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Dps Is The #onlyplace
Where such strange things happen
#pocketranger 😂

In some pockets of NYC there is nature all around! Look at this lovely capture we took 😊If you'd like to share some of your pics use #pocketranger and we'll share it to all our friends. We'd especially like to see pics of your favorite places you'd want new friends to explore. #natureinthecity #beautyisallaround #thatspecialplace #exploremore #garden

Always enjoy visiting @flaglercollege when I go to #StAugustine #Florida! Gotta love this amazing view when looking up! #flaglercollege

🌎 Lake Wilderness, WA 🖼 Title: Frogger
📝 ‪Days where you just feel like floating around and hanging onto a log‬

They call it stormy mangrove, but Tuesday's just as bad.

John Muir once wrote the following as a marginal note in Prose Works by Emerson:
"Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life." How true this is.

So this happened today 🦈

Sunshine shining through trees at waterfall at Vogel State Park. A beautiful way to spend a day traveling through North Georgia mountains #leafwatch2016 #vogelstatepark #gastateparks #wandernorthga #atlantatrails #exploregeorgia #pocketranger #fallcolors #getoutside #getmoving #nature #sunshine #godisgreat #hikingadventures


🌎 Lake Wilderness, WA 🖼 Title: Frogger
📝 ‪Days where you just feel like floating around and hanging onto a log‬

Lazy days on Tarpon Belly Key

Sailboat sunset. Last light in Key West

Islands in the sun..set

Forgotten island. Remnants of railroad building and rum running. Tarpon Belly Key

Present situation. Tonight's sunset

‪Found his beauty outside of Wrangell-St Elias. Took her about 10 minutes before she realized we were watching! Stunning #Moose in the mist! ‬

🌎 Our Own Backyard, WA
🖼 Title: Bonnie and Clyde
📝 ‪We love when critters visit. These two woke us one morning as they swung on our bird feeder!‬

🌎 Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT
🖼 Title: Moose Be Time to Get Up
📝 After waiting for an hour at 6am, he decided to get up for the day. Maybe he needed his coffee!

When sunset lights up the whole sky. Looking east at sunset on the C24 canal in Port St. Lucie. #outsidemybackdoor #lovetheport #lovefl #visitstlucie #portstlucie

This riverside trail led to "Irish Rock". I stood on "Irish Rock". What makes a rock Irish? Are all rocks Irish? So much to ponder...

Waking up, packing up camp, and hiking before 7 can sometimes prove to be interesting in a Jurassic Park kind of way...

‪🌎 Daisy Hill, Australia‬
‪🖼 Title: Hug a Tree‬
‪📝 This koala thought if he couldn't see us we couldn't see him! Absolutely adorable in the wild!‬

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