#downtown #yyc #calgary #plus15 With nicer weather in Cowtown, the outside sidewalks are busier than the above-ground inside walkways...

Back into the swing of things after a lovely May Long!

Some of our staff got out of the city for a little escape, but we're all back and ready to see our amazing patients.

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful long weekend!

Que team! 🔥faltan la mitad!!
Like por las flechas😅 #faltaproduccion 😆
#dance #matinee #plus15 #mosfest #mosdanceacademy #maldonado #mos

The plus 15’s are an under-rated Calgary treasure

🎉Save the date🎉
Ya tenemos la 1ra fecha confirmada !
Recordá que en la publicación anterior se sortean entradas dobles 😯
Qué esperas para pasarte ?
#XOXOClub #Plus15

Neck or back pain?
Okay, headstands probably aren’t the best place to start 😜. What you see here requires excellent mobility, core control, strength and awareness of the muscles that stabilize the shoulders, plus lots of practice. However, easing yourself into a yoga routine may be one of the best means of relieving your pain💥. The scientific world is starting to really take notice of its benefits of yoga as more peer-reviewed journals dedicated to yoga and physiotherapy continue to emerge. Numerous studies have been published in the past 5-10 years showing that regular yoga leads to improvement in pain, function, and overall quality of life. Yoga is great for your shoulders too. On top of improving shoulder mobility, many postures do a great job of strengthening the muscles that stabilize your shoulder blade, which play a huge role in the prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries. Yoga is also a simple way to get to know your body; my clients who practice yoga are often a breeze to work with when it comes to prescribing exercises and postural education. 🙏🏻 That’s not all. This post doesn’t even begin to touch upon the benefits of yoga on mental health. I’m obviously not recommending that you immediately try to pull of the posture above-- I’m still working on perfecting it myself. In my teens, I was the last person in the room to be able to touch my toes, let alone pull off any form of headstand. I started yoga in my mid-twenties, and the journey eventually led me to become a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, and the progress continues today. 🙆‍♂️ Literally and figuratively, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Starting with a gentle beginner-level practice is a great way to start and can still provide fantastic short-term benefits. #feelgoodmovebetter

Отличный солнечный сегодня день! Вы долго просили следующую серию, а мы тренировались. Леша, вперёд! ✊🏻😁 #kvartetpkh #юныйпаркурщик #sunny #day #spb #plus15 #missionimpossible #pavlinocut

We went to a disc golf course on a golf course today and got to drive around in a golf cart. We were spoiled today. #discgolf #golfcart #familyday #imsunburnt #ouch #virginia #discgolffamily #dynamicdiscs #plus15 #ronanmicheal

Dieses Jahr versuchen wir die Richter etwas mehr von unserem Ritt zu überzeugen... die Jury und das Publikum war auf jeden Fall auf meiner Seite 😅
#richterausgebuht #versemmelt #diesesjahrmachenwirsbesser #lowscore #138 #plus15 #höchstpunktzahl #tränenindenaugen #sonjazietlow #gomeier #vwb

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