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Simple in and out walkins all day until 10PM
This promo is for smaller tattoos that I think can be done in 20-30min. This is usually names or designs that are 2.5"×2.5" at the most. They are usually black and gray tones, with color being a few dollars extra if desired. The point of $45 Friday is to be in and out, not try and get a whole family portrait across your back for 45 dam dollars. Call or email to come through :)
+17575984268 (sms-mms 10am-10pm)


Open til 10pm (breaking from 2-4 pm)
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Chapter 2~ I watched as my best friend crumpled to the floor. My eyes blinked rapidly, hoping this was all some cruel nightmare. Ashly stood up slowly, wiping her tears. She looked at me through her lashes. I took a second to truly look at her. Her nose had a perfect crinkle on it. Her rosy cheeks had small dimples on each side. She had the body of a model that made every guys want her. Her lips were plump and smooth. I there was such thing as a perfect girl, she would be it. I looked up to her eyes, searching through them to find what she’s thinking. Ashly eventually opens her mouth. “Tana... You better be lying to me. You’re joking right. Oh my god. I’m going to lose m-y best frie-“. Her sentence was cut off but her sobs. She walked over to my bed and sat at my feet. “Ashly I don’t know what I’m going to do. I had my whole life ahead of me!” Ashly leaned over to envelope me in a hug. We sat for awhile just talking. We talked about what was going to happen, but also some other light hearted things to ease the sad feeling in the room. I was alone again. Ashly left a little bit ago. She said she had to go to dinner with her family, but that she’ll see me tomorrow when I’m released from the hospital. I can’t help but to dwell on the fact that I’m not going to get to do everything I want in life. My life is over. ~NEXT DAY~ I am standing outside the hospital while my mom signs my release papers. The doctors say I’m required to visit the doctor for check ups once every week. The hospital is 5 minuets from my house so I decide to just walk home. I send my mom a text that I’m going to walk and start heading home. I’ve never noticed before how beautiful my neighborhood is. The trees are vibrant green, with little cherry blossoms peeking through the leaves. The sky had a unique pattern of big, fluffy, white clouds. My eyes skimmed the wonder out landscape. I must not have realized that there was a bump in the sidewalk, because the tip of my shoe caught the edge and I fell forward. My eyelids fluttered shut waiting for the fall, but it never came. Two firm, big hands caught me by my waist. (MIC)

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This is something I rarely do, I’m not asking for money, but please take a minute to visit my justgiving page (link in bio) and have a read about the charity. If you do have any spare change then that would be great, but I want to raise awareness more than anything www.justgiving.com/lilduh #justgiving #justgivinglilduh #skcin #skincare #skinawareness #skincancerawareness #halfmarathon #charity #run #running #crawling #walking #jogging #raisingawareness #pleaseread #loosechange #smallchange #change #sofamoney #sofachange #sun #sunlotion #caps #zerotohalfmarathon #notrainingyet #pushpush

Artsy people of Instagram! I’m going out on a limb and posting here too to see if I can garner any new commissions! Please read the pictures for more information! #comissionsopen #artist #art #comissions #artistlife #pleaseread #heatherbeardcreative #drawings #digitalart #digitaldrawing

Don't tell me you love me, then ignore me.
Don't tell me you'll be there, and then never show.
Don't tell me to wait, then waste my time.
Don't call me babe, then call me bestie.
Don't call me yours, then turn around and call me a friend.
Don't make me believe I'm worth waiting for, then make me feel like a waste of time.
Don't start talking to me, then stop for no reason.
Don't tell me I'm beautiful, then make me feel bad about myself.
Don't build me up, just to knock me down again.
Don't tell me I'm your everything, then give me nothing.
Don't give me the thought that you'll wait for me and always be there for me because we both know that we live two completely different lives and they're so far apart. Don't make me believe that we'll have a future when you can't even text me back. Don't ask me to promise when we both know that I can't. Don't ask me to wait because I won't wait for someone who won't give me any moment of their time. Stop telling me you love me and getting my hopes up and then making me cry when we can't talk or anything. Nobody is to busy to send a quick text, it's a matter of priorities and obviously I'm not one of them. I don't expect you to put me first but I do expect you to include me in what you do.
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Important warning from the FDA for all our #foodallergy #friends there is a #recall at 9 #wholefoods stores! #pleaseread! Almond flour found in cheesecake bars!

#PleaseRead The best way to order or inquire about Spoiled MINK Lashes is through direct messenger ! The response rate to your direct messages are immediate 💗 Right now I am open to different pay methods until our website is officially done💗 Cash in hand, cash app, pay pal, venmo..... Please also provide time and address for delivery options in message💗
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That time of the week again, please go read my Recap of The Real Housewives of Melbourne @irealhousewives

#pleaseread; I wrote a script but not one movie studio liked it. They said nobody liked science fiction. They said it was for children.

