Green always looks prettier on gray days πŸŒΏπŸ’š

Love these Blue Beans!

This White Night Champagne is recovering nicely despite some 100+ degree California heat burn πŸ”₯

Is this one deciding to turn variegated? 🧐

Kalanchoe pink butterflies 😍

It’s wild out there #plantsucculents

Loving the pink tips 😍

Is this a variagated baby?! 😍

Echeveria Raindrop 😍 hope this one grow strong & happy! #echeveriaraindrops

Assorted 2" succulents now available in our shop 🌱 love all the different varieties πŸ’š

This large Greenovia Mountain Rose is perfect πŸ’š

Just a little. Can you see this one is variegated? πŸ˜†

All imported succs πŸ’š available in our shop 🌱

This cluster is DREAM 😍😍😍

A large cluster of Greenovia Mountain Roses πŸ’š now available in our shop 🌱

These adorable Echeveria Ariels are added to our store today πŸ’•

Rainbow 🌈 #echeveriarainbow

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