon crawls across the lintels of your heart
When your knees become too feeble to kiss the floor like they used to
And your pale eyes lack vigor so much that your eyelids share benediction before your lips do
Will the tears of regret linger on the surface of your cheeks
Or will the Joy of a glorious homecall melt your heart into drops of contentment that water the tongue of dehydrated
Let your life before him be a pictorial tutorial for the toddlers yet to come forth
For if your service to life can raise his brows or move his finger
Then to earth you have drawn heaven closer.
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