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Poet Aja Monet's "stunning" new book, My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter. Cover photo by Carrie Mae Weems.

DAY 20

April 20th 2017.

Dear Papa,

I don't miss you.
Not at all.

I don't miss your comforting words,
I don't miss sitting on your lap,
I don't miss your protectiveness towards me,
Or the big arms around me you wrapped.

I don't miss stealing food from your plate,
I don't miss messing with your mobile phone,
I don't miss playing with your beard,
Or the dinners we had, alone.

I don't miss you coming to my Annual days,
I don't miss hanging out on weekends,
I don't miss seeing you dance,
Or the way you gelled up with my friends.

I don't miss any of it or any of you,
Well, you need to experience this all to miss it,
Cause you were never there when my heart broke,
Or to hold me patiently while I fixed it.

I wish you there to see me grow,
To see me turn into the person i am today,
I wish you loved me, the way fathers do,
I wish I could make plans for Father's day,

I wish i could tell people stories about you,
I wish you were there to help me from falling sad,
I wish i could ask you to love me back,
I wish I could know how it is to have a dad.

I don't miss you.
Not at all,
Maybe a little?

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Tweet from Sam 8/15/14 #poetrymonth #samcait #bettertogether #samheughan #caitrionabalfe (twitter q&a, Sam was asked what song he couldn't get out of his head: Nancy Wilson "How Glad I Am")

A huge congrats to Asiana for showing us what it means to dominate on and off the field at @misshallsschool! Last week Asiana was the 9th grade winner of the poetry contest and she has also been crushing it during her first lax season for the hurricanes! Keep up the great work A! #poetry #poetrymonth #workhard

@atticuspoetry words turned from poetry to tattoos...and now a book! #LoveHerWild #PoetryMonth Swipe πŸ‘‰πŸΎ

"Well, there is time left --
fields everywhere invite you into them.

And who will care, who will chide you if you wander away
from wherever you are, to look for your soul?" Mary Oliver via @cleliapeters #poetrymonth #easter

Time-lapse Day 4 at the poetry Foundation on the Gwendolyn Brooks project. #gwendolynbrooks #poetryfoundation #tyrueslangjones #blackpoets #poetrymonth @slangism


God is everywhere at all times. Don't be a slave to the feelings and perspectives which paint a different picture.
#jspeaks #hesthere #poeticmind #poetryhive #poetrymonth #godiseverywhere

Just got back from nyc where i performed at a competition where over 20 artist performed. The krane theater was packed. It was so awesome to get such a great response from the crowd for the tracks I did even though most of them didn't understand spanish. The music faded in and out while I performed so I had to think quick and freestyle acapellas while my trumpet player tried to keep the groove going. Man it was an amazing experience. Hudson valley look out, I have some ideas brewing including a 1,000 competion in Nov/Dec in multiple locations for musicians, poets, comedians, open mic'ers, singers and specialty acts, spread the word tag a friend. If you want to sign up you have to DM me. $25 to enter and you can compete as many times as you want.. Locations to be announced. If you want to compete but are not from the area message me and I will give you details on how to do so... Hope to hear what you think about this in the comments.

every pain is delightful now,
coz,it was you,
whose words abraded my emotions... every breathe has new melody now,
coz, it was you,
who broke the rhythm of my heart beats... every day I woke up with a smile on my face,
coz, it was you,
who shattered my dreams ... every part in me sheds blood within,
coz, it was you,
who loved the shade of intense red... every loss of mine is worthful now,
coz, it was you,
who wished for my destruction... Penned on : 24/07/17

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The poetry slam at Milkweed is Friday Aug 25th, DM to sign up to slam. Last one was lit. This friday's feature is Bryan Roussel who came in first dor the last Poetry slam. @suffernpoetry @milkweedsugarloaf . Winner gets a part of the door and a feature spot.

I feel like this all the time!

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