Still getting over this cold BUT I’m gonna try to go to the gym for the first time in a week tomorrow, dye my hair, and take fall photos because maybe if I try to do healthy people things I’ll stop feeling like trash 🍂

I knew there was a reason I wanted to hike today! Happy National Take a Hike Day!
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One of my favorite ways to travel is by ferry.

What people think I look like all the time VS what I’m capable of looking like 😂 Finally cleaned up after absolutely fucking dying in the Himalayas. After getting a waterborne illness I have never been even close to as sick as I was last week in my entire week. I lost nearly 10 pounds (that I didn’t exactly have to lose), wasn’t able to keep down food or liquids for nearly 5 days, and simply walking up a flight of stairs was extremely difficult for me. After frustratingly helicoptering down to Namche to continue my demise I finally made it out to Kathmandu and now to Bangkok. I have spent almost a week here in western facilities and am finally starting to feel like a human again. Such a disappointing Himalayan trip for what my goals were but the mountains were here long before I existed and will exist far after I leave. I’ll be back in April to finish what I started 🏔 #ShitsReal #StillNoPlaceIdRatherBe

“Embrace change, even the seasons know when it’s time.”
- Sharon Rene Hutchinson #washingtontrails #pnwoutdoorwomen #pnwow #nationaltakeahikeday #herpnwlife

True bliss is when you get to take your besties on a trail they haven’t done before! #washingtontrails #pnwoutdoorwomen #pnwow #nationaltakeahikeday #herpnwlife

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