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Parents...STOP. ⠀

I'm not here to preach to you or tell you how to raise your kids. I'm not here to tell you that you 'have' to be plant based or alkaline or anything like that. ⠀

You have to live your own journey and evolve on your own clock. ⠀

But there are particularities when the madness just has to be called out for what it is. ⠀

The same folks I see and hear get down on other's stance for being against infant/childhood vaccines, the overprescribing of addictive childhood pharmaceuticals, extended breastfeeding, promoting a plant based diet for children, etc. will be the same exact ones with no problem giving little Bobby a charred hot dog off the grill. ⠀

Really bruh? ⠀

You're that upset about a parent choosing to build natural immunity rather than have neurotoxins injected into their bloodstream but you have no problem giving your child and other children foods like hot dogs??⠀

The scrap meat of all scrap meats? ⠀

The slaughterhouse floor catchings?⠀

The childhood staple that is literally a Group 1 carcinogen along with tobacco and asbestos?⠀

We're really going to stretch adult human logic 'that' far for the sake of our food culture?⠀

C'mon now. Summer is around the corner and the backyard parties will be in full effect. ⠀

Take a second and think about the things you'll be giving those who you love the most. ⠀

Just because something is common does not make it normal. ⠀

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Let’s talk Containers, Bags, and Supplies to help you On The Go and Traveling

I say find your favorite small zippered bag. Mine are from @ivyandcompany ...I have quite a few 😍. Put your oil bottles, roller bottles, small mists in there. Plus you can add your keys, cell & cash if you want to make it your clutch. Yes, you can grab a bag with oil holders but let me just say ...I never put them all neat & back on the go. And they never break. .

Our little key chains that hold 8 drams are great too. Super fast easy oils on hand

When you’re flying you’ll need some kind of padded case if you’re checking in. I love @shareoils and @eos.lifestyle for all my specific oil supplies. Im also swooning Over @goalignment for on the go...going out! Gah! 🙈😍

And last that quart size zip lock bag (to be safe) if you’re not checking in / for on the plane

It takes me just an extra 5 min to throw in a few oils I want with me traveling because all the same blends & oils are always with me for my daughter and I on the go. .
Best health insurance Evah 🌿❤️

I don’t know why but I’m still so surprised when I use an oil and it works. It’s almost as if I’m expecting it to not work but every oil I’ve used has seriously worked and I won’t use anything other than oils now. I think it’s so countercultural that I’m still training my thought process to fight what I’ve been told my whole life. •
Tonight I rubbed a few drops of R.C. essential oil on my chest because I’ve had such a hard time breathing through my nose the past couple weeks. It might be due to how dry it is here in CO and it might be allergies now that spring is here, whatever the case is my nose has felt so stuffy. •
So I hopped in the shower with the oils on my skin and allowed the steam to boost the aroma in the air. And guys, those couple drops of oil seriously cleared my nose and it’s still clear two hours later. I can breathe easily and clearly without any congestion. I’ve struggled with my nose for the last couple weeks and all I needed to do was add a little R.C. to my life to fix this issue. (Note to self: don’t wait so long to use an oil! Haha.) •
R.C. is good for helping with colds, coughs, boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, boosts energy, reduces anxiety and stress, and so much more. You get all of this from one drop of oil. It’s seriously mind blowing how amazing these oils are and that they seriously work. You’ll never know until you try them. 🌿✨🌵 #whollyfleek #takeachanceonlove

It’s that time of year with all the weather changes that my head can’t take it. I have been waking in the morning with so much tension around my temples and my neck. Usually on one side. Which means it’s probably the way I’m sleeping too. When I get up, first thing I do is apply some M-Grain and within an hour it’s much better. Who would a thought! #justanurseteachingoils #migraines #knowbetterdobetter

This little bottle of plant juice is amazing! Ylang Ylang is a popular element in perfumes because it smells devine but it also has nourishing properties when used in skin and hair care. I just love wearing it! Before trying a new oil I spend time looking up all the benefits of specific oils. My husband is completely sold on the ways essential oils can support our family. So naturally he’s done some of his own research into what oils might benefit him ...and let’s just say he requested I add Ylang Ylang to my order last month 😉 I wasn’t going to argue with him 💕

Spring🌅♈️ see my little friend on the grapefruit blossom. It’s time to harvest the blossoms for Transit of Venus Inspiring Facial Mist. May this new astrological year bring you euphoria like the scent of nature’s blossoms on a warm spring day.

