do you like to beach clean solo 👤 or with a friend?! 👥 despite all of the strawless hype that's been circulating the media [yay] i'm still seeing a ToN on beaches & sidewalks [no yay]
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i'm thankful whenever i meet others with similar mindsets regarding ocean preservation and plastic reduction! 🌊 🖤 🌎 so a very hbd to this thoughtful mermaid! 🧜🏽‍♀️

Alternatives to plastic are being created everyday. Countries are banning single use plastics all over the world.
There has never been a better time to evaluate the things in your home that are petroleum based, synthetic, and harmful to you or your family’s health.
Take the time.
It’s not valuable if it can make you sick.
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Let's evolve away from a trashy, disposable lifestyle & strive to create less waste by investing in reusable non-plastic alternatives - for our health, the animals & the Earth. We don't need all the stuff being marketed to us 24/7...
All this was washed ashore, not left behind by beachgoers. Much of this plastic marine pollution was bit up by fish, birds & crustaceans. Avoid plastic at the source. There is no 'away' & recycling is just a band-aid. Collected from a half-mile stretch of beautiful undeveloped beach: Single-use plastic water bottles, single-use plastic cups, single-use styrofoam cups, single-use plastic utensils, single-use plastic straws, single-use plastic caps, single-use plastic food containers & wrappers, single-use plastic detergent containers, plastic toothbrushes, plastic toothpaste containers, plastic hair curler, plastic rope, plastic lobster trap throat, styrofoam, melted plastic, microplastic & shoes. Some foreign garbage from Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bahamas & Colombia. 3 balloons - 2 latex & 1 mylar

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Can you guess what this is? Swipe left. I call it a "tree collar" but it's marketed as a "tree protector". Protection from what? Trees have been doing just fine for millions of years without being wrapped in plastic. From my observation, it causes mould to grow on the trunk and constricts growth of the tree. As well, it doesn't seem to help the trees survive - I see them wrapped around dead ones all the time. These are completely unnecessary and simply contribute more plastic waste to our town. .
#plasticispoison #freethetrees #bantreecollars #plasticsucks #getoffplastic #savetheearth #makeourplanetgreatagain #mopga #planetorplastic

I post this photo before but I wanna warn you one thing. Please don’t make lemon water in the plastic container like this photo because all recycled plastic might include BPA and other harmful staffs. Lemon water 🍋 is good for your health and detoxify your body but plastic containers will ruin all this wonderful water’s health benefits. I didn’t know that plastic chemicals affect human hormone and so harmful before. I recommend you to make lemon water in glass containers or metal is also safe but maybe glass is safer because lemon include acids which might affect some kinds of metal.

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Glad to have my sister join me at the beach last weekend!! 🌊 Had a lot of fun while she was in town 💖 Many of you know we started Balloons Blow together (out of necessity, not boredom lol). She lives in Maine now & has started Peace & Unity Pet Services (@pupsmaine) & New Moon Wildlife Rescue - I am super proud of all she does to help the animals!! This also means I'm pretty much running BB solo now. What was originally created as a resource, has become a hungry machine that constantly needs to be fed! I'm trying to keep up the best I can, while still having a full-time job! Thank you for your support & patience! 💙

This was last Saturday's pile. Collected on a beautiful stretch of undeveloped beach. All this was washed ashore, not left behind by beachgoers. Let's all do what we can to create less waste. There is no 'away'. Our responsibility doesn't end when we put something in the trash... #balloonsblow #createlesswaste #plasticbites #noexcuseforsingleuse #cleanbeachesstartathome #pollutionisadesignchoice #plasticispoison #plastictax #florida #earthdayeveryday #irefusesingleuse #protectwhatyoulove #moreoceanlessplastic #plasticocean #trashtravels #knowbetterdobetter #plasticisforkooks #iquitplastic #thereisnoaway #thisisaway #sixthmassextinction #anthropocene #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #dogsdontlitter

sniped in my marine debris picking pose
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i usually sit in a low squat rather than just bending down & up. that gets me too dizzy 💫 so it's excellent exercise with pros for both me 🍑 and the sea! 🌊
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tell me how you do it! are you a walker or do you like to post up in one spot?

& there’s more :(

Does anyone else feel like this rubbish problem is huge? Like it is honestly everywhere and there is so much of it. I have been picking up rubbish for a long time and I am so thankful for this community. Thank you 😊 #thankyou #gratefulforthosewhocare

🌈 [sad] rainbow of fragmented plastics tucked into a dime bag 🌈
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keep plastics off of the beaches as best you can during your next beach trip! at the very least tuck forks into your beach bag🍴in case you or a friend wants to stop and grab some pre or post beach grub 🍲 🥡 🥗 plastic forks are SO flimsy anyway!
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there is already a plethora of plastic on the shoreline and fresh pieces are the last thing it needs! what are some of your beach EsSenTiaLs? 🦄

I find a bag, fill it up then find a new bag for next time. All found within 5 meters of a creek.

Drains are for rain 🌧 a quick grab. The grid was easy to lift. I was a bit concerned about being caught in a public place lifting drains 🤪

Trying to measure just how deep my annoyance for plastic pollution goes.

the limit does not exist! ∞

Pictured is a washed ashore measuring cup filled with various stages of sun exposed bottle caps..

Channeling my inner earth saving warrior @balloonsblow 🌊 🐬 ♡ 🎈 🌎

Except I opted out of dumping all of my findings around me because most of them were small fragments, straws and bottle caps 🙈 and I realllly didn't feel like picking them all back up again
#internationalcoastalcleanupday wore me OUT 😅

Thank you Col'cacchio for helping to save the planet.

#plasticispoison #paperstraws #ecofriendly

World Clean Up Day 2018! Pretty places, prettier without trash.


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