♡ Plant Spirit Medicine ♡ Golden Elm ♡ this Deva brings softness to your shoulders ♡ she glides you into presence and from here shifts you into the incredible miracles of Life ♡ she is one to uplift you when you are weary ♡ she is the one to allow your unfoldment from presence connection ♡ if you seek the healing in solitude she is your Mother hand. ♡ with the Now planet of Uranus, guided by the beauty of the Sun, joyfulness of Jupiter and comfort of the Moon, this blissfully helping Deva is one many of us crave.
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This pop of bright Summer color was a welcomed surprise today, especially with Autumn officially arriving this weekend. This coming Saturday we will debut our Autumn Limited Batch items as we welcome Autumns arrival. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on! 🍃🍂 #hydrengea #autumn #fall #summer #urbangarden #urbangardening #greenthumb #plantspirit #plantspiritenergy #plantspirithealing #plantspiritmedicine #forage #foraging #apothecary #noreasternherbcompany #noreasternherbco #noreasternherb #herb #herbs #herbalist #herbalism #flower #flowers #natural #nature #earthmedicine #hedgewitch #womanowned #mindandbody #madeinnh

My favorite type of Shadow work 🍂🕸✨>>

PS>> just uploaded my first IG TV 📺Story on What Channeling/Parts Work is 🌹🌙✋🏽 >> this will be on my Youtube later today >> Youtube Channel Link in Bio

“Where am I? Who am I?”
From #Portland #Maine to #Baltimore #Maryland to #Tampa #Florida ...
Quite the change of scenery...
12 hours of window-gazing, people-watching, and book-reading can really have you wondering about reality, yes?

#plantspiritmedicine #humandimension #timetravel

Cheesy Chive Jicama Fries with Chipotle Ketchup.

This used to be a staple of mine back in my Raw Vegan days. And I forget how simple and delicious it is. And how comforting.
You can buy Jicama at almost any grocery store and then all you have to do is peel it and slice it into french fry shapes.
I toss mine with 1tbsp olive oil, lots of minced chives, 2 to 3 tbsp nutritional yeast, good quality sea salt and a tsp chili powder. Toss until all fries are coated. They are great like this with any nutritious dip. But I like ketchup with my fries.
Ketchup can be one of the worst foods for you. Or..... you could use this recipe!

Solar Power Health Chipotle Ketchup

1.5 cup diced RIPE tomatoes
1/4 cup Extra Virgin cold pressed organic olive oil
1 tsp chipotle powder
1 tsp sea salt
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
3 medjool dates
1/2 cup sundried tomatoes

Blend all ingredients in your high speed blender until ketchup like consistency. If you don't have a high speed blender. Leave the sun dried tomatoes out and add them to blend after everything else is blended.

Dunk your chips and enjoy 😊💖
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Floating thru the rainbow galaxy, drinking the sun & kissing every flower •☆.•*´¨`*••♥ #sahasrara #trichostemalanatum

Hawthorn berry prayers dancing in the wind. Spreading their whispers of fierce self-love and compassion. “I will protect you and guard your tenderness. I will stand by you through these dark days, guiding you to know and grow your strength, your beauty, the depths of your heart.”
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Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop listings are all up and registration is OPEN!!

MONEY MAGICK (2 locations!) Thursday, September 27 at @nectarjuicery
Sunday, October 14 at @thewellonbowen

Thursday, October 18 at @werklab
Wednesday, November 14 at @werklab
Wednesday, November 21 at @thewellonbowen
Friday, December 21 at @werklab
Come learn and deepen your craft, be in communion with others who are walking their path in magick and medicine, and be seen for who you are. ✨🍃
Follow bio link for details and registration on each of these workshops.

📷: In ritual with the luminous @cdisler at @werklab, captured by @kezianphotography
#ritualisbeautiful #shamanichealing #plantspiritmedicine

It’s that time. Elderberry { m i t ' í p } abundance & Medicine making to support us through the Winter. I’ve recently connected this beautiful being to multiple lines of my ancestors. No wonder we’ve been so connected.
It is said that playing a flute made from Mother Elder’s wood can connect us with Spirits & Ancestors. This is a Celtic lore, but it is/was a tradition in some Native American tribes as well - my Grandmother’s lineage being one of them. I just recently came to know this & find it so synchronistic that I was gifted a piece of Elder wood this Spring in Portland, Oregon. Not far from where they would’ve traveled in the Columbia River Valley! (before they were forced to remain stationary & no longer wander freely)
Giving gratitude for my Ancestors guidance, and for Elder as I make syrup to protect & nourish my family 💜
#synchronicity #ancestralwisdom #ancestors #elderberry #elder #yakama #herbalism #plantspiritmedicine #medicinesongs


