Take me back to this place please! 😭

This week I’m spending in Croatia, exploring this amazing country with my friends. I’ve never been overseas so this has been an exciting trip so far! People keep asking me why Croatia? 1️⃣ When i was growing up my dad would tell me about his travels & one of the places he went was Croatia (back when it was Yugoslavia!) Exactly 30 years ago, he came here & even was able to track down family. My grandma is originally from Yugoslavia, so he was able to meet some of her cousins. I tried to track them down, but no luck. So because of his interest in it & family history, it sparked a curiosity in me in high school. And 10 years later, my dreams have come true! This picture is from Plitvice Lakes! Amazing place.

After the storm, we were able to walk a few minutes without rain • in this part of the longest trail we saw a slightly different landscape and the crounds disappeared

Last night of our epic Baltic/Croatian holiday after a great day spent in Plitvice. Even though it was pouring rain, all the waterfalls and lakes were still stunning and bright turquoise. Now time to start planning our next (and probably biggest!) adventures 🤗 ...once I finish writing a dissertation 🙄 #whensthenexttrip

Day 28: Relax and reflect 😊
Split had some intense winds and heavy rain today, so we spent the day cozied up indoors. I happily curled up with a book, surprise surprise 😏📚 Thought I’d throw in some additional photos of Plitvice lakes since they were just that pretty 😊
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• Once in Croatia.. 🇭🇷 p.s. Love you mummy and daddy 👨‍👩‍👧💞
#lovetraveling #croatia #plitvicelakes #plitvicenationalpark

One of the most annoying things about travelling alone is you end up with an abundance of selfies. Make friends with people who will be your photographer for the day, like me and @d_mudri 👯 #plitvicenationalpark #plitvicelakes #solotravel #travelling #croatia

Words can't describe how beautiful this place is, even when it's chucking it down. No filter needed, I have never seen lakes this colour before!
#plitvicelakes #plitvicenationalpark #croatia #solotravel #travelling #nofilter

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