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From our November issue: some amazing and creative uses for duct tape!
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So fun to see my duct tape shipping trucks (made from recycled materials such as cracker boxes) from my book Playful, in the Nov. issue of @familyfunmag. Pick up a copy to learn how to make them. (Instructions are also in my book Playful). They also have a little interview in the article. I've been touched by how many of you have mentioned how playing creatively with your children has made for some special moments and memories. I think that's so needed in today's plugged in world, don't you? It doesn't take much to spend a few intentional moments with the little ones we love while they are still children. I'd say this was my biggest goal with my book Playful: Fun Projects to Make With and For Kids - to help both children and then ones who love them to do just that. #playfultoysandcrafts #mermagducttape #playcreatively

The hot air balloons from this morning took me back to the giant #tinytravelertilda balloon - where we paper mâchéd an oversized balloon, painted it and then added a can for Tilda to ride in. (Need to make a Tilda doll asap!) We still have it and the giant map, which I'm dying to hang up in The Banister house soon! #merillustration #amidsummermingle #playcreatively

I think it's safe to say that the cardboard brownstone doll houses just might be your favorite project from my book Playful! (It's def. one of mine!) Just look at all the fun dwellings you guys have been creating from it!! Hours of fun creating, decorating and playing house (in its miniature form) 🏠🏠🏠 #playfulbrownstones #playfultoysandcrafts #mermagducttape #playcreatively

This time of years has so many possibilities for nature crating! We used our printable of little Miss Nellie (as well as Atticus the Bunny) and made ensembles from leaves and flowers. My intern @lexiknilson made this one and I love it. So much spring time fun! #mermagnaturecrafts #merillustration

When I was little I'd dream up magical attic tea parties with my dolls. We'd pretend to be orphan peasants and I'd serve them cheese and milk (I had a dairy thing going on I guess). There might have been candles involved so I'm sure glad we didn't burn the house down. 🙀 What were some things you'd scheme up with your play things as a kid?
Oh and don't forget to mark your calendars: New dolls coming to the shop next week. Drop date Tues, Aug 9th at 10 am mtn time. 🎉 #mermagdolls #playcreatively

The results! M's fairy and H of course with a farmer. :) So fun! ---- Enjoying beautiful weather and welcoming fall with the most relaxed project ever. #playcreatively #playfulnature #mermagnaturecrafts #theartfulparent

Pulled out the paper puppet turkey and she's been feeding him "seeds" from her pocket. (Template for this feathered friend on the blog today). #mermagthanksgiving #olivejuicekids

How sweet is this darling one with her #playfulbrownstones house made with the help of mom @jularif?! (Who has a lovely account btw). If I had room I would make and collect doll houses for days. Yup I'm that lady. 🏠🏡🏠
You can find instructions on how to make your own playful cardboard brownstone in my book Playful: Fun Projects to Make with & for Kids. And if you're coming to #AltSummit i'll be speaking in depth on how to get a book deal, how to make a book - especially when you're stressed, might have kids and lots of deadlines; and how to promote the book (which is super duper key). should be some good meaty stuff accompanied with tips from fellow book makers and handouts. if you have any specific questions that you want me to answer post them below and I'll try to make sure I address them. I will wright up a post about it all when I'm done too. 😘 #playfultoysandcrafts

Family party for the three yr old birthday girl today #mermagparties


🌊 Learning through play: We collected some seashells from the beach and brought them back home to explore them thoroughly with our 👀, 👂, and ✋. 🌎 Earth's natural resources give us the opportunity to create an authentic, fun learning experience for our little ones while also teaching them to value 🌎's beauties. 🌎
🌎 🌊 With the shells, we observed👀 their various colors, felt ✋ their different textures, and heard 👂 the different sounds they make compared to a rock. 🌊
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Movie night! We're watching Cannon's Snow White while I work on a fun little project. Is there anything better than sharing movies from your childhood with your kids?!! Alice just told me my dolls "look like baby worms. But don't worry, Mom, they'll get better."

I have to admit, I was a bit worried taking the little ones to bed and leaving my #6yearold alone with my phone and half a cup of flour... but I came down to find this beautiful picture! Inspired by @edgar_artis and using a free printable from Merrilee's @mer_mag blog, my daughter created this #flour and #mandarin dress! 😍

Dress up your Easter table by turning real eggs into Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. Or have the little ones craft these bunnies together using plastic eggs for a worry free festive activity. You can find these friends in the printable party pack in the shop. Lin. 🐰🐰 #mermageaster

The kids have spring break this week and with all our travels this year we've opted to stay put. Which means all the kiddos at home all week 😬🙀. Time to Pull out our craft books, cooking jar and lots of prayers 🙏🏻 for mamma's sanity. 😜 Any ideas you love for a staycation? #thebanisterhouse #staycation

I made these 2 little paper butterflies for Sofia because: 🦋 she saw them for the first time today and was very excited about it;
🦋 I want to surprise her tomorrow morning;
🦋 I love her more than anything;
🦋 She is my world 💖 .
💐A separate thank you to @redtedart for a terrific idea! 💡

Butterflies Go Free at Montreal Botanical Garden 🦋🌺🦋🌿🦋

Today was a magical day for our family. 🌈🌸✨We decided to go to Butterflies Go Free exhibition at Montreal Botanical Garden. 🌵🌴🍃And I'm so happy we did! 🤗I've never seen so many butterflies flying around. 🦋🦋🦋 They were all so different, colourful and beautiful! It was even more exciting to watch Sofia experience it all for the first time! 👨‍👩‍👧💕 I honestly think that everyone should bring their children there. It's like going on a mini vacation (because you get to see plants, flowers and trees from everywhere around the world) without having to spend a fortune. 🌎 #familytime #botanicalgarden #butterflies

Something very special happened today! 💕 It melts my heart! 👧🏼💐#flowergirl #familyfirst

This baby though! 😻#soinlove

"Fairy tales had been her first experience of the magical universe, and more than once she had wondered why people ended up distancing themselves from that world, knowing the immense joy that childhood had brought to their lives."
Paulo Coelho

First drop of Dolls and bunnies from my latest collection Spring Whimsy is happening now. 💫@merrileeliddiardshop 🌺✨ #mermagdolls

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Z looooves marbles. Whenever I bring them out to play with she gets super excited. .
This simple to set up and great 👌🏾fine motor skill activity was a big hit ☺️! .

THEME: 🤔ProBLem SoLVinG🤔

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