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Another one from my @makeinindia series.. a produce, indigenous to India, loved across the globe! Yes, I’m talking about this robust and bright coloured tea from ‘Assam’, a region famous for Tea production. Love Tea? Read Below! ⬇️
I’ve always been a fan of single estate coffees and loose-leaf teas. Assam Tea is a classic Breakfast Tea known for being brisk and full-bodied while you enjoy a smooth, malty taste. This makes it one of the most sought-after Teas in the world; in fact blends like Irish and Yunnan Breakfast Tea use it in their Blend!
While I usually enjoy my cuppa without any ‘adulterant’.. OK, I mean Milk / Sugar.. being a Tea with strength, you can enjoy a perfect cup of Assam Tea with a dash of Milk and sugar (if needed). There are also select Green and White ‘Assams’ available in the market which should be enjoyed plain.
#Trivia: Assam is the world’s largest Tea-growing region and second in terms of commercial value; all this while using its own native crop. Isn’t that something which makes all us Indians proud?! 😊
Show some ❤️ and comment if you’d like me to talk more about Teas in future posts. Also don’t forget to follow my stories to know more about the majestic Tea I had (in picture). 😀
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Enliven your weekend with cups of “Italy’s Favourite Coffee”. Pick up Lavazza Beans from your nearby supermarket, grind ‘em and make yourself some fresh brew.. Ahh #CoffeeTime, my favourite part of the day! 🇮🇹☕️
Make it a complete Italian Affair! Grab some Biscotti, Italian almond biscuits, which go amazing with Coffee.
OK, quick #Trivia: Biscotti, also known as Cantuccini in Italy, translates to ‘twice-cooked/baked’ because that’s exactly how they are made to get that crunch texture. 😇
Comment below on how you like your Coffee and what do you munch with it? Also follow my stories to know more on Lavazza! 😊
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Question: How much possibly happy can Pizza Make someone?
Me: !!!!!!!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁➡️Cakes are sweet (#punintented) but Pizza oozes love❤️ Here’s My “blow your candle make a wish” moment with me gushing over my pizza!!!Why? Coz bday cakes are too mainstream #beentheredonethat so that’s my bday pizza that too halved in 2 of my fav toppings with the cheesiest base available coz well my loved ones sure know how to spoil me and when it comes to pizza m a lil extra.😋 #tbt 15/12/2017 an amazing day planned for me as a treat for my bday which I clearly had declined to celebrate this time. But still this and many more sweet gestures made for me made me feel soooo loved I can’t even!!! Inspite of me not wanting to celebrate tbh the complete December month has been a bday roller coaster for me with one surprise after the other beginning on 1st and goin on n on n on #blessedbeyondblessed P.S:Shots taken from a video coz you had to see the crazy happy I feel when it comes to pizza) #happy#thankful#grateful#bdaygirl#decemberbaby#pizza#smokinjoes#pizzaterian#pizzalover#pizzamakesmehappy#makeawish#blowyourcandles#mactailoredtotease#plixxoinsider#plixxobypopxo#vanessadreams#blessed#🦋#❤️#🍕

I’m not a jewellery person, but if you’re a Potterhead and you’re gifted the Philosopher’s Stone, you’d have to be a mountain troll to say no ✨

#Jewelfie #PlixxoInsider #PlixxoXTanishq @tanishqjewellery @popxodaily @plixxo

2017 was a challenging year for me and I was feeling bogged down.This was gifted to me by my close friend @monicamsawhney and every time I wear it I feel all levels of awesome #jewelfie @tanishqjewellery @popxodaily @plixxo #plixxoinsider #plixxoXTanishq

As one of my favourite person on planet, @djkhaled, says ‘Be Great, But Be Grateful’! 😀😊
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This was my cocktail night! I got married a little more than a year ago. For me getting married was like breaking out of a shell, a very sheltered existence. So that first step was net easy. I was expected to ‘fly the nest’ but how was I to do that when all I knew was how to live as a daughter. I had never been a wife before. What did it entail? The questions baffled me. Needless to say I was quite an emotional wreck during that period. The only thing that gave me even the slightest sense of normalcy and familiarity in an otherwise chaotic and new environment (you all know how crazy Indian weddings can get) was these earrings that my mother gave me. She handed it to me right before the function and I got to tell you, It was the only piece of jewellery I wore throughout the function and yes, I was the bride.
This piece of jewellery, I still hold very close to my heart. It reminds of the same warmth that I felt from my mothers hug when I didn’t know where to go next... The same feeling you get when you know you’re home. ✨ @tanishqjewellery #Jewelfie @popxodaily @plixxo #PlixxoInsider #PlixxoXTanishq .
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📢calling out mommies 📣

As many wanted a DIY reed diffuser,so here it is( swipe left,the pic are from last to first,as the pic need to be appealing 😉) ✒you need carrier oil and essential oil, here I have taken coconut oil as carrier and eucalyptus oil as essential oil. ✒a dark bottle,i took my baby recycled syrup bottle. ✒reeds are sticks which are availale online nd offline but here I took the stick use in the cooking.
Make sure that stick have a small channels or hole through which the oil evaporates .

Add carrier oil,and eucalyptus oil accordingly to your bottle or as per you liking shake it and infuse the reeds or sticks.if you are not satisfied then add more essential oil.
It's a natural air freashner,helps in cold and congestion as we are using here eucalyptus oil.If your looking for organic oil than definitely go for @organixmantra oils. I have used them,using them will do in future as well.
Yes, this is the simplest method of reed diffuser,in market they are not below than 500 rps.
Comment what you feel like,will help you out, in any way🙏

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