No time like the present to get started on my new fitness routine!! I kept coming up with all sorts of reasons why I couldn't start exercising (no good footpaths, fear of stray dogs, it's too hot, the gyms don't have AC or a working treadmill, etc etc). But when I started thinking about it, I realised they were just excuses: it's winter so really, not that hot; they're building a gorgeous footpath along the water so with a few to-and-fro laps, it's easily a 5k walk; I have the best all-terrain pram for Olive (and this walk definitely requires all-terrain wheels given our walk has sand, gravel, dirt and uneven roads!); and the view is pretty majestic!! Here's to getting back my body and a healthier start to being 36! :) #workingonmyfitness #discovervanuatu #bugaboo #bugaboobuffalo #pobkegetsfit

🎧 The Pobkes go marching two by two, huzzah! Huzzah! 🎧 #pobkegetsfit #familyhike #mountmajura

Climbing up Mount Ainslie with this little possum on my back (thanks to @tulababycarriers!!) is fast becoming my new obsession. We drop big sis off at school and trek up the steep mountain pointing out trees, birds, insects and flowers. And we take in the beautiful sights of our gorgeous city and say hi to all the passerbys and dogs. :) (And I also try to beat my time - so far it's 27 minutes up the mountain but aiming for 25!) #pobkegetsfit #mountainslie #visitcanberra #elsiedoesntlookaspleased #butshewasdefinitelyhappy :)

It's hard to complete my ab workout when this little climber sees me as a human jungle gym... So I had to do some improvising and use her to do my crunches. #winning #multitasking #pobkegetsfit

She likes to "help" me through my HIIT sessions by telling me I have 80 more burpees and 5000 triceps dips left. #worstPTever #butprobablythecutest #checkoutherguns #bicepgoals #pobkegetsfit

A day of firsts: first time wearing her on my back; first time climbing up Mount Ainslie by myself; and Elsie's first (of many) successful plaits!! :) #pobkegetsfit #mountainslie #tulamoments #babywearing

We beat the rain clouds, wearing kids and all! #teampobke #lovefamilyfitness #mountainslie #pobkegetsfit

My view after a quick 5k lap around the lake. She likes to "help" me stretch afterwards by climbing all over me. :) #lakeburleygriffin #pobkegetsfit #elsiethehelper #bestpersonaltrainer

Feeling great after an awesome run (my personal best so far!) around the lake with my trooper Elsie, who only made me stop once to feed her. :) One of these days we will make it all the way around without a feed but glad I can do these runs with her... Makes me feel so empowered and happy! #pobkegetsfit #lakeburleygriffin #beautifulweather #thankful #personalbest

Awesome Pobke family fun this afternoon in beautiful 20C weather!! Just over 6kms at a pretty slow pace (I'm working on my duration at the moment and then hopefully my pacing in the next few weeks) but still happy with my progress. Sure it infuriated me when @originalpobke "walked briskly" next to me when he was pushing the double pram and I was huffing and puffing, but I still loved jogging with him + our girls by my side. :) (The only time I pushed the pram was when I ran up this hill with the girls!) Hope you had a great Saturday too. :) #pobkegetsfit #familyrun #wheeeee #thankgoodnessforpandora #bestrunningtunes #nowihavemontelljordaninmyhead #andceelo #andgangnamstyle 📷cred: @originalpobke

Well so far, so good! This week has been about focusing on my health and getting back into running and strengthening this mama body of mine. It's only Day 3 of #pobkegetsfit but it's my second 5k run and I did it with these two in the pram!! When I huffed and puffed, Pippa encouraged me with, "Go mommy goooo!!" which kept me going. And Els was so happy to have her big sister next to her (Pip rarely agrees to go in the pram) that she just reached over to hold her hand the whole time. #lovethesetwo #bestrunningcompanions #elsieandpippa #canberra

Starting my fitness journey again today (how many times have I started/stopped this year now? Wait... Don't tell me.). Decided to do a speed walk around the lake, and just as I was gaining momentum, little Miss Perfect Timing decided she was hungry. Ah well. :) #tryingagaintomorrow #pobkegetsfit #walkandfeed #breastfeeding

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