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Just stop. A rainbow succulent wreath by @jenssuccs! Our plant obsession continues! Our upcoming issue is plants galore! Literally, almost 80 pages with amazing plants from around the globe 🌵🌴🌿🍃

Following up on yesterday's post about pruning, this is the vessel that I keep my stem cuttings to propagate! Here's a quick run down on how I take these cuttings for most vines including the Scindapsus pictus:

❶ ✂ I take the cutting by snipping at a node (where the leaf meets the stem), mainly to keep the plant ends tidy.

❷ 🌱🌱 If the cutting is long, I'll divide it so each part has 2 top leaves and atleast 1 bottom leaf. Remove this bottom leaf to reveal a bare node that you'll bury or submerge.

The reason only 1-2 top leaves are necessary is because it allows adequate photosynthesis for new root growth. Any more will zap energy from the cutting in order to sustain themselves. You can even cut the leaves in half if they're particularly large.

If possible, I prefer to submerge 2 nodes (you can see it well with the 3rd vial) as these points contain meristem, tissue that allow roots to form, and the more nodes available, the more abundance the growth should be.

❸ 🕟 Patiently wait until the roots are about 1 inch and that you've got plenty. This is mainly because when transferring from water to soil, many roots will die in transition.

Propagation directly in soil is usually better, but I often take cuttings to enjoy in a display (like cut flowers) rather than aggressively multiply so I'm perfectly happy with water for this case. Have fun experimenting! #FieldnotesbyStudioplants

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A kaleidoscope of colours; Sempervivum ‘Mrs. Giuseppe’ in the Davies Alpine House. Did you know that alpines are plants that grow above the altitude at which trees can survive? In the Alps this can be higher than 2,000m! #WinterAtKew

Laat ik maar niet over het weer beginnen 😏🤭 ik ga mij denk ik maar vol eten in pepernoten...gewoon omdat het kan 😬😋
Fijne avond!

If you're starting to wonder if all I eat is toast anymore, you're on to somethin' 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ // Let's talk intuitive eating for a sec... for me, I'm not hungry first thing in the morning. Today I ate a clementine plus some lemon water with ACV until I finally made some toast around 10. This certainly wouldn't work for everyone, and I realize breakfast is a very important meal so while I don't skip it ever, it just looks different (and the clock reads a different time) depending on my mood. Some days I immediately make and drink a smoothie, or eggs with veggies. Other days I hold off and make a sweet and savory toast combo. No rights, no wrongs, just life. ✌🏼🌿#kaleinit

If you want to keep your Pilea perfectly straight like this one, make sure you rotate the pot in small increments! They grow toward the sun ☀🌱
📸 /@nelplant
U.S. PILEA LOVERS BUY PILEAS ONLINE @piep.co 🎉 use pilealovers10 for 10% off your order! *
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“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” HDT
This Friday starts a frenzied shopping weekend, and like many I’ll have a sale on prints and mixed media pieces. That said, it won’t start until 12pm EST on Friday, because I plan to take my kiddos on a morning outing for a hike. I hope you’ll consider spending some time outside with your loved ones, too.
Tomorrow, I’ll have a post with a little more info on the handful of prints that will be available in limited quantities - including the recent mountain pair.

Amazing JWP


Flowers that bloom in a greenhouse.
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#igs_photos #ig_today🌿 #nofilter

NUEVO PROYECTO🍃. •Paleta Vegetal• Les mostramos el Diseño Esquemático del Jardin Frontal 🌿 La elección apropiada del color de las flores y de las hojas crea contrastes y matices agradables 🎋
La paleta vegetal nos permite definir el uso de las plantas, el tipo de siembra y el diseño de la plantación🌳 Somos una empresa de diseño y mantenimiento de jardines, cuyo objetivo principal es fusionar las necesidades, los gustos y las preferencias del cliente con el espacio disponible, creando así un jardín armonioso con su entorno, ya sea grande o pequeño 🌳Un proyecto en colaboración con @nickybir 🍃Hagamos de nuestra vida un mundo más verde, lleno de alegrías ✨Volviendo a lo Natural 🍃FELIZ MIÉRCOLES🍃
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Nasze półki zapełniają się roślinnością.

Jak przystało na księgarnię - książkową 😊🌿📖 #plants #book #bookstore #greenery #plantstagram #plantsofinstagram #plantslovers

We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day and OPEN on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! .
📷: @findyourfiber

Already over at my parents house for Thanksgiving Prep! I gave my mom a piece of my spider plant over the summer and it has T H R I V E D!! These are a few of it’s offspring.

Really cool forest planting.  What would you name it?

I love the various tradescantia we have in our home. Looking to make a hanging wall soon, very excited to show them all off some more (and make room for more plants...)
Join in with us #onwednesdaysweplantpink
#therealhouseplantsofinstagram #tradescantia #wanderingjew #zebrina #tradescantiazebrina #hangingplant #leaf_ladies #leavesonlyleaves

Winter light.
'Abstrakt blågrøn' og et par af vores planteprint 🌱🌿
Link i bio 👆🏼👆🏼

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