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I tried on the pochette Metis today and it's so light weight. I think I've found the next bag in my list. #louisvuitton #pochettemetis #pochettemetisempreinte

Girls trip to Milan! Spending 3 days in this beautiful city with my mom and sister in law! 💕💕💕

Which colour to get ?? Decisions decisions ... #pochettemetisempreinte #pochettemetis

Just beautiful❤️💙. More #pochettemetisempreinte #pochettemetis. Now I'm in trouble😩. I can't decide . I want to keep them all 💙❤️🖤

So glad the weekend is here! Breaking in my newest baby... I'm starting to see why everyone loves the Pochette Metis!
#ootd💗 #botd #pochettemetisempreinte

#momgoals - getting a small bag and still able to fit in diapers and wipes, on top of your essentials 💪🏼😂😍 #pochettemetis #pochettemetisempreinte #lightpacker #birthdaybagYAY

Newest baby 😍


Girls trip to Milan! Spending 3 days in this beautiful city with my mom and sister in law! 💕💕💕

Empreinte meets Monogram Canvas

Coming Pochette Metis Empreinte available 2pcs only!!! Book now before it's sold
📥WA +628176559587

"Falling as deeply in love with as many people, places, and things as you possibly can -- that's the best revenge on the unjust brevity of this fragile life." -- Marc Parent, Believing It All: Lessons I Learned from My Children - I have given away lately over 30 boxes of books - I am so glad I kept this one by #marcparent. I love this passage - time goes by so quickly - #fallinginlovewitheverything including this #pochettemetis I got on my #lasvegastrip here with #shoppinginmycloset #tibiskirt and pre #alessandromichele #guccimaryjanes #guccishoes #gucciredshoes #guccipatentleather #redmaryjanes #louisvuittonpochettemetis #pochettemetisempreinte #louisvuittonempreinte #louisvuittonpochettemetisempreinte #shoecollector #shoesandbag #redandnavy #guccigirl #instabag


One of my most practical and my favourite bag purchases to date. I went in for the pochette Metis & couldn't resist the business card holder and bandeau ❤️❤️❤️ #louisvuitton #pochettemetis #pochettemetisempreinte #lv #lvlovers #luxurylover #luxurylifestyle #luxuryhandbag #handbagaddict #designer #fashion #designerhandbag



So.... this kinda happened today 😊 picked this little beaut up even though my SA said she couldn't get a hold of one for me (after being on the reservation list for a month) as they were no longer in production. As soon as she told me that I had my heart set on the monogram canvas version which I also have on reservation, then BAM two days later this was available online to purchase. Now I'm in a bit of a dilemma... 2 hours after picking this empreinte beauty from store, I got a call from LV to say that the monogram canvas pochette metis was available in store for me, even though I was there 2 hours earlier and they didn't even offer me it then‼️I even asked the SA where I was in line and was told I was third and would hopefully get the bag within a month or maybe sooner if the other 2 clients didn't want it. Rather annoyed I'm having to make another trip now. But I need to make up my mind which one I should keep⁉️could any of you lovely ladies be able to give me some advice? I love them both equally which is making it hard to decide 😭 Please help IG friends XOXO


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