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Without further ado, we decided to give y’all two different mediums to enjoy our season finale.
Because we love y’all so much, we recorded a video podcast for y’all!!!
Thank you all for your love! Please support Truth’s Table, so that season two can become a reality. #TruthsTable
Links Below:
Video Podcast: https://youtu.be/_g75Ra0P_bc

Support Truth’s Table: www.paypal.me/TruthsTable

Support Arch City Defenders, Indicate ‘Bail Fund’: www.archcitydefenders.org/donate

Having a creative partner isn't always about creating, it's about knowing they got your back, through the entire process! In our latest #Afrolit episode, we talked about the artist's approach and how empowering women will change the world with amazing artist @raveena_aurora ! Check out the episode: www.soundcloud.com/Afrolit
Photo from @xodvf

How do y'all feel about people constantly comparing Ciara to Janet? 🤔 Hear more from our latest podcast episode by clicking the link in our bio! 🐸🎙🐸 #ciara #janetjackson #rnb #dance #music #podcast #podsincolor #blackissues  #politics #popculture #comedy  #entertainment #blackculture #soundcloud  #itunes #Stitcher #podernfamily  #blackentertainment #realitytv  #blackgirlmagic #blackboyjoy #lgbt #googleplay #playmusic

Can’t stop smiling, thinking about the #100menofcolor event I attended last night. Amazing men in the community were honored for their contributions to society. Humbled to play a small role in gifting @wearlapelpins Dapper packages to the award recipients. Special thanks to my big brother @junearcher for putting on such a memorable and needed event! So inspired by @dereklanderson message of Stamina! Trust me, you need that book and to hear his story!! Have a great weekend!!

⚠️⚠️On My Grown: The Podcast celebrates 1 YEAR! ⚠️⚠️ Follow @onmygrowntp if you're a black millennial trying to figure out adulthood and all that comes with it! LISTEN to the podcast EVERY TUESDAY for lots of laughs and knowledge! You won't regret it!
#OMGTP #OnMyGrown #BouchBommentary #BlackPodcasts #PodsInColor

In episode 95 we talk about costumes that may be perceived as offensive. It's come to our attention that the adult Maui costume was pulled by Disney after initial outrage from groups of Pacific islanders etc. On Halloween please understand that this portrayal of Dwayne Johnson as Maui is not meant to ruffle any feathers...but to merely win the affection of a certain 1yr old who LOVES Moana.

Chicago's new Apple store is set to open Oct. 20, 2017, in a unique building on Michigan Avenue that overlooks the Chicago River.... They worked with the city to design this incredible store and this is going to help with shifting more retail shops down further south on Michigan Ave! #Economyboost #Flagship

Check out me and @hey_virg's podcast @unsavoryanticspod! Available on iTunes & SoundCloud! New episodes on Thursdays!

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Aye! It’s the weekend & we are heading to the South Bay to check out #RollingLoud Music Festival & also see what #SanJose social scene is about
If you’re out that way, tap in. Comment ⬇️ & let us know where we should brunch at. We love a good brunch. .
New episode this weekend so make sure you’re up to date. It’s a podcast so you can pick and choose the order in which you listen but we guarantee you’ll love them all. .
Make sure to Rate & Review us on #Itunes & #SoundCloud 💕
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Godmorgen venner
🍂🍁🌥⛅️🌤🌻🍂... rise & shine. ⠀

Dine søndagsveninder er kun ét klik væk
med et nyt afsnit fra din yndlingspodcast.⠀
{link i bio’en}⠀

Dagens afsnit handler om Privilegier og tager udgangspunkt i spørgsmålet, kan man både være privilegeret og undertrykt.
Det håber vi, at I tager godt imod, og hvis I har kommentarer
eller ideer til de emner, vi tager op, hører vi meget gerne fra jer.
I kan sende en rigtig mail til: hello@asatt.dk
eller “slide in the DM” lige her.
Vi læser og besvarer alle beskeder. ⠀

♥️ ⠀


We try not to get caught up in the numbers, but when we have a good day, especially a weekend, I drive myself crazy trying to figure it out. Just when I think I understand, something happens and I end up going back to square 1. I guess the lesson is to just let it happen and be thankful for each and every person who chooses to listen to our podcast. THANK YOU for letting us in every week and laughing with us! We're floored by the responses we get and LOVE interacting with this infectiously giving and friendly podcast community!

