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Well-said, @anastasiaamour! ・・・
Cleaning out my closet today and I discovered a stash of these old Playboy cleavage boosting cream pads.... and ooooh boy, it instantly took me back to the years I spent crying because my breasts weren't big enough to be attractive (or so I was convinced). During my eating disorder, losing my breasts was one of the biggest things that made me feel inferior as a woman... and yet after my weight was restored and my breast tissue grew larger again, I still didn't feel like they were 'enough'. And so I boosted them with these cream pads, jamming 4 at a time into my bra cups to make my breasts look fuller, rounder, bigger, more 'pornstar worthy'. I haven't used those boosters in years, but I still hung onto them. I don't know why, but whenever I cleaned out my closet I could never bring myself to throw them away. In a way, I was keeping them "just in case" I ever needed them again.

NEEDED. Pfsh. As if one day my body would magically cease to be good enough and I'd need to disguise my inferiority to the outside world.


Today, it was finally time. I held them, felt the memories squishing inside them and very unceremoniously, I cut them up into tiny pieces before tossing them in the trash.

I looked down at my breasts -- flawed, stretchmarked, mine. And I've never been happier with them.🎾🎾 πŸ’•

#plumpmag #iamflawsome

OUR COVER GIRL IS A ~*WAPAKELS*~ KINDA' GAL, SHARING HER HILARIOUS VLOGS AND SKITS ON FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE!!! Get to know Jam Raquion on this month's feature!!! πŸ’–πŸ˜‚ Head on over to www.plump.ph! πŸ’―

PLUMP 2015 COVERGIRL IS THE NEWEST FACE OF @SMWOMAN PLUS! @caicortez is sassy, witty, and incredibly talented. It's only right that she can enjoy fashion AT ANY SIZE! We're celebrating this milestone with her! πŸ’– Congratulations, love! Good job SM, yay for #fashionequality!
#tribe #fff #iamsmwoman #plumpmag

"OMG, food is my boyfriend! We make out all the time! Haha! Food is my super power! I can gather friends and family with a promise of good food easily! I can control my boyfriend if I tell him I won’t cook him dinner. No one can say no to meβ€”or MY FOOD, rather. πŸ˜‰" Get to know our funny and bold chef-turned-covergirl, @ivoryyat! Visit plump.ph to read her full story. πŸ’•πŸ—πŸœπŸ΄ #plumpmag (photo by @briacardenas)

"I cover her with all of meβ€”and we dance and we sing and we jump with joy and we hold hands, tight–at this blessed solitude where we see our selves clearly. Drenched in sweat, we come up for air ever so often. And the only person in the world that exists for us at that moment is the Other." http://plump.ph/make-up-sex/
#plumpmag [photo courtesy of Google, credits to the owner]

"For only 2 weeks, the worldwide phenomenon known as Blue Man Group, in partnership with the Philippines’ #1 mobile brand Globe Telecom, will be bringing their comedy, theatre, rock concert and dance party into Manila. Comprised of three bald and blue performers, BLUE MAN GROUP is well-known for their unique brand of techno colour entertainment. Blue Man Group 2016 World Tour has already made its stops in Singapore, Macau, and next month, they make their mark on Manila." Head over to http://plump.ph/blue-man-group-takes-over-manila-next-month/ to know more

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We just love love love @swimsuitsforall's latest campaign with the one and only @denisebidot! The gorgeous model/mom says that she has learned to love her body and embrace all of it.
Well, honey, it shows. πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ #loveyourlines #beachbodynotsorry #PLUMPmag

Women of all ages are picking up and reading our book!!! Goes to show that self love is for everyone! Get yourself a copy and enjoy it this holiday! πŸ˜˜πŸ“–πŸ’― #thebigfatbook #PLUMPmag

"Sometimes I get comments like, 'It’s too tight! Your fats are all showing', 'This dress make your boobs look huge!', 'You should really hide your arms'. Whatever it is, I just don’t let it get to me. Sure I’ll have doubts and look at myself in the mirror again (it’s only natural right?), and see if it’s really that bad! But then, I always end up saying to myself; 'Hey, I think I look good. What’s their problem?' I think, as long as YOU feel good about what you’re wearing, it doesn’t really matter what other people think." Before the month ends, check out our August Plump Style Crush, Lily Shah at http://plump.ph/style-crush-lily-shah

