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So, what business are you in again?
When we asked several full time spoken word artists about the reasons poets have such a hard time getting paid fairly and consistently, we got a variety of answers. Many of them may surprise you! One of the top ten reasons was:

This is fundamental to your future success! If you are performing "for the love", for "everybody", or any non-specific group or reason, your efforts will most likely be in vain. If you approach this with no plan of action, no research, no preparation, you will get NOTHING in return. Take the lessons from those who came before you and apply them to your plans and remember to constantly rain humble and open to advice. It will carry you far in this career and in life. Good luck!

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you are a perpetual mess of
tangled earphones;
of archived text messages and
deleted phone numbers
to me.
no longer the butterflies in my stomach, you are
the ground bits of moth wings between my teeth;
I vomit dust. you are the papercut along the crease in my eyelid and the bubble of sweat that runs into it;
a chunk of garlic wedged
underneath my fingernail.
you are the corpse of a star
I still try to wish on.
you consume greedily;
you burp out the deathly
stench of forgotten planets, and
pick your teeth with homesick
like myself.
you are a blind hurricane;
you have no safe space,
you leave no place safe.
you are a shabbily written novel;
the book I’ll never give away.
the pictures I’ve tried to delete,
the ones I try not to keep.
cold sweats in the aftermath of a daydream,
you are a curse that weighs in gold.
and everything you say now is a nasty bite; septic, just like her.

by Heera Lilian (@lehlehleh)
A Poems India feature

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God first ❤️

When you take time out from the family to spend quality time writing and catching up with your poetry brethren in a cafe in New York #poetrylife

Silhouettes and the Wind.

Romeo and Juliet
Atto II, scena II
Gli amori infelici non finiscono mai ✨

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love hums
inside me like
a thousand bees
turning my
blood into
honey." @ofyesteryear

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