Those in the System, would like us to share their belief that all the changes [we are witnessing] are not connected: they are simply anomalies, isolated symptoms to be treated or preferably ignored, before the all-powerful Western capitalist patriarchal model goes on to ever greater heights and grander ejaculations. Most are numb to it, caught in fear, denial or resistance.

But we, Burning Woman, know this process intimately. Amongst Burning Women and Men, there is a fierce, quiet knowing that these are both the death pangs of the old, and the birthing pangs of the new.
Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman

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Thalassophile (n.): a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean. Tag someone who needs to know this word! 🌊
(Pictured: Grounding Nettle Shawl worn as a sarong)
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Making herbal tinctures. Thank you mother nature! ♥ Traditional Irish Herbalism.

We still have spaces left for two of our Ayahuasca retreats at the end of this year! Find out more at www.manu-ayahuasca.com

WIP ⍢ ∆ Prithvi Mudra ∆ ⍢ working with plants & the eARTh element.

Don Marcial getting ready for ceremony, standing in front of his mesa.

🌹 Rose 🌹 .

My soul, my Rose
Inside you I soften
You receive me in your heart
I am caressed by your tenderness .

I rediscover my essence
You envelop me with your silence
You dazzle me with your light
You, fruit of the earth .

In the sleeping seed
You are the proof, my love,
That within me
Lies my heavenly realm .

Translation of the beautiful French poem (which by the way, is one thousand times more delightful in French!) written by a dear friend, Richard Délias. .

What was really touching,
both for him and for us is that he didn’t (consciously) know anything about flower essences or about connecting with the spirit of plants but when we listened to his poem we had goosebumps because his words perfectly depicted, exactly what It feels like to take Rose flower essence and to work with Rose Medicine. .

That for us, was so moving and further proof that poetry is a powerful gateway to tap into the realm of plant spirits and that true poets, like bards of the ancient times, are keepers of sacred dimensions- guardians of the magic of this world! ✨🌿 .

For those of you who speak French, you can find the original poem in the comments below ! .
. 📸: @gitalandas

Perhaps the greatest gift in confronting personal demons is not how powerful one becomes as a result of wrestling with them, but the realization that they have been pointing to what we have vehemently denied all along— that it is ourselves that have not met our very own needs. The function of shadows is that since there is darkness everywhere, we do not have the luxury (or better termed, crutch) to seek the light of external approval and acceptance. We are left to face ourselves in our darkest hour to learn how to look at and after ourselves.
____________________________________________________ 📷: Pinterest #ritualisbeautiful #shamanichealing #shadowwork

They are the bark in my skin and the roots in my veins. The vines of my body. 🌱
A true herbalist/medicine person isn’t just someone who prescribes herbs. It’s about aligning yourself so intimately with the patterns of nature that you don’t see differentiation between the person and the landscape. It’s about a seeing patterns in nature and how they align with our physiological makeup and animate all that we are.
It’s also about developing such an intimate relationship with the plants that they become a part of your DNA and resonate within your electromagnetic field. I can see how my plant allies begin to shift people as soon as they come in close enough to interact with me. This is what the traditional healers are talking about when they speak of ‘medicine carriers’. Our life’s work and experiences make up our entire electromagnetic vibration and in turn create the medicine and wisdom that we carry, for each and every one of us.
I’m so proud of all that is being created with @vision1naturals and to see how the harmony created in the formulas, between the different plants, can weave together into something that can bring peace and healing to us at all levels, allowing the plants to share their gifts. Call me crazy but these plants have at times been my only friends and they’ve got something special about them that bring about change not just at the level of the physical body, but the soul and spirit as well. These changes affect and benefit everyone that you come into contact with so that we can all heal, grow, and flourish together. 🌱
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The rains from Hurricane Florence have made their way to the gardens this morning. The breeze carries the energy and spirit of those lives impacted by this great storm. As the weather washes over our gardens, we send healing thoughts to those families, first responders, caregivers, and dear friends in the areas effected by this storm. ❤️🙏❤️

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