Feeling supernatural or sonthin like that.

What's better than 1 boss, 3... especially when their in the same hue.

🗣We are now on ITUNES. Can’t find us? No worries. This is how you can. ************************************************************
Music 🎶 @blvckhector - Dimelo
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Haven’t listened to 2 Shots and a Brew yet? Pour yourself a drink, click on the #ApplePodcasts link in my bio, and prepare to laugh, scratch your head, and root for your fav host!
Also find us on #SoundCloud #TuneInRadio #Stitcher #GooglePlay #2shotspodcast #podsincolor #podernfamily #podsquad #weallwin #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #2shots #2shotspod #makingmondaysgreatagain #wedrinkandweknowthings #drinkwithus

I started @ladieswhobronche as a way to disrupt the traditional engagement of podcasts and invite my Afro-Latinx demographic to have a seat at the table. We then want others to come sit with us for some real talk. As we continue to grow, the goal is not to get the fanciest or biggest voices on the mic; I want to let people tell their own stories and stop the trend of topics becoming “hot” when the “right” people choose to bring awareness. Part of my problem with media is my same problem with politics—everyone is trying to do what makes “sense for optimal marketing and audience engagement” and only then might my story be highlighted, when the institutions that cause the problem can somehow win. Pandering makes me want to vomit. We find one good representative and suddenly there’s no room for others. What happens when there’s no one saying what you need to be heard? I’ve learned how to collect the voices of my communities and circles for my writing but I’ve always found that it’s much more interesting to have them speak for themselves. If you’re willing to read a bunch of stats about us, articles, books, films, google searches, and tour our spaces then you have to be willing to let us speak for better or worse. Listen to us, question us, listen harder. The way we’re eager to support people we think have our values should be the same level of eagerness we have to carry each other’s voices. I don’t listen to NPR—they’re great, but they don’t speak to my community well, they’re not accessible. I CAN build something that’s my version of NPR but why? There’s nothing less valuable about the dialogue that comes about when I sit with my people and talk about the same topics; intersectionality right? So just give it a try, love it or hate it, but we just invite you to sip on some brunch booze and engage in bochinche and banter with us. To the very least share and like the page so others who do need our platform can see us. What does it cost you really? Why the fuck not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. #podsincolor #latinx #ladieswhopodcast #ladieswho

We are super excited to the first Miss Fashion Week Dallas event!!! Definitely history in the making!!!! Join us for a night of elegance, poise, and friendly competition!!!! Our winners will be traveling to Miami Dec 2nd for the Miss Fashion Week Dallas competing against winners from 18 other countries and states around the world. You don’t want to miss this event! Presale tickets available now! Get yours today before prices go up at the door!

Welp #HazelE got the hammer dropped on her #fired from #LAHH Love and Hip Hop #atlanta reports say that it wasn’t over her homophonic slurs. She was fired 2 weeks ago 🤦🏽‍♀️ #TMI #TMIthemusicinsiders #TheMusicInsiders

Can’t take #BoonkGang serious 😂😂 guess issa movie coming out 🤷🏽‍♂️ #TMI #TMIthemusicinsiders #TheMusicInsiders

.com Presents: "Welcome To Riverdale" Ep 15 “Nighthawks” | [ #WTRpod 🏈🔪 ]

Check the Carefree Black Nerd feed on iTunes and SoundCloud #PodsInColor 🤓 #CBNreview #CBNpod

We'll give you plenty to talk about! Tune in and see! Big girls, big laughs and much much more than meets the eye!

REPOST by @bcooper:
@2girlsandaguy__ will be doing their LIVE internet show at the #2017brothersblockparty @wesaywhattheycant make sure you come out this Sunday October 22nd 2017 1pm to 6om #blackmenrising celebrating men of color and the queens who love them!!!!!

Don't forget this coming Thursday at the amazing @amalgamphilly we will be screening the cult classic #TalesFromTheHood and then doing a live podcast after and it's FREE. We will also be collecting items for hurricane relief for #PuertoRico come the fuck out

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