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have you ever been heartbroken? 💔
movie: 6 years (2015) 🎥
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you’re the kind of person who says sorry when they don’t mean sorry.
you just want me to stop having feelings
so you don’t have to think about what you did wrong. you don’t even fucking listen to me when i speak so i’m done speaking.
i hate you so much. there’s no way hatred isn’t this feeling. my blood is boiling. you’re still choosing her over me, even as friends.
you don’t deserve my friendship. 
you never did.
i write a poem about me leaving you and you see it so you text me.
i don’t answer because i fucking hate you but i feel guilty about it the entire day.
iiii. you text me again. you say “hey.” you tell me you saw my snapchat story and you hope i’m having fun. you ask me 
how school’s going. you’re so good at pretending you care. you’re so good at it, i believe you.
iv. i always give in. i always text you back eventually. and you’re so fucking nice to me,
i forget about all of the things you did wrong. 
all of the lies. the times 
you were threading your hands in her hair when i was breaking down.
vi. why can’t you make this easy? why can’t you fucking leave?

— I DON’T WANT TO BE FRIENDS ANYMORE (via achingchest)

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― Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

So much love inside of me it hurts 🌹

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: Namun merdekalah duhai, telah kulapangkan dadaku dengan bahagia merah cinta. Kuhangatkan dengan bahasa yang paling memahami untuk dinikmati. Membalur putih nan indah di 72 kemerdekaan. Bebaslah dikau!

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the last song

goodnight loves💫


@Regrann from @spiritualpoetess_ - I choose to break my own generational karma through my (I don't even know what to call it lol) - business/mission/relationship, because it is all of these things in one, & I usually joke to people that my business is my child - because it really is.
It is an extension of me.

I have to nurture it & love it & see that it's growth is facilitated by the positive directions that I am pushing it toward.

Neglecting it in any form is another extension of childhood abandonment:/neglect programming, & as such many who have been neglected or abandoned themselves do neglect their children, because they neglect themselves. - Cindy Anneh-bu
For more psychological//sociology//spiritual updates please visit & check out cindyannehbu.wordpress.com for now as my official website is revamped! 🙋🏽🕰 #shadowself
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Own happiness...

❁ And I'm never coming back ❁
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❃ Inspired by the phrase "tell the wild I'm home" by @wilderpoetry. Wilder is the original poetry grid account and she deserves so much credit for her amazing work. She really is an incredible soul, and her work is so beautiful, so this one's for her.

Ходжу без цілі колами
Хто я? Хто вони? Хто ми є?
Озираюся злякано. Холодно.
Де мета в цьому всьому схована?

Біжимо. Інколи падаєм.
А для чого? Кому? І де?
Все важливе лишили за кадрами.
Все життя - мов кіно німе.

Ролі, сцени під шкіру в'їлися.
Та й актори давно не ті.
Де мета, за яку ще билися
наші прадіди й праотці? © Fluffy J

Трішки безглуздого вам у стрічку ✌
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🌞 If I can only paint a poem that is as sublime as you. I'll be the only rich poet.✌
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Hv a save weekend ✌

When sun don't shine and rain don't fall, I need you to believe. Believe that it is yet just another day.
When hugs don't warm and words don't comfort, I need you to believe. Believe that it is okay to be that way sometimes.
When calls are not answered and messages left at seen, I need you believe. Believe that you are not ignored, it is not a fight.
When there seems no way and only screams deafening the silence, I need you to believe. Believe that there is a better day yet to come.
When all there is to life is death and to love is hatred, I need you to believe. Believe in the goodness, of yourself and others.
Just breathe. Just believe. - Believe (note to self)

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Whenever I tripped, despite the distance,
Your arms never failed to catch me.

Whenever I lost my balance, despite the distance,
Your arms never failed to steady me.

Whenever I cried myself to oblivion, despite the distance,
You arms never failed to collect me in their warm embrace.

Whenever I felt cold inside, despite the distance,
Your arms never failed to provide me with warmth.

Oh, these arms of yours, I will never question them for caging me for life.
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The Cool philosophy of Babs Gonzales - Tales from Manhattan. You Dig? #babsgonzales #talesfrommahattan #jazz #jive #vocals #poetry #lp #vinyl #jaro #record

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