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Progress pics👍 2 months difference #plexustriplex #pinkdrink ❤️

Eat well and take plant based supplement to achieve optimal health #plexustriplex Triplex is a combination of 3 products designed to help populate your gut with beneficial bacteria while keeping non beneficial bacteria & fungi in a small population range . You will feel more energy , and your moods will be even ! Low grade chronic inflammation will be reduced . Cravings for carbs & processed foods will be diminished & your body will instinctively reach for those foods it wants and desires... plant based goodness to feed that beautiful gut ecosystem you are populating with Triplex .

Enjoying our one night in Miami before the cruise tmrw!! 😍

I'm seriously loving these fall hues! Denver picked her first pumpkin today and I can't wait to get more. I have to admit that I haven't been the most consistent with my health lately, but I'm excited to get back on track! First step: Plexus. I've noticed a huge difference when I'm not taking my Plexus products like I should, which tells me they really do work. So I kick myself for not being consistent, but not anymore. I know a lot of you have been interested in them so I wanted to share that Plexus is running a promo now for 10% off welcome packs for all new ambassadors! That's $89 for the TriPlex 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Go to shopmyplexus.com/taylercooley if you want to pull the trigger! Offer is valid until Tuesday! #plexustriplex #plexus #plexusslim #plexusworks #tryit

This little pink drink is amazing !! Yeah I'm also reminiscing about being at the beach, but I seriously wouldn't go a day without drinking my Slim and taking my Biocleanse and Probio5. That little trio is life changing . Life is hard enough... why not make your health better so you can check that off of your list of things to worry about . Better sleep, lower anxiety, more energy, less joint pain, and WAY less sugar cravings !!! Of course I want all of that !#plexus #guthealthmatters #plexustriplex

It's been three weeks since I was discharged, and I'm already down 28 pounds! Yes there is alot of reasons for that- number 1 - I had a beautiful 8 pounder named Atticus ... number 2 I've been breastfeeding which is like a full- time job #amiright ... number 3 I've been watching what I eat for baby & me ... and last but not least PLEXUS my friends!
I honestly feel happier & healthier than ever before which is something worth sharing. My background is threaded with insecurities, unhealthy habits, and sickness.
Over the past few years I've been pursuing a healthier lifestyle. I praise God for bringing me where I am today. I'm incredibly thankful that 4 months ago I said yes to Plexus because in the last four months *even with having my little one* my health has been at its absolute best... it's crazy!
I totally believe that a healthy inside shows on the outside- and that's what triplex has done for me! Gut health is sooo important!
I say all this because this is a BIG reason #whyiplexus for a healthier me which in turn helps me be the best wife and mommy I can be.
I'd love to share more about these products with you! #plexus #plexustriplex #healthyandhappy

👀👀👀 LINK IN BIO! *. Get your welcome pack for a great start up price!!!! (ends tomorrow!)👍👍👍👍 everyone loves discounts! #plexus #plexusslim #plexustriplex #plexusambassador #workfromhome

A little bit before I started my Plexus journey to about 6 weeks in. Ive said it before and I'll say it again: Muscles LOVE Plexus!! Once your body is balanced on the inside, you start seeing results on the outside!! #nofilter #Plexus #plexustriplex #himuscles #ivemissedyou 🤓💗😘

It's that time y'all! The perfect time for self care and to make your health a priority! Plexus is offering 10% off welcome packs through September 26th. What if this could change it all?! #takeachanceonyourself #betterhealth #plexusmama #plexustriplex


T•O•D•A•Y until 3 PM EST is the last chance you have on an amazing deal with the products I started with that made me fall in love with Plexus!! 10% off our, already below wholesale price, Welcome Packs!!! You pay $34.95 to join and you can make that like a Costco membership, simply get your products at the cheapest price.. NO strings attached!! OR you can start your very own business!! Either way, DON'T LET THIS DEAL PASS!!!! #plexustriplex #bigdeals #momoftwogirls

My very own sweet hubby ❤️ He has done SO well on Plexus and I'm so proud of him, & all with not one single time of asking or nagging him to take Plexus!
Because changing eating habits, and understanding Plexus takes time, patience and consistency......a LOT can change in two years. 🙌🏻 Gut health is everything and we are just beginning to understand what's being called our "second brain" 🤓🤓🤓 Getting our gut health in check AND sticking with it has changed our lives 💃🏼🏃🏽💪🏻
Love your guts and change your life! Our best combos are at THE lowest price you'll ever get them, even cheaper than I can get them, but only until this evening! It's a great time to jump in and try; and as always, there's a 60 day money back guarantee 👌🏼 What will you spend $89 on this month? I love a good sale and I know you do as well!!
@jordanwigley .
#weightloss #plexus #daddysgirl #daddy #dadstrong #inflammation #guthealth #plexustriplex #sale #beforeandafter #plexusslim #guthealthmatters

💰Work the business or don’t work the business💰... it’s your choice! It’s about getting healthy and even helping others become healthy with natural products. How many businesses do you know that have a startup for $34.95/year with NO inventory? 🍁 Talk to me today by 3pm EDT to become your own boss or just get your gut healthy with Plexus at the best price plus an extra 10% off your Welcome Pack! That’s over 40% off!! WOW!🎉🍁#plexusprobio5 #plexustriplex #plexusslim #plexusbiocleanse #plexusfreedom #doitforyou

My daily essentials for a healthier and more motivated lifestyle 🤗 #plexus #plexustriplex #plexushealth

LAST DAY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL. $149 WORTH OF PRODUCT FOR $89!!! #plexustriplex #welcomepack #wholesale #freewebsite #guthealth #healthyontheinside

I come from a family with catastrophic health issues... mostly genetic... When you accidentally bump into something,that is life changing...I wanted to share because when I joined this company a bit over a year ago, I had suffered with boinging, yep boinging blood sugar! From day 1 Plexus was a game changer... and the pink drink and Probio5 were approved by my Mom's uber conservative Cardiologist, while in the treatment of Afib and more! So this is why I share... Please DM me for more and to schedule a time to talk. #plexustriplex #bestsleepever #FamilyFirst #alphalipoicacid #magnesiumbenefits #nomoreboinging #guthealth #realtorlife® #Energymatters #Plantbased #finestingredients #additionalincome #Whatifthiscouldchangeeverything #plexusfreedom #YouhavetoLiveSomewhere #Youcanketo #youcanweighwatchers #youcanwhole30 #NOTadiet

If you have been interested in trying the Plexus Triplex (the three products I use that have changed my life), there's never been a better time than now! Until 3:00pm tomorrow, all welcome packs are 43% off retail! That's $60 off, and a better price than I even get! Want to join me in my journey to health? Message me for more details!
#plexus #plexustriplex #plexusworksyall

Join Me This September and Save
If you’ve had your eye on Plexus®, now’s THE time you’ve been waiting for! Let’s chat & make it happen for you in September while you can get 10% off a Welcome Pack purchase!* #plexustriplex #sale #healthy #guthealth

On the fence about becoming an Ambassador? Now is the time!!! #tenpercentoff #plexus #plexustriplex #plexusslim #gethealthy #workit #feelgreat #takecontrol #signuptoday

This sale from Plexus Corporate lasts until Tuesday at 2:00pm. You join, pay your ambassador fee and receive your welcome pack for $89. I never know when corporate offers a deal so if you are on the fence, jump off and join me for a journey in health. #plexus #plexusslim #plexustriplex #guthealth #healthylifestyle #healthylife

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