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Food = fuel.
It’s a simple calculation, but it equates to so much more than just physical energy.
When you become mindful of eating, food becomes more than just a means of survival. It becomes a source of happiness and an overall sense of well-being.
You begin to nourish your body with food that is high in quality and full of nutrition because you are aware of how it makes you feel.
Aurora dishes are created to reward your body with fresh flavors and nutritious, long-lasting energy. Good for your body and great for your soul. 💛

Just a little ✨ to brighten up this rainy day. 😍💅🏽❄️🥂

Had to ummmm fix this post as to not give away a surprise going out to someone 🤭I’m iced in and making jewelry. Now is the perfect time to get your custom orders to me ⛓🔨⛓custom, hand-stamped aluminum cuffs are $15 DM me to create your own cuff 🗜

📆 ✨ I anticipate placing this home on the market next week! 🏡

3 beds | 1 bath + a garage apartment that you can design and finish out 🚴🏻‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🍴🍻Just blocks from the Plaza District and McKinley Park in the wonderful world of Classen Ten Penn where fun things are happening like intersection street art. 🖼🎨 Message me for price.
#classentenpenn #plazadistrict #oklahomacity #houseforsaleinokc #Realtor30under30

We are open. Time to let our wangs do their thang and warm you up. 📸 by @mentapparel

My prints and pouches (swipe to see them) are now being sold at @outonalimbokc !! If you are in the @plazadistrict sometime, be sure to go into this gem of a shop and check them out 🎉

An Okie, a Kentuckian, and a Sea Captain walk into a brunch bar. Out of this combination comes the Kentucky Seaside.
None of these pieces seem to fit together, but they make one hell of a drink. The Kentucky Seaside is made from Bulleit Bourbon, distilled in Kentucky, plus freshly squeezed grapefruit, sea salt, and simple syrup.
Let’s toast those unexpected moments where things that shouldn’t go together end up creating something extraordinary.

450 Park Avenue finishing touches. It’s all in the details. Then again, at well over $100 per square foot would you expect anything less? Didn’t think so.

Why 👏 is 👏 it 👏 like 👏 this 👏❄️👏❄️👏❄️ (but at least @gororamen and @urbanteahouse can help a frozen Texan out)
#okc #goro #ramen #plazadistrict #urbanteahouse #oolong #teapot #steam #warm #snow #snowing #oklahoma #frozen #february #winter #weather #cold #thaw #boomerang

Snow days call for ice cold beer to keep you warm. 📸 by @beersofoklahoma

This may be hard to take in, but your customers don’t owe you anything.
They can shop on Amazon if they want. It’s easy and convenient—don’t you want that for them? Shopping online saves energy and time and money, all of which are hard to come by these days.
If you want to compete with Amazon you have to show your customer the benefit of your products—that the energy, time, or money they spend on you are worth the cost.
Your products have true value. Your customers may spend more upfront, but the benefit they get (the satisfaction, quality, memories, shared experience) is not something that Amazon can compete with.
But you have to show them the benefit first if you want them to leave their couch.

What Easy E Slice Shop looked like a few years back...
#easyesliceshop #plazadistrict #change

Opinions, thoughts or ideas on how I should give my instagram followers first dibs to purchase my vintage clothing collections before they go into the shop here locally? Should I do a live video at a specific time and let you guys join in to claim pieces as I show them or should I just add them as photos as I’ve been doing and give you the option to dm me to claim pieces? It’s always first come first serve. So you’d have to be quick.

Skinny, upside-down, wet, dry, ristretto, red eye…
The list goes on and on about how complicated a coffee shop order can get. Let’s not even talk about all the fancy ways you can order a size, instead of just saying “small.”
There’s no green aprons here and no pressure if you don’t know what you want. Aurora baristas have a knack for suggesting the perfect cuppa and are happy to walk you through any questions you may have.
From the coffee connoisseur to the occasional dabbler, our Craft Coffee Bar welcomes all.

Gotta love those blondes!!
#nomorefoils #balayage #lovemyclients

#amiright ?! 💻$15 plus $3 for shipping (US)
DM your preferred email if you would like me to send an invoice for purchase. 📬

@jaimeokc2016 made some cool sale signs! Check out our booth at Tickled Pink Mercantile, Oklahoma City. Tues - Sat 10-5. .
#oklahomacity #okc #okcsellers #oklahoma #madeinokc #paseo #midtown #plazadistrict #fleamarket #Vintage #tickledpinkmercantile #nicholasisridiculous

This image is from 8 years ago in the Plaza District, but it seems appropriate today.
#thebarn #plazadistrict #snow

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