The Force was not with me today😑 i used an experimental mix of Testors Acryl paint and Future Floor polish as a thinner to help with paint adhesion. In the past I've had issues with Acryl paint lifting after removing masking tape. I read on forums that Future mixed into Acryl would help. Apparently not with me😔
As a result I've had to scrub the cracked paint with windex and a brush. Not too pissed about it since i knew this was experimental. Back to the drawing board...🤕 #scalemodel #scalemodeling #scalemodeler #plasticmodelkit #plamo #plasticmodelproblems #bandai #xwing #172scale

Uuuggghhhh this project😕... update on my 1/35 AH-6J Little Bird model kit. Actually, it will be an MH-6J now. Anyway i painted the cabin areas and engine firewall flat black. The engine firewall section is actually white but this black will be a pre weather coat. I also went ahead and glued the tail section onto the fuselage halves. Floyd Werner, who helped Kitty Hawk with this kit, is doing an online build on Facebook of this and suggested installing the tail sections. He is having better success than I am.

This kit had me so excited at first, but it has quickly subsided. The kit is over-engineered in the small parts. Example is the cyclic sticks. The curved shafts and hand grip are molded in two, which means cleaning two very small, fragile parts. I've lost parts already while cleaning them due to this. It. Has. Been. NERVE RACKING!!!😡😠😵
The same goes with most of the flight control assemblies. Small assemblies.😣
I'm very close to shelving this...
#scalemodel #scalemodelling #scalemodeller #hobby #plasticmodel #plamo #plasticmodelproblems #helicopter #aviation #avgeek

Alright, found time to work on my AH-6 model! And what a pain in the booty!!! First gripes on this kit coming up...
I started assembly on what turned out to be the engine mounts. If you buy this kit and want to do the engine, get yourself a drink beforehand to ease the pain. The instructions are vague on how and where parts go together in this area. It looks great now, but believe me there was head scratching and colorful language utilized.
Another thing is that some locator pins are molded directly to the sprue and removing excess plastic is an exercise in tool dexterity. Oh, and in some cases, such as part C11, the locator holes are missing.
UUUUGGGGHHHH these Chinese kits, i swear... where is the Quality Assurance???😡
Part A43 has a hole where it shouldn't be so i had to fill it with putty.
So, painting of the engine/firewall area should be interesting.
Last but not least, a mold line exists at the bottom of the fuselage area, conveniently going across or between some detail. GAH!!!
@kriegs_modelling if you do get this kit, you've been warned LOL
I need to do a Tamiya or Hasegawa kit after this one just to remember there are kits that are engineered well and have quality instructions.😒😐😑
#scalemodel #scalemodeller #scalemodelling #plasticmodel #plamo #hobby #135scale #plasticmodelproblems #soldieringon #ah6 #littlebird #aviation #avgeek

Working again on the P-40 model. Its been a great kit to build, but the engineering on this kit has been frustrating. It was designed to be released in multiple versions so parts of later versions of the P-40 could be made. Basically, a bunch of the parts I've installed don't exactly match up to lines on the aircraft. I've had to fill gaps, shave, and sand the hell out of parts so they match up. On here i installed the gun ports on the wings. On the real aircraft there is no panel lines there. So, sand away i go. Slow process, with so-so results. Its tiresome. Come on #hasegawa!!! OK end of rant😡😥 #airplanemodel #plasticmodel #plamo #132scale #hobby #p40ewarhawk #warbird #plasticmodelproblems

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