One of the hallmarks of a #SupremeWitch is glowing, radiant health. Despite all attempts on Her life, overpowering and defeating any harm sent Her way, time and time again, against all odds. #abracadabra
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Getting those Sunday night jitters about the week . Write it down and remind yourself that you are in charge of your life . Make it work but also know that it’s all about putting your best foot forward one day at a time

Almost 3 years ago I moved into this space with my soon to be husband, now EX. It was far more crowded when he was here. This is where I started my fit journey and did my very first workout. Where my husband and I broke up. In this room I’ve had many game nights and one stick n poke session with my best homies. Fargo and I have played tug of war a bunch of times and cuddled on the couch while binge watching Gilmore Girls. In this room I kissed Al for the first time. This is where Al started his own fitness journey with me. Also where he would set up his work desk because we now live together because that’s what you do when fall in love with the person, your person. This is also the place in which we are planning our future together. Kids and a possible move to the east coast being the main topics of discussion. This apartment and this living room is the safest and most secure I’ve ever felt. I love my home because I made it a home. Now that @accordionwolf is here it makes it even more so. My neighbors are awesome and don’t seem to mind my jumping around during my workouts every morning at 5 am. I spend hours here coaching people to reach their health and fitness goals. It’s warm in the winter and stays pretty cool in the summer. I’ve felt so many feelings here. I love this place. I love the life I’ve created thus far and I can say without a doubt that the catalyst for at least 95% of it is because I decided to get sober and join that very first fitness challenge. I feel both so damn lucky yet so deserving. It’s a new feeling for me really. Tell me, where have you felt the most at home?

Had a fun day shooting with @felishacarrasco55 in Beverly Hills today! My first photoshoot here in LA and wanted to move away from my usual fitness themed shoots- excited to see what we got! Thanks to @glennnutley and @thehellodarlingsalon for making my face and hair and to @deltagoodrem for the killer recommendation! ❤️
Happy Sunday!

Who’s gonna love you if I don’t?
@tebeymusic at the #GetLOUDtour stop in #Kingston
And this guy has got the number one song on #CanadianCountry radio right now ✌🏼

Your favorite colour + the item closet to your right is your new nickname.
Purple blanket 😂

The person who originally posted this said that Jack wasn't laughing at depression, but just something that was going on in the video. I haven't seen the video, but I guess you would have to go watch it yourself to be certain (I know what Jack is like and he wouldn't laugh about something as serious as depression). Just wanted to say that before ppl go crazy over it
CR: @septicpastel_01 👍

Marvel or DC?? And which are your favorite characters??

If you haven’t made it to a class yet, you are missing out! FREE DAYTIME AEROBICS SESSIONS with the inimitable Cheryl Sprinkler. Tell me why I don’t like Mondays? Because I didn’t start them with a fantastic dance routine - until now!
Monday will never be the same again!
9.30am Monday Frome Youth and Community Centre. 9.20am Wednesday Trinity Church Hall and 9.30am Friday @hubnubcentre #rarespecies #rarespeciesuk #mojomoves #comedy #fitness #hybrid #aerobics #free #biglotteryfund #nationallottery #community #pma #hairoftheday #80s #cool #frome

Catching smallies with the goons @d0ugie45 @schottyfishing

Monday morning Lucban! PMA! .
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