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Dps Is The #onlyplace
Where such strange things happen
#pocketranger 😂

Who else is playing #animalcrossing on their phones? 😻 Add me if you are! #pocketranger #nintendo #game #online #pocketcamp


This morning was almost as good as 🥓

In some pockets of NYC there is nature all around! Look at this lovely capture we took 😊If you'd like to share some of your pics use #pocketranger and we'll share it to all our friends. We'd especially like to see pics of your favorite places you'd want new friends to explore. #natureinthecity #beautyisallaround #thatspecialplace #exploremore #garden

Here's a little throwback Thursday shot from our last trip to #miamibeach! I miss this view and that gorgeous water! #miami #beach #LoveFL 🌊🌊🌊

#GoPro footage of this beauty nesting! We could watch her for hours - literally! Poor thing was exhausted. MOMS - we salute you for being AMAZING🐢👍🏻‬


Who else is playing #animalcrossing on their phones? 😻 Add me if you are! #pocketranger #nintendo #game #online #pocketcamp



Swamp scene. An overcast day on Catfish Creek off of Lake Hatchineha

Happy Steve Irwin Day! Cheers to the crikey-est crocodile hunter out there! You will forever be remembered! And thanks to the coolest man in the world, Stuart McKenzie of @the_snake_catcher you're our boys hero! We are forever grateful for the VIP day you gave us at the Australia Zoo! Thanks for being our boys Australia BFF!

Neighbors. The end of their front yard is Maryland.

My home.

Evening walk with the little one.

No more #fallcolors but #quiet and #peaceful nonetheless.

Whenever I visit the Kinzua Bridge I am constantly reminded of one of my favorite movies, "The Bridge on the River Kwai." Now a graveyard of twisted metal, rusted and weathered by the elements, the Kinzua Bridge was once the tallest railroad bridge in the world before being torn apart by a tornado in 2003. Today it serves as a reminder of the destructive forces for nature, even against the largest of manmade structures.
Madness... Madness!

The benefit of a wet hike is a well flowing stream.

40° Saturday Morning Vibes

Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon...

In the thick of it

Not much but everything. A common view in the #floridakeys, islands in the distance and water meeting sky. Add sunrise or sunset and let the show begin. A past sunset in Cudjoe Key

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