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• a myriad of survivals.

Generalnie była to dziewczyna miła, uczuciowa, choć na wskroś, na wylot chyba pierdolnięta.

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Fatwa Senja : Jangan Takut Mencintai! :)

Typewriter Series #1822 by Tyler Knott Gregson
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मुझे नहीं मालूम था जिनका मैं इतना बड़ा फ़ैन हूँ, वो बैरागी जी के फ़ैन हैं, शुक्रिया पीयूष मिश्रा जी
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"Thoughts are things", someone wise one said to me, I have grown, I have learned, I now too share the same belief, " You can't teach an old dog new tricks" pretty lips once whispered to me, now I just focus on breeding Love, and Live doing it, times will come, people will talk, strangers will judge, family will gossip, in the end don't welcome Confusion, don't give Jealousy a place to rest not even for a second, Insecurity is sure to move in shortly after, once you open that door, it will kick everything good out, and leave you living alone, without no-one to talk to, instead, Live happy, Love well, and Laugh a lot, look around you have so much to be thankful for, pray, cook yummy, and be ONLY his personal porn star often, now a days sex is easy, free, and on almost given without asking, sorry I am His.© - Love @pixiedust4dasoul #writersofinstagram #writers #poetrycommunityofig #poetsofinstagram #writingcommunity #poet #poetry #poetrycommunityofinstagram

stole this from @/thebrckenbird because i stalk people

Posting again because I like to live on the edge like that // This is the smile of a poet with a good collection of poems in their hand // Book: Pink Elephant by Rachel McKibbens. It's good stuff. Check her out if you like poetry 🖋️

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Thus far in our discussion of Emily's life and works we've covered her personal history, primary influences, and even a handful of her individual poems. As this series begins to wind down, I want to humbly (VERY humbly) provide a few tips for understanding Dickinson's wildly varying and, at times, completely mystifying poems. 🍁
To begin, read her poems very, very slowly. This is a good rule for reading poetry in general; reading prose has taught us to speed-read through the descriptive bits to get to the "good stuff," but poetry is a totally different animal. In poetry, the descriptive bits ARE the good stuff. This rule is more than usually appropriate for Dickinson's works, because one of her especial talents as a poet was her ability to distill infinite meaning down to the very sparsest allotment of words which could contain its weight. Reading her poems slowly gives this meaning the time it needs to begin to slowly unfurl. 🍁
Additionally, Emily employed a whimsicality of metaphor that is so imaginative that it approaches surrealism. She had a knack for juxtaposing concrete concepts in a way that yields a bewilderingly abstract sensation - who but Dickinson would blithely write of a butterfly's assumption gown? Or describe her life as a loaded gun? Because Dickinson purposely packed surreal images into her poems, it's important to not just read Emily's poems, but to assume the same role towards them that she took towards the world - that of an active prober. Probe the meaning of each of Emily's words as you read them. Explore their possibilities. How does each word relate to or contrast with its neighboring words? Consider words in the context of their phrases - what exact picture does the phrase create? What emotion do the collective phrases communicate? And finally, what impact does this composite poem have on you as a reader and a partaker of the grand fabric of Life? 🍁
One of the most beautiful results of reading poetry in this way is the fact that this type of analysis doesn't just yield "the" meaning of the poem - it yields layers of meanings, all intertwined...
[caption continued in comments 🍂]

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