This photo is a total fail- but, wanted to show the two oils from the YL starter kit I am using tonight. Today was a snow day, yet o worked for over 6 hours. I need a little chill time. Diffusing lavender and frankincense in my room, so when my head hits the pillow I drift to magic land. I love diffusing oils in my room before I go to bed....it’s like I enter a spa~~~~ sweet dreams.
#sleephelp #sleepsupport #relax #plantsheal #essentiallyhappy #essentiallyhealthy

It is officially spring and as the earth awakens, bacteria and allergens are unleashed. AromaForce Immune Defense Solution is not only for winter colds. A powerful blend of Eucalyptus and Rosemary harnessed to support and defend immune and respiratory health in every season. Use topically or diffuse to purify indoor air.
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I still have a few spots left for our exclusive oils class this coming week! We’re going to cover the basics of oils, tips for living a more non-toxic lifestyle, debunking myths about oils and common mistakes people make with oils (and how to avoid them). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Class starts Monday 3/26 on Facebook. It’s a relaxed, go at your own pace, video-based class. It’s $10 and i’ll send you an oily package with thieves household cleaner, a spring/seasonal support roll-on, and a happy roll-on (mood boosting!).
Comment below or send me a message for more details! #essentialoilsrock #oilymama

We have another snow day today. It doesn’t look or feel like Spring yet, so I decided to trick my senses with this rose and calendula facial steam. Facial steaming is a lovely beauty ritual, which helps to cleanse and moisturize the skin and bring out a fresh glow. The aroma of rose petals is amazing to breathe in. After the facial steam, you can let the flowers infuse the water a little longer, strain it and use for an aromatic, soothing bath along with some bath salts. 🥀 .
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We are at the opening. It's beautiful! Come on over. It will not disappoint.
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Struggling with head tension? Check out @jewelanagems post! There are so many options you can use for natural support! #lovewildtribe #essentialoils .
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Day 3 GLO Pop Up Detox Week at #PlayaColorado: using fresh plants, Ayurvedic herbs, enzymes, good fats, amino acids, & chlorophyll to heal + rejuvenate the body. For lunch we served up watermelon mint salad with split pea coconut soup. Simple, low glycemic, devoid of “Frankenstein chemicals”, and deliciously satiating from the plant proteins and quality fats. You deserve the best which means your cells deserve the best. 🌿
. .
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Hey what's this plant called? "Thats a JabaJabadadhai " 😂😂😂😂 -Walter Riley from Crocodile Dundee


Be a goal-getter!

🌨Took a moment to stop complaining about the cold and enjoy these massive, gorgeous snowflakes, and a my chaga latte because transitions and the
in-between stages are also beautiful, in nature and in life. .
❄️Sometimes we get so hung up on looking to something in the future for happiness that we let the beauty of what we have around us pass by unnoticed. .
I’ve been taking so much about how ready I am for spring, but a snow day with my little family, warm drinks and good music playing is a pretty great place to be right now. .
❄️Sometimes I feel this way about wellness, and healing too. I see so many people (I include myself in this sometimes) that are so motivated to make drastic changes in their health, that they make it their full time job. We can get stuck trying so hard to do all the things we can to get “better” or doing very important emotional work on ourselves, but not enjoying where we are ᖇIGᕼT ᑎOᗯ. If balance, happiness, and physical/emotional health is the goal, but we have to put daily joys on hold until we get where we want, are we living our fullest life?
❄️Taking a step away from everything for moments and practicing gratitude is incredibly therapeutic for me and I always wish I did it more. This can be while drinking some tea, laying in bed for a few minutes before getting up or grabbing my phone, in the shower, or stepping out into the backyard. .
🌨What are you grateful for right now? I guarantee you that you’ll feel more at peace after answering this question. .
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Although the bridge itself is beautiful, crossing over took me to something even more beautiful; a hot cup of certified organic dark roast coffee ☕️.
Perfect for the mind, body, and soul.

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