🐷💥Commandos Showdown💥🐏
Another amazing trade! This time from my boy @yesterdazetoys
I think I may need more porks the Rams have them outnumbered 😅 and a shout out to my boy @time.machine.vintage.nj for the sweet vintage 1986 Fisher Price farm silo with fencing if anyone has the barn I'm looking to buy it ask these guys I don't f*** around!
Also, this is the problem... as soon as I start to get 1 or 2 of something I end up getting 10 or 20 more! I'm already looking on eBay to continue the battlefield scene with vehicles and more porks. My poor wallet!

HUGE shoutout to @levis_corner for the wicked deal on the Nova Corps. 🙏🏻

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