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Already longing for those summer days eating staff meals in our courtyard! 🌞 #tbt #winteriscoming #pmad #familymeal #restaurantbrace

I am so grateful to have had my friends and family present for me at the opening of the Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Center in Monmouth Medical Center. When I woke up today, I read terrible news of another Warrior Mom losing their battle to Postpartum Depression.. These stories never get easier to read for me, because it pains and saddens me to think that it COULD have been me, or one of my moms that was unable to find help, or was suffering in silence. If you, or someone you know is not being themselves after having a baby, PLEASE reach out, ask for help. You can PM me for any help, whether you know me or not. There are resources available for struggling parents, online, and especially in New Jersey. #askher #warriormom #PMAD

Удачной недели, друзья!✌🏼#PMAdvertising #РекламноеАгентство #Москва #PMAD

Still can't wipe the smile off my face! #roseymatsrimony #love #pmad #okayyouguyscancomebacknow 📷: @alittlebirdy3

Hold nu op hvor P-maden hænger i bremsen sådan en lørdag aften 😆🖒👏 #cafelindholm #madfarskøkken #pmad #kantareller #forkælerpersonalet

Bare fordi naboen er nordisk, behøver personalemaden ikke at være det. Guld fra Eldorados gemmer! @nabochristianshavn #bibimbap #stafffood #pmad

“Lexi’s left eye started to look a little different when she was just 3 months old. After consultations with different doctors the prognosis was; she is cross-eyed, which is a condition of some newborn babies. At the age of 6 months, her eye started to bulge, we knew then, something was seriously wrong. After multiple tests and scans, the Mt. Hope doctors discovered a benign tumour growing behind her eye. It had to be surgically removed and the surgery could only be done abroad, an overwhelming and expensive venture. One of my co-workers, Nadia, suggested that I apply to Hope of Miracle to help me navigate the foreign hospital admission process and help generate funding to get the surgery done. We had a lot of support from everyone – our parents, families, friends, co-workers, my employer and our local doctors - all contributed in a meaningful way. I was anxious, hopeful and scared going into the surgery. Looking at Lexi now we are jubilant and grateful that with the help of people who truly care she has a brighter future” Reshmi Cadan-Melot, Mother of Alexa Melot. Photo credits @adrpro #HopeofaMiracleFoundation #powertomakeadifference #PMAD #RepublicBank


Already longing for those summer days eating staff meals in our courtyard! 🌞 #tbt #winteriscoming #pmad #familymeal #restaurantbrace

Every year people gather to celebrate Owru Yari (End of Year) with a street party and the chasing away of evil spirits by lighting up the pagara estafette (fireworks). A tradition in preserving our culture in Suriname. #ThrowBackThursday #TBT #OwruYari2016 #Suriname #RepublicBank #powertomakeadifference #PMAD

Work done for @powertomakeadifference “I believe I was put here on planet earth to mentor and make people happy by teaching them about the beauty and wonders of the seas that surround us. I like to share with others; and every time I get to share my knowledge on sailing or life, I feel really fulfilled. I believe that in your lifetime you should pass on all the good you can to other people. As an athlete with Olympic aspirations I think in four year cycles (as the Olympics take place every four years). That said, I also do plan beyond four years to set my life goals; I believe that if you don’t dream it you probably won’t live it.” Republic Bank Brand Ambassador and Olympic Sailor, Andrew Lewis of @andrewlewissailing
Photo credits @adrpro #motivational #believe #dream #live #powertomakeadifference #PMAD #RepublicBank #trinidadandtobago #photography #yacht #islandlife #trinidad #tobago #naturallight #photoshoot

Two things unite this country – sports and culture. Same with Carnival. Zebapique Productions, the mas band, is the instrument we are using to change lives. We have a programme with the Hearts & Minds Unit of the Interagency Task Force, where we bring children and parents from high risk communities to the mas camp. We make costumes, we eat, we old talk, we play mas. We are building relationships and breaking down barriers because when many of them return to their communities they can’t even cross the street. But slowly we are building a family, the police and defense force are becoming more positively engaged in the communities and we are starting to see young people saying no to crime. We have to stand up for Trinidad. The Red, White and Black needs everyone to come together and heal this land. Andrew Alleng of Zebapique Productions. Photo credits @adrpro #trinidadandtobago #Carnival #unity #powertomakeadifference #PMAD #RepublicBank

Is PPD/PPA a mental illness, or is it an emotional difficulty?
Are women mentally ill, physically ill with psychiatric symptoms, or are they just struggling in a society that doesn't support them?
Is it unique and specific to the postpartum period, or is it not unique, and just the same as an episode from any other time in a woman's life?
Why will it occur after the birth of a second or third child when it hasn't occurred with any other children?
Why will it occur in one woman and not in another?
These are some of the questions I get from women who have been diagnosed with a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder.
The common thread I see amongst all the questions is the conventional model impressed upon our minds--that things are compartmentalized.
Working with the WHOLE person--taking every piece of their life and their environment into consideration--is how we effectively restore vitality and alleviate suffering.
Thank goodness for Naturopathic Medicine 🙏🏼

Because ACT therapy is centered on values, mindfulness, and acceptance, it's a natural fit for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. #acttherapist #acttherapy #postnataldepression #postpartumbody #postpartumdepression #baby #babybump #pmad #anxiety #depression #hope #ocd #maternalmentalhealth #momlife #tulsa #therapist #ttown #gethelp