I finally found a producer who said he'd finance it, but even he didn't like the story. He just did it because he wanted me to make other movies for him in the future. I had to agree to a budget that was far too low.
Then I agreed to a 300% cut of my salary because I believed in the story. From the start, the film seemed destined for failure. There were no visual effects artists in Hollywood, so I had to build an entire VFX studio. We suffered from malfunctioning electronics, broken props & crew injuries.

A week into filming, the entire set was devastated by a massive rain storm. We had no money, so we found & reused props & costumes from other movies. I had to scramble everyday to get the shots I wanted because the whole crew refused to work overtime. They hated what we were filming & nearly every actor involved was convinced that it'd be a complete failure.

But, I stuck to my vision, fought to get it on-screen.For the opening credits to stay the way I wanted, I had to pay a fine & resign from Directors' Guild. The risk of failure grew bigger everyday. I was close to having a nervous breakdown. I was an introvert, had difficulty expressing myself, so nobody could see the scale of my vision.

I hated the first version of the movie, because it wasn't living my original version. So I delayed its release to work on it more, which caused the budget to swell 40%. The star of the film was in a car accident, so doing any re-shoots was impossible. The studio didn't know how to market my movie so they barely even tried. The film premiered in only 35 theatres on May 25, which was a worst day of the year to open a movie.

Word spread like wildfire that this was an extraordinary movie. Everybody had to see it. Everybody did.

StarWars became the biggest box office winner of its time. Spawned a franchise that generated billions of dollars & changed the movie business forever. It's earned $27bn worldwide.

Always remember your focus determines your reality...George Lucas.
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[about the markiplier cult]
Btw I am not saying that this is what everyone is doing because I know that there are some mature ones who are having a good time. I’m not targeting them. I really hate talking about this but for real :( I understand you are just trying to have fun but there is a line when it comes to this stuff and people have crossed it many times. If you can please look around on tumblr at this stuff because there is more background and they will explain it better
This is a tempt post and I’m sorry if you are offended by this. As well as my grammar. Sorry.


This promo is for smaller tattoos that I think can be done in 20-30min. This is usually names or designs that are 2.5"×2.5" at the most. They are usually black and gray tones, with color being a few dollars extra if desired. The point of $45 Friday is to be in and out, not try and get a whole family portrait across your back for 45 dam dollars. Call or email to come through :)
+17575984268 (sms-mms 10am-10pm)


Open til 10pm (breaking from 2-4 pm)
#tattoo #tattooing #tattooartist #ink #inked #art #artist #artstudio #sketch#draw‬‪ #create‬ #入れ墨#彫物#身体装飾#彫師#刺青‬‪ #757 #‪‎Norfolk#VA‬‪ #‎Virginia#artizlyfe #chipd0gg #chipeggleston #a #artistsoninstagram #igart

so this was my old taylor swift account and it got hacked or something and cause i’m so inactive on this i may convert this into a full taylor fan account. If you want me to delete this account (or just never use it) and start a new swiftie account comment “no👎” if you are a #swiftie and want me to switch this account into a swiftie acc comment your fav song from reputation!!!! #pleaseread #pleasereply

my life is really stressful rn like i just had three hours of gymnastics and my coach literally hates me and keeps yelling at me and omg ughh lol!! and then i have a spanish midterm tmrw and my spanish teacher had to like talk to me ab my scene picture thing bc it was bad haha. and also i have a history test tmrw and i hate history and i’m so bad at it so yea pretty much that’s sums up my life rn!! #bestlifever oh wait that’s not all my math teacher moved my seat like far from ppl and i had to come into lunch today hehe bc i told him to chill!! i hope you take the time to read my very stressful life!! #pleaseread

Can’t believe I get to say this, but MY BABY IS FINALLY OUT!!! I worked my ass off for this piece and loved every minute of it - over 14 interviews and a month’s worth of no blood, definitely sweat, and definitely tears (unrelated to piece, but cathartic nonetheless). Thank you, @jessbeegood and @livestrong_com for taking a chance on this and putting it front and center! Thank you @kconte for letting me be annoying and overprotective and making me sound more eloquent than I ever could imagine (and special shout-out to @eatcoast for taking on the monster-story top edits in 1 day. Crazy!). Thank you @ferozan for being the best bawse ever and keeping me nice and cocky on a daily basis with your encouragement. Thanks @gwilzz for the poppin’ illustrations. And thank you to all the amazing influencers who took the time to speak with me! I learned something new from each of you. As a young professional entering the media world, my goal is to immerse myself in new perspectives and share them with the world. So thankful to be able to do so this early in my career! Link in bio, please read :)

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