My son had this ready for me when I woke up. #feedingbodyandsoul When I share with people that I start my day this way, they often say “I eat a ton of whole foods, why would I need to take them in capsules and shakes?” Firstly, I say- go you!! In a world where we are sold processed junk food at every turn, eating healthy is a challenge, and I commend you for putting time, money and effort into your health.

Second, I get it. I’m all about whole foods too, and I was very skeptical when I first heard about these. It took a while for me to get it.

So I thought I’d share a few reasons why, despite the fact that I eat as many plants as I can all day long, I still choose to start everyday with these babies. Every day. And have for 5 years, and will never miss a day.
1. Environmental toxins are increasing. Chemicals, fossil fuels, hundreds of new pesticides being produced, plastics, heavy metals, food additives, preservatives and drugs. We need to eat way more fruits and veggies than we could possibly chew each day to actually move all these toxins out of our bodies.

2. Food quality is decreasing. The food available to us in our grocery stores is what I call “jet lagged produce” - picked before it’s ripe and shipped long distances. Even if you’re eating from the farmer’s market, the quality of our soil is just not what it once was, and you gotta eat way more servings today to get the same amount of nutrients in the veggies our grandmothers were eating.

3. Variety. If you’re anything like me, you eat the same fruits and veggies over and over. I diversify from time to time, but always seem to come back to the same staples. I am not eating all the different colors of berries, or a huge variety of fruits and greens every week. The truth is that our bodies THRIVE when we eat the rainbow consistently. The more colors of fruits and veggies we can eat every day, the more fine-tuned our immune systems and the better we look and feel.
4. The future! The research behind these capsules blows me away- 38 published studies- more than any other whole food product in the world! #healthiswealth

We call this photo, “FIVE-GEN BULA”! Five Generations at BULA KAFE. Actually 6, but we didn’t have one of our BULA Kids available for the photo! We have such a diversity in age groups, in ethnicities, and in backgrounds here at BULA KAFE! ~
From right to left we have:
*Jorge who is born in the 1950’s!
*Jason - 1960’s!
*Jason - 1970’s!
*Leianne - 1980’s!
*Zach - 1990’s!
All are welcome to join the Bula Tribe!
Get yourself some PREMIUM KAVA same price as EVERYDAY KAVA!
8pm Trivia This Evening! This week's A Li'l Bird Told Me Trivia Free Answer is "Injera bread".
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“Herbalism is only one part of holistic health. Other parts may be more important, e.g, meditation, sleep, nutrition, and forest bathing” (quote from @arielletheherbalist ). One of my gratitudes is that I am able to “park bathe” every morning in Central Park as I walk to and from my yoga practice. And it is truly rewarding. Happy hump day everyone! And stay tuned: tonight I will be going through my multi-step facial routine using @cannuka (CBD + manuka honey) products!


Grateful to open both my eyes today. Last year this time I couldn’t. I checked myself into the ER at NYU for an aneurysm. So today I’m celebrating one year after brain surgery. A year so intensely crazy. And one more surgery to go.Thank you to so many people for all their support. And for those who didn’t -thank you for showing your true colours. Blessings to all. .
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💫So excited to receive this oil, Free with my order this month. Litsea has never been available before to the US and received this along with Manuka. .
It smells amazing. Who doesn’t love the citrus oils. ☺️
It has an aroma similar to Lemongrass and Melissa oil. This oil too is great for immune support, skin issues, relaxation and muscle tension. .
Did you know that they refer to this oil as the “Poor Man’s Melissa Oil” as it is both Anti-bacterial and Anti-Viral properties. .
You can use it in your bug spray, diffuse for healthy cellular function. It will also help for focus when your kids return back to school. .
The aroma will bring energy and if you apply to your unscented lotion, will not only improve the health of our skin but help after a workout to aid muscles and joints.
Want to get it for free? DM me about qualifying memberships and I can help you get started before the fall/winter season is here. 😁
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Love me some freshly dried washing...except in winter that often means finishing off in the dryer🤦🏼‍♀️I looove using Woollen Dryer Balls with a couple drops of my fav essential oil in with the load- helps speed things up and makes it all smell amazing, with no chemicals! This month Young Living is giving away a set of dryer balls and a bottle of Citrus Fresh when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit! YESSSS please! Message me to get yours now!
What’s your fav oil to use in your washing?!

Kids heading back to school soon? That means lots of germs 😞
Protect and boost immunity with Néctar Essences Super Immunity aromatherapy oil.
@nectaressences offers a variety of holistic oil blends that can help with everything from migraines, stress relief, energy, and immune building.
Stop by a try for yourself, you’ll love the aromatherapeutic effects!
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Good vibes start within ourselves. Not everything that happens to us is good, but it’s up to us what we do to get through those things. We hold the power ⚡️

This is a great take anywhere snack that I love to eat. Banana & date tacos. I just use any green leaf. Today I used kale. It’s very satisfying & delicious. The sweetness & the greens go very well together. 👌

Over 3,000 signatures I gathered back in 2010, after getting arrested for enacting my idealism!


I was selling cannabis-brownies, in student government at college, and honest. I went to jail and was suspended for a year. I attribute that incidence as a pivotal moment in my life.


Then I got involved in legalization, and when going back to L&C started a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.


So in many ways it feels like I've been working 8 years for this. Not really trying to make this an 'ad' it's just part of my story. I'm so happy to be working with a company that is just about as innovative as I am!! I thought it would be years still until getting to 'work' with a product from a plant (hemp) I helped re-legalize.


I'm totally here for support, based on your interest level. You can do it yourself too:
PuriumCBD.com / iShopPurium.com
$50 off gift code: C.Birdz
Let me know when you have any Q's, about this post or anything else <3


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