#fearlessfriday More than once animals have been seen intervening in hunts. Crab seals have been close to caught while being hunted by Orcas when all of a sudden a humpback whale steps in. It's unclear why they would do this but absolutely outstanding nonetheless. If you see something unfair, unhappy or unsavoury this Friday... step in like a humpback whale. I know this is a beluga whale but I felt it was fairly representative. Let's all look out for each other! .
.#mentalhealthwarrior #improv #fearlessfriday #anxietysucks #favoriteday #wildlife #makeithappen #fearlessathletics #openingnight #director #breakuptexts #overcomeobstacles #breakupquotes #thingstodoinnyc #thepit #ladybosses #breakuptomakeup #refinery29 #whalesofinstagram #fridaynight #friyay #connectthedots #momsmatter #askher #ppd #prcny #youarenotalone #sealsofinstagram #pmad #blondicing

“If we rely on others’ limited perception of us then we will never
know our true potential. The enthusiasm I have for what I do is
not shared by many and at first, I was shocked that people didn’t
want to know; that people were somewhat ashamed of their
culture, but now I have accepted that not everyone on the bus is
there for the same reason. It’s challenging dealing with a country
that seeks change but does not or will not work for the change.
There are problems, some more complex than others; we are
aware of this. But identifying the problems alone won’t make
them go away. You also have to identify the solutions. It’s an
uphill battle and day by day I push a little harder for one day I
will make it. My work is just one piece of the pie. There is a lot
more work to be done but I am hopeful that I have impacted at
least one other person who will recognise that they can also
contribute.” Kadija Dyer of the Emancipation Support
Committee Photo credits @adrpro
#powertomakeadifference #PMAD #RepublicBank

All mothers need a language and vocabulary to help orient them to the new range of feelings they experience and to guide them as they grow into motherhood.
Nowhere is the need for an expanded, consistent vocabulary more apparent or more poignant than in the areas of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.
Often, with information still so scarce (+ stigmatized) and language still so obscure, women experiencing postpartum distress do not know what is happening to them.
Sometimes they don't even feel comfortable describing it because they don't know that anyone else has ever felt the same way.
But many have, and many continue to do so. Mama's, I hold endless sacred space for you. We will use a language that EMPOWERS you and doesn’t STIGMATIZE you. You are not alone, and everything you feel is normal.

We all struggle with something... keep pressing, momma. You’ve got this!

Okay, let’s talk 💁🏽 What did everyone think about last night’s episode of @blackishabc I’ll start by saying that there were so many things that stuck out to me that they hit on the head. It was very emotional for me to watch. Although I’ve never had postpartum depression, I related to the anxiety, guilt, stress and people not taking me feeling overwhelmed seriously. It’s so hard to say that you’ve always wanted to be a mother and then you find yourself with this bundle of joy, but you have moments where you feel like you’re struggling. It can be very lonely.
1) when Bow’s mother in law made it seem as if PMAD was no such thing and insinuated that she was just weak. Culturally, people are still skeptical of postpartum. They make references as if this is just something some quack made up. The truth of the matter is it’s always existed and during the days of our ancestors the ones that had it, they were just not diagnosed.
2) deal with people crossing boundaries. When Bow’s mother in law fed the baby formula and Bow wanted him to be breastfed solely. It can be so difficult when we have “helpers” think they know what’s best without putting Your wants and needs first. I can’t say how many people told me to hang up breastfeeding.
3) Guilt. You’re always wondering if you’re doing what’s best, if you’re making the right decision, is wanting a break selfish, you’re an intelligent person so you should be able to figure this out.
4) Dre. He was just hilarious with how oblivious he was. But I loved his support ❤️

So what did you guys think? What stuck out for you?

Having the Baby Blues, which last for approximately 2 weeks is very different than experiencing Postpartum depression, which is more severe and can last for up to a year.
You don't have to believe the lies that 'only the weak get it' or 'THOSE women kill their children'. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to what is called Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders #PMAD , including hormones that surge and drop during and after birth, to stressful life events, and a difficult labor, amongst other factors.
So many of us who have survived thos felt alone. Ashamed. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. And scared. But you don't have to go through this alone.
Postpartum Support International is an amazing organization that is committed to serving families who are bravely survivng becoming a parent. *** 1-800-944-4773: a warmline where you can be connected to local support*** www.postpartum.net
Leave your story below to encourage other moms & dads surviving the postpartum period.
#MomsMatter #MentalHealth #Healing #LoveThyself #PostpartumDepression #PostpartumPsychosis #PMAD #RemoveStigmas

It's okay if you don't feel okay. What is incredibly brave is being able to feel safe enough in your environment to say that.
Especially to my new #Postpartum moms. Reach out for help... sleep when the baby sleeps... if you can, hire help...a Doula...anything that makes your load easier.
And if those aren't possible for your family, then know where you can go for free support groups. DM me if you don't know where to find local suppprt.

Though it is ok to not feel okay all the time, you don't have to go through sadness alone if you feel that extra support would be helpful.
#MomsMatter #FamiliesMatter #PostpartumPeriod #PMAD Feelings #Healing #Therapy #supportgroups

In the episode titled, “Mother Nature,” which airs tonight from 9-9:30pm (EST)on ABC, Bow is feeling overwhelmed after the birth of DeVante and learns she is suffering from postpartum depression. Her well-intentioned but overwhelmed husband Dre urges her to get help and stands by her side while she works through it.
PSI will be live-tweeting (@postpartumhelp) and posting on Facebook during the airing of this episode to help provide resources to viewers. #PMAD #TheVillageDoulaGR #postpartumdoula #postpartum #PSI #youarenotalone #ittakesavillage #maternalmentalhealth #motherhoodfamilycommunity #1in5 @postpartumhelp @postpartumstress

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