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Sunday's wisdom πŸ’―
#plumpmag #iamflawsome #plumpph

Very well said, @goofy_ginger! ・・・
"My body is not goals. Just because having curves is trendy right now doesn't mean that should be the new standard to aspire to. You're thin, have a flat butt, a thick waist, or a small chest? You are still fucking beautiful. The idea of body positivity is to sopport ALL bodies. That means there should be no age, race, gender, or size limitations. You never had to be tall, slender, and tan to be beautiful, just as now, you do not have to be hourglass shaped and white to be beautiful. You need to be your own goals because you are flawless as are you are. Your skin represents a unique shade of beauty exclusive to you. All the ripples and dimples on your body are musical notes composing the one and only symphony of YOU. Don't diminish the extraordinary individuality of your body and personality, pining over someone else. Yes, I'm beautiful, but guess what, I still get insecure. I still have trouble looking at the mirror and getting myself to eat sometimes. I am not always able to show off my body without insecurities rearing their ugly head. Why? Because no matter how rich, popular, or socially attractive we are, we are still human. I am not your goals. I am not always "on point", and my life is not glamorous. I have been cheated on, bullied, and depressed. However, I am the most wonderful me there ever will be, and I strive to be better every day, not by copying someone else, but by being true to myself. People with narrow noses, straight hair, and plump lips are pretty but so is every other shape, color, texture, and size of person. You are the only you on this planet. Don't buy into the idea that you are not pretty enough, smart enough, WHATEVER enough, because right now, at this very moment, you already ARE enough! Don't miss out on your life, wishing to have someone else's." #plumpmag #iamflawsome #Repost @plump.ph with @insta.save.repost β€’ β€’ β€’

Let's make this our 2017 mantra, shall we? No, let's make it our forever mantra! πŸ’― #bodypositivity #bodylove #bopoasia #bopo #plumpmag (art by Frances Cannon)

Just a friendly reminder as we welcome 2017! Art by @missmoti_vation πŸ’―

Who's feeling us??? Hahaha!

Giggles with the plump pinays! Quick chitchat with the awesome #twinsanity D&S in Baguio City! Love thyself! You are a queen... don't forget that. πŸ€œπŸ»πŸ€›πŸ»@thedanahsoars #plump #plumpmag #thebigfatbook

On point! Love the honesty and authenticity! πŸ’―β€οΈ #iamflawsome #healthateverysize #plumpmag

Repost from @k8miralles I'm inspired by people who pour their passions in creating a positive impact in our society. Sketched Body positivity advocates @thedanahsoars & @anastazcia of @plump.ph πŸ’—πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜‰ #plumpmag #bodypositivity #selflove #advocates #thebigfatbook #watercolor #sketch #artph

This is awesome! FITNESS AT YOUR DOORSTEP! πŸ‘Š πŸ’₯ @fitnessmobil @fitnessmobil @fitnessmobil #healthateverysize #plumpmag

We hope you had a "heck yeah! Good job, self!" kinda day. πŸ˜΄πŸ’‹ #hustlehard #humpday #plumpmag

"Ummm... Duh?" Never apologize for having [healthy, realistic] standards, Queen. πŸ‘‘
#plumpmag #tagaqueen

Fall fashion inspo! πŸ’–@cocoscurvycloset ・・・
"Sexy doesn't come from the shape of the body, but from the fire (πŸ”₯) in the soul. Remember that. πŸ’‹" #plumpmag #iamflawsome

Happiest birthday to one of our sassiest covergirls, @seerruuhhndipity! πŸ’– "If you feel good about yourself, people will take notice, and that will be attractive to them. If you’re scared of being who you are, and you judge yourself, and you put yourself in a dark spot, then people will see you in that light." Keep shining bright, beautiful! πŸŽ‚
#plumpmag #iamflawsome #womenempowerment #bodypositivity #bodylove #bopoasia #bopo #selflove

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