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Iyi pazarlar...❤❤❤❤❤

💜สินค้าสวยๆยังมีว่างนะคะ เลือกชมได้คะ ขอบคุณค่า💜

My mom @withwhatchagot is here helping me pack up the #barn today because we are getting her professionally cleaned inside, top to bottom. As much as I did not want to pack up all the treasures in there, it has to be done. Couldn’t help myself but to play just a little with my #platecollection.
#vintageplates #workinprogress #thankgoodnessformoms #gettinitdone #vintagetreasures #antiquechina

The weather has been so wild and unpredictable here this week! (See video @hayley_potter_studio) This is a collection of earthenware plates that have all been handmade and finished in my studio - now bathing in the last of the winter light. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
It’s been a lovely clear and sunny day here today so I’m expecting clear skies for stargazing. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for supporting my studio. Link in profile for more info about me, a portfolio and little online shop ✨🌿

💜สองทุ่มคืนนี้ 💜พบกันค่า💜งานหวานจากเยอรมันก็มีมาคะ😊

💜สองทุ่ม คืนนี้💜พบกับชุดชาสวยๆที่ร้านลาเวนเดอร์รูมคะ

💜สองทุ่มคืนนี้💜พบกับงานวินเทจจากญี่ปุ่นและอังกฤษนะคะ 💜สินค้ามีมากกว่าในรูปค่า blue and white สวยๆคะ😊

ตัวอย่างสินค้าลงขาย💜คืนนี้ สองทุ่ม💜พบกันที่ร้านลาเวนเดอร์รูมค่า😊😊


Blue and white Moreton Old hall wedgwood queensware 9.75 in plate. The colors on this plate is beautiful!!! Would be a great plate to add your collection. I’m asking $23.00+shipping. First one to comment sold or mine, its yours! #wallplates #homedecor #platecollection #thrifting #hunting #antiquing #happyshopping #oldworldcharm01 #owc01stillavailable

💜พรุ่งนี้สองทุ่ม💜พบกันนะคะ มีชุดชากาแฟสวยๆจากอังกฤษค่า 💜

In the Victorian era butterflies were obsessively collected and found their way into high fashion, design and art. A symbol of change and transformation, to the Victorian at that time a butterfly often represented the human soul, and to see one flourishing in its natural habitat was a joyful experience that was both magical and a comfort. The Victorians were fascinated with the stages of metamorphosis and the transformational process of leaving darkness for light as a new and more beautiful creature. This fascination is something we have in common and I have felt motivated to echo this metamorphosis through the process of contemporary ceramics and it’s various stages, embracing the unpredictability of how each ceramic butterfly or moth will emerge from the kiln which now serves as a chrysalis for these creations. 🌿Please contact for more information about this collection (see profile) 🌿

🌹พรุ่งนี้(ศุกร์) พบกับ🌹Rose Bouquet England ค่า มีงานวินเทจสวยๆนะคะ 🌹

Princesse à Monaco ou Reine impériale ? - Hollywood Princesse or long termine Quenn - bazaarologie@gmail.com #monaco #england #monarchy #queenelizabeth #princessegrace #platecollection #bazaarologie #vintage #soivenir #jubilæum

SOLD! What could be better on Valentine’s Day than two beautiful red willow plates. 6.75" D
Perfect condition.
PayPal and Venmo accepted.
All Sales Final!
#redwillow #chinoiserie #redandwhite #valentinesday #addtoyourcollection #platecollection #va #valleyvintageva

Meja ini salah satu spot favorit di rumah ini. Selain buat makan, disini tempat saya baca majalah, koran dan juga menjadi tempat anak-anak belajar. Saya sengaja memasang bench sebagai salah satu tempat duduk biar muatnya banyak 😀😀. Untuk meja, saya suka banget dengan finishing-nya yang glossy dan halus dan agar awet saya pasangkan kaca tempered di atas meja. .
#diningroom #mejamakan #diningtable #instadesign #wallplate #platecollection #diningtabledecor

‘Ode To An Artichoke’ - a plant with a heart 🌿❤️🌿••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
This is an original 420 x 297mm mixed media drawing drawn from life, with notes exploring a beautiful artichoke. The plates below it are handmade earthenware. All inspired by the folklore of plants and animals 🌿 please DM for info or link in profile 🌿

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