I can’t believe I had forgotten to post images of the Nara Candle Festival. 😮
I had checked them at the time, but wasn’t happy with any of the results I was getting, so I thought I would process them later when I had more time. For the last few weeks, I have been pretty swamped with study, household duties and other photo opportunities and I totally forgot to get back to these images.
This is a panoramic image comprising of 8 seperate images merged into one. #pocket_family_member #kings_insects_member #efe_nature_or_nothing_member #macro_globe_member #thiscanberranlife #sofranksocial #igerscanberra #igersaustraliaofficial #wow_australia2018 #igerscanberra #pocket_nights #nature_or_nothing #efe_nature_or_nothing #mcsquared_daily #efe_snapshots_daily #great_captures_nature #capitaltoad

Here is another image from the Nara Candle Festival. This image actually surprised me quite a lot. At the time, the lighting effects in the trees and surrounding bushes, changed colour about every 10 seconds and at the time, my shutter speed was set at 25 seconds. So while my shutter was open, the landscape changed colour twice, which made each of the images a bit murky. But, in the Panoramic image above, I was using the exact same settings, but once the images were merged together, the colour of the surrounding landscape became a lot more stable.
So, while looking at this image, I noticed that I had taken 8 images in the exact same position and individually, they all looked unappealing and difficult to process to a nice result. Out of curiosity, I selected 8 images and then selected the option to merge them all together as a HDR just to see what would happen. Seeing as they were all a different colour from each other and none of them were particularly good, I thought the end result would be pretty ugly. You never know unless you give it a try.
Surprisingly, the colours of the end result, were stabilised considerably and it suddenly became easy to process into ( I think ) a good result.
So it goes to show, when it comes to photography, you should ALWAYS experiment, even if you think the end result will be ugly, because sometimes, you might actually produce something you never expected. 😮 #pocket_family_member #kings_insects_member #efe_nature_or_nothing_member #macro_globe_member #thiscanberranlife #sofranksocial #igerscanberra #igersaustraliaofficial #wow_australia2018 #igerscanberra #pocket_nights #nature_or_nothing #efe_nature_or_nothing #mcsquared_daily #efe_snapshots_daily #great_captures_nature #capitaltoad

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