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“One deep breath, dear.” Mrs. Potts stated, then, just when Belle took one deep breath, she tightened her corset to a point where she gasped. “Oh. U-uh. That's a little tight," Belle spoke with a hitch in her voice as she placed her one hand onto her stomach. “Oh—sorry, love.” Mrs. Potts chuckled nervously as she loosened the corset. “I was just so used to squeezing Marie down into hers that, well….” Mrs. Potts trailed off as she tied the back of Belle’s corset with a bow before Belle tilted her head a bit. “Marie? You mean Adam’s mother?” Belle asked with a bit of a puzzled look as she exhaled - feeling her stomach resting from its sudden squeeze. Mrs. Potts could only nod in a response before she took a step back and picked up Belle’s gorgeous wedding dress - a white, traditional dress, decorated with a floral pattern - off of the enormous bed behind them. There was a silence between the two as Mrs. Potts assisted Belle into the dress before Belle spoke again; “Does Adam speak of her often?.....he never speaks of her with me…." Belle knew of Adam's relationship with his father, but she had such little insight on his mother that she could only speak with a small frown as she sucked in her stomach one more time as the dress finally laid upon her. Mrs. Potts shook her head as she took one long look at Belle. “He cannot bring himself to speak of her," the older woman let out a small sigh before a warm smile overtook her face. “You look gorgeous, dear." As the finale details were being set in place onto Belle, two other woman had entered the room to assist her. Madame Garderobe, and Plumette. But, while the three woman hounded her - making sure she looked absolutely ‘perfect’, Belle couldn't help but notice how each woman had a ring on her left hand. They were all married. So, they must've know what they were doing when getting her ready...right? “Perhaps you need some more powder. You're looking flushed, Madame.” Plumette stated as she approached the vanity and picked up a small container of white facial powder. “Non! She looks fine. We need to tie your hair back. That's it.” Garderobe protested before going towards the wardrobe, and searched for a bow. The two

"I would risk anything to kiss you again, Plumette" 🌹👧🦁 #beautyandthebeast #labellaylabestia #lumiere #plumette #ewanmcgregor #gugumbatharaw #disney

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