Sunflower Saturday!!! @amcarter91 we need a trip back to @boktowergardens soon for all of these beautiful flowers! 🌻💛🖤 #boktowergardens #boktower #sunflower #flower #nature

Beauty and the beach. Lunchtime at the ocean in Jupiter.

Advice from a sloth:
✔️Take your time
✔️Get a grip on things
✔️Hang out a lot
✔️Relax often
✔️Get plenty of sleep
✔️Let things roll off of you
✔️Always smile 🌴Title: Peek-a-boo Baby Sloth
🌎 Location: Carate, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

How the sun left us today. #outsidemybackdoor

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
~ Aristotle 🌲Title: Rocky Mountain Regal
🌎 Location: Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park, CO

Storms rolling in. Seaside in Jupiter

Had a great hike with Calli and Jonathan even if Calli tried to kill me by more than doubling my usual hike @calliandra411 @jonathan_horne #deer #hiking #country_features #everything_home_front #pocketranger #wandernorthga #littlebitsouthern #naturephotography #wandersues

‪🌎 Brackendale, BC‬
‪🖼 Title: Shake Your Tail Feather‬
‪📝 These beautiful eagles sure know how to shake what their feathery mamas gave them! 😂🦅‬

This herring was fishing 🎣 today at pond in Pep during my walk. Couldn’t catch the picture of it actually catching a fish 🐟 bc it was too fast #getoutside #pocketranger #bird #naturalgeorgia #everthing_home_front #everything_homefront #country_features #water #northgeorgia

‪🌎 ‬Año Nuevo State Park‪, CA‬
‪🖼 Title: Proboscis ‬
‪📝 You know what they say, the bigger the proboscis...🤣‬

We have had some colorful sunsets lately, I just haven't been able to catch any, so I've pulled a fairly recent one I was able to catch, a beauty from #outsidemybackdoor

I remember traveling to Kinzua on November 3rd in hopes of catching the tail end of autumn's color palette. We were pretty pumped to see no one else was there on a Friday morning but were disappointed when we realized we were about a week too late. As we walked below the bridge, I pointed out a single bright red leaf to @nrbaran and we proceeded to remark how strong willed it must be or something to that regard.
It's amazing how you forget what the trees looked like now that the leaves are coming in. I suppose in July I'll forget and wonder what they were like in the dead of Winter, but then again, probably not.

End of year field trips are just alright...

Are you a crazy trip planner like me? Every time we go on a trip I spend weeks researching the area and finding out as much as I can before we get there, so that I can relax and enjoy the moment once we arrive. Today on the blog I reveal my 4 favorite hiking apps that you should use on your next trip! 🌳🌳 Link in Bio 🌳🌳

One last swamp shot before vacationing in Maine for a week. Hopefully I'll have Internet access, then again, nothing like quiet time.

🌎 Carate, Osa Penisula, Costa Rica
🖼 Title: Green with Greatness
📝‪ ‬Shake off the red-eye and hop to it! Welcome to Monday! 🐸

I title this, Waiting for the drawbridge, because I was waiting for the drawbridge. Not such a bad view if you have to wait.

🌎 Suðurland, Iceland
🖼 Title: Baa Ram Ewe 📝‪ ‬Our boys loved finding the purebred Icelandic rams all over the island. Each one with so much character! Such an incredible place! 🐏 🇮🇸

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