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i'll always hold your hand @samantha.king, i'll always hold you close. give you kisses in the morning, rub your back while you fall asleep at night. i'll always be loyal, always give you my truth. i'll always spoil you in more ways than one. i'll always praise you, encourage and support you. i'll always do whatever it takes to help make your life easier and i'll always buy you roses to replace the roses that die because i witnessed a couple who had been married for many years sit next to each other on their anniversary and do nothing together or for each other as if that day meant nothing. i watched a husband disregard that day as if it was nothing special and i watched a wife accept it because that's what she's used to and i promise you that i'll always do what should be done when it comes to loving you and reminding you of how much our relationship means to me. time spent, attention given, moments cherished, memories created. a lifetime to learn new ways to love one another. my baby, the woman i adore @samantha.king | #poetry

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honsteky at this point my mood/attitude towards everything is just "whatever" lol 😸

“I’m often undone
by your tiniest glances,
your softest touches.”
Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson


y o u r l i p s t a s t e d l i k e n i c o t i n e a n d i g o t a d d i c t e d #tumblr #grunge #aesthetic #poetry #aesthetictumblr

[Di che reggimento siete
Parola tremante
nella notte
Foglia appena nata
Nell'aria spasimante
involontaria rivolta
dell'uomo presente alla
sua fragilità
-G. Ungaretti
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//anxiety// I am right here with my demons screaming inside my head for the sugar is less in the coffee and you like it sweet and it's 12.45 already and consciously I see you coming through the door, all you do is to hug me and do not utter a word.

while hugging I get all the flashbacks continuously from various instances for the time you didn't respond to my text within 27 minutes because you do it. you always do it.

and the t-shirt I gifted you might not be comfortable despite you recalled it twice it is and I couldn't take it for the intensity in your voice wasn't the same alike the way when you like something.

25th march, when you came home late and asked me to have dinner and I couldn't because I knew you are careless and will forget in your work to have it on time but when you came home you smelled sushi which your assistant is fond of.

I got scared and slept taking 2 sleeping pills for I knew being awake my anxiety would scare you off yet you came back to hug me tight until I calm myself down.

but today I am right here without you because I knew my anxiety would frustrate you and if not, then I might.
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#anxiety #depression #anxious #anxietyattack
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"Just Breathe!" Sometimes I need to just breathe so when I seen this ring I knew I had to buy it. I wasn't able to fit it at first but now I can and plan to wear it daily. #justbreathe #writer #writing #blogger #blog #poet #poetry #blogging

La barque. 🍊

"В ссоре с собой"
Надоело разрушаться,
Надоело в прах крушить,
Где взять силу, чтоб собраться,
Чтоб саму себя любить.

Надоело, быть на грани,
Синусоида уйди,
Надоело разрушаться,
Я хочу покой найти.

Я как пират в Карибском море, что проклят золотом века,
Живу, хожу, гоняю мысли,
но вкус не чувствуют уста.

Не нужен допинг мне для жизни,
Хочу живого естества,
Мне надоело разрушаться,
Нет между мной и мной родства. © Автор Hpp
#poetry #стихи #современнаяпоэзия #поэт #мысли

I never fully trust people. So when I tell you I trust you, it means you are privileged. And if you betray my trust, you lose it forever. You can never get it all back.
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Inspired by my mother, who sees the value in even the smallest of things.

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