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It's a totally twisted Tuesday today as we continue talking about Albuca Spiralis every day this week with a new topic today, the crazy, comical, curly leaves of this unique plant !

Corkscrew Albuca is an incredibly unique and very fun little succulent! Corkscrew Albuca grows naturally in scrublands, open woodlands and dry grasslands and is a very prolific plant in its native region! Albuca is a genus of over 100 types of plants, most of which originated in South Africa, and all of which grow from bulbs! Albuca Spiralis grows freely across the Western and Northern Cape Provinces of South Africa, the Namibian desert, and the Karoo, a desert region in the north-west of South Africa. These adorable, tight curls originated as a defense mechanism and an ingenious way to conserve extra water that would be lost to most plants! The coastal region of Namibia is known as a "fog desert." This area sees little rain, but when the humid air blowing in from the Atlantic hits the cool air coming from the north, it condenses and carries a dense fog inland! Dew is unavailable for most plants to really benefit from as it doesn't penetrate the soil enough to be useful for roots. Luckily, this plant has a brilliant evolutionary adaptation in it's coiled leaves! The structure of these coils is specifically adapted for capturing and condensing fog and dew into a water source! The curled leaves increase the amount of surface area available for capturing fog and dew and by coiling up, and the leaves reduce the amount of leaf exposed to the air, causing transpiration in the hot desert. Additionally, each curled leaf acts like a little gutter, channeling any water to the base and bulb of the plant where it can be put to use !

Turn up the volume for some silly sound effects in our video today! Today's post features my beauty of a succulent! Do you have Albuca Spiralis in your collection already? Share all your favorite plant pictures with us for a chance to win a FREE succulent every month! Post using #ChubbyPlantPeople, tag us, or message us here! If your photo is selected to be featured you will be entered into a monthly raffle for a chance to win a small rooted succulent or cutting!

Bird nest, not the beverage 😊 those tiny eggs look like candies. #plantstagram #birdnest#eggs#bangkok#thailand

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Moved the mini orchids outside for the summer. So far so good, though watering twice a day and flushing in the evening with RO is a bit tedious. They seem to be loving it! Restrepia brachypus is in flower among several others. I always thought roach orchid is such an awful name for such pretty flowers! Couldn’t they nickname them gondola orchids or something? 🤷‍♂️ #orchid #orchids #orchidee #orchidea #orchidlover #miniature #miniorchid #macro_flower #macromood #flowerstalking #flowerstagram #flower_daily #tropicalplants #plantporn #plantlove #plantlover #plantlife #plantparenthood #botany #indoorplants #indoorgarden #indoorjungle #houseplants #houseplant #houseplantclub #plantsarefriends #plantnerd #plantstagram #hand #instaflower

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