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यें नफ़रत बुरी है ना पालो इसे
दिलों में ख़लिश है निकालो इसे
ना तेरा ना मेरा ना इसका ना उसका
ये सबका वतन हैं बचा लो ना इसे !
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभ कामनाएँ ! 🇮🇳❤️ P.S : Do read Caption. #HappyIndependenceDay #ProudToBeAnIndian #AazadiXo #Plixoo #PlixxoByPOPxo @plixxo @popxodaily

Only for those who understand obsession.! #Revlon #plixoo #plixobypopxo #GlossMattShade

Hi guys. How was your day ? ❤️
My day couldn't have been any better as now I'm a part of @plixxo by @popxodaily. 🙈 I am just so excited and pumped for being the part of India's largest influencer network. ❤️😍
#plixoo #PlixxoByPOPxo

Stretch yourself beyond what you think is possible...... 🙏🏻 #plixooblogger #plixoo

Had an amazing time at store launch of @springfieldmw @womensecretofficial bangalore @pmcbangalore. Loved the ambience of the store as well the collection💕
Thanku for having me over and Thanku for goodies ❤️
📸 @cool_collinz ❤️
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If we are what we are then i m awfully sweet🙈❤🙈❤🙈
I had so much fun in making waffles🙈❤and cake homemade love❤🙈
And also I had fun in eatting red velvet cake😂🙈😂🙈😂
Yes food is life❤food is love❤🙈
As a chef i love making desserts 🙈❤sweets❤🙈and every thing that makes me happy🙈❤and that is food ummm dessert 😂🙈
Lovee for chocolate is beyond in my life🙈❤
As a chef i always love putting chocolate in my every dessert ...🙈😂😣or a hint of chocolate 🍫
#foodieforlife #chocolatelove #cheflife
@plixxo #plixxobypopxo #plixoo @plixxo
#plixooinfluencer #plixxoinstablowout
@shivali.bhasin @katydiaries @mahakjain26

Food? It's a major stress buster bro. Who doesn't love food? Everybody does. Even cats. And I love cats. Cats love food. I love food. Let's call it happily ever after. K, bye #popxobyplixxo #plixxoinstablowout #plixoo @plixxo

1-What fashion means to me?
A- I searched on Google ' what Is fashion'? The answer I got was- a latest style of clothing, hair, decoration or behavior. First time I didn't agree with Google because - Fashion is not Just latest style but it is latest style with an old touch on it! For eg- Indian dresses are old fashioned yet a girl looks most beautiful in an Indian outfit even today.
2- What you like about your picture?
A-🔹The thing that I liked about my picture is my Indian look. The black colour suits me the best & is my happy colour🔹
🔸The bindi with my dress is like a cherry on the cake🔸
◾ And traditional shoes which I am wearing- also known as 'Mojri' completes my Desi Look◾
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Hey guys, how are you all? So sorry for being late......had been suffering from viral fever! Had a few rough weeks but now I'm back again. The season is changing so I'd suggest all of you to take extra care of yourself and your loved ones! May all bask in the glory of good health!

I got myself few lipsticks recently and I though I'd share all the swatches and reviews with my lovely fluffy family. In the picture you can see two lipsticks and these are the INCOLOR MATTE ME 24Hrs STAY ULTRA SMOOTH LIP CREAM. I got them in the shade 415 and 427. I'll get to the color but first let me tell you about their texture.

1️⃣ They are super super super supeeeerrr matte. So I'd suggest you put on a heavy lip balm 15-20 minutes prior to applying this lipstick. 
2️⃣ Color payoff is very good. Plus, they have a huge variety of shades.
3️⃣ The texture of the lipstick is like any liquid lipstick. Put it on, wait for a minute and it'll dry down to a beautiful matte lipstick. 
4️⃣ It stays for a really long time. The color stayed for 7 hours after which it started flaking a little. After 9 hours there was a beautiful tint on my lips. 
5️⃣ This lipstick is easily and really affordable. I paid Rs.250 for 6ml of the product. I got it from Amazon.
Now let's check out the colors that I got

Shade 415: This is the bestseller from this brand. It is a very modern shade. It is a beautiful mauve with pink undertones which are very subtle. Thus, it suits every complexion. It would look so pretty on Indian skin tones of every complexion. 

Shade 427: This is a very light pastel brown shade with light orange undertones. This didn't work out on me much, gave me washed out lips. But it would look gorgeous on people who are on the lighter side. You can wear it on top of a light pink or coral lip shade. It would look so pretty.

Overall, this is one brand that I feel every girl should try out. Beware, there are many "MATTE ME" lipsticks available with the same shade numbers. Before you buy, make sure to check out if it's from INCOLOR.
#PikReview #plixoo #mattelipstick #incolormatteme415 #incolormatteme427 #incolor

Are you still following Monopoly ? 🤔

Then it's time to go Classy Chicky Messy with my styling tips!! Stay tuned here at "Stylolgy with Piyu" 😉

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Thank you @winkkeyewear for this amazing shades 😎 guy's check out their collection they have coolest colour and lovely shades for you.... i love this shade 👓 so what are you thinking go and check it out @winkkeyewear #winkkeyewear #gogs #brand #collaboration #today #blogger #indianswag #indianblogger #mensfashion #menblogger #plixoo #plixooblogger

With so many products in the market it often gets confusing as to what to buy and what not to. When some seem to claim a lot for one product, other's just look pretty from the outside. I know it's tough for oily, acne and sensitive skinned people how tough it can get when it comes to buying face packs. I am a true supporter of natural home-made face packs but these 3 in the pic are me all time favorite face packs. One I have been using since my teen days so let me give you all a quick review:

1. Everyuth Cucumber Face Pack:  This used to be my holy grail product when I was in 8th or 9th standard. I started suffering from acne at that age and this made my skin much much better. At first it gives you a tingling sensation but then it calms down. Wash it off once it dries and say hello to clear healthy looking skin. This is one face pack you can use on alternate days. The saddest part is, everyuth probably has discontinued this product but you might find it on amazon. And it priced within Rs.150.


2. Patanjali Multani Mitti Face Pack: I think everyone has used it. Great face pack when you quickly want to clean your skin from within. Gives a squeaky clean feeling and leaves your skin feeling fresh. This is prices at just Rs.60.


3. Lodhradi Skin Repair Face Pack: Have already reviewed this.  Priced a bit on the higher side but this one does it all. From cleaning your skin to making it healthy, this is my current holy grail face mask. You can see results with continuous usage and trust me this makes you skin glow! Priced at Rs.1500 for 50g, I consider this one a must buy for any skin type.


That's it.....I'll be back soon with another 3 fave products. Would do a #giveaway once I reach 100 followers so keep supporting guys! Love you! #facepack #everyuth #patanjali #lodhradi #skincare #oilyskin #cucumber #multanimitti #lifestyleblogger #skincareblogger #kolkatablogger #bloggerdiries #missfluffyonline #fluffyfam #instaglam #PikReview #plixoo #love #doubletap #spotlight #giveaway

Live a life ,where if any one asks you to complete the sentences *|Regret|* and you complete is by saying *|Nothing|*❤❤❤
Life has given me enough good reason to smile and make it worth!! I am not a lady ,who not falls or not leave hopes! But all I knows it "My Goal is waiting for me " ➡
Have you checked my blog on Floral Medi From -@forever21
Check my blog ✅
Soon will share all the pose here! 💋

Only for those who understand obsession.! #Revlon #plixoo #plixobypopxo #GlossMattShade

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