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A photo in one of my natural habitats - my office.

There are many passion flower benefits, such as helping with #anxiety #Insomnia ,#menopause, #ADHD #depression high blood pressure just to name a few. #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #naturalremedies #plantsarelife #healing

Roasted brussel sprouts and Chicken breast, and cauliflower mashed “potatoes “. This Cauliflower mash is yummy! This meal is soooo out of my norm of how I’ve always been. I never used to eat these things until God started showing me that I was fearing food. Fear is a lie friends . Look at your food fears as God’s invitation for more of His goodness. Because fear is not from God! And just like our christian lives, God calls us to step out in faith and try things, trusting in His goodness and not held back in fear. His love, ALWAYS greater than fear. Plants he created for us, are a gift of His love. #cleanhearting2018 @revelationwellness #plantsarelife #cleaneating

Plants definitely make my home a warmer place to live! 🌿🌾💚 #AmorcitoCorazón #HomeSweetHome #ILoveMyPlants #PlantsAreLife #Plants


Pastis d'Alvocat (avocado cake) 😍😋🌱 #VEGAN #PlantBased #PlantsAreLife
Nueces de Brasil
Cacao puro
Coco rallado
Aceite de coco
Zumo de lima
Sirope de Agave
Pistachos y granada

We brought her to her forever home. She looks lovely here. Our French industrial apt. #design #modernrenaissance #vintageinspired #jungalowstyle #plantsarelife #workbench #sculpture #modernart photo• Alex L

My ladies are looking especially beautiful on this gorgeous 70° afternoon. 💚🌱💚#towergarden #growingwhole #growyourown #sustainableliving #plantstrong #beautyiseverywhere #plantsarelife #towertotable🌱🍅🍆🍓🍴

・A l o c a s i a・⠀
We wouldn’t mind being fanned by these leaves while being fed some grapes. 😂🍇🌿 Also called Elephant Ear 🐘 Alocasias are famous for their lush, beautiful, large green leaves. Despite their size, alocasias make great houseplants!⠀
#SmartPlantCare for #Alocasia indoors⠀
☀️ Give your plant indirect and bright light⠀
⚠️ The soil needs to be highly nutrient-rich, which can be accomplished by mulching with organic substances, including leaf mold, compost, cocoa hulls and shredded bark⠀
🚿 The plant must be regularly washed to keep the soil surrounding the rhizome moist at all times⠀
💧 Don't allow the soil to get dry and make sure the plant container has drainage holes so the soil doesn't get saturated⠀
What's your best tip to care for Alocasia? Share it in the comments below ⬇️⠀
Picture by @kate_preftakes

We went to happy hour at Watercourse last night and got nachos and tacos then went by the rec center to swim in the lazy river and we realized we left our pool bag at home (FAIL🤦🏽‍♀️) so we came home and made tostadas bc we were sill hungry! Lol Mexican food night. Super delishhhh 👅

I need to try this 🥑🥔🌽 regranned @mendozaacarmelo #veganfood #veganeats #plantbased #plantsarelife

Gorgeous Codiaeum “Petra” Croton to inspire your day! These beauties are admired for their attractive green foliage with various shades of yellow to orange to deep red. These types of houseplants grow wild in the tropics and can reach an amazing height of up to 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide! Grown indoors, they would be most happy in a humid environment with regular watering. Don’t be alarmed though if you notice the leaves start to drop when you bring one home. These guys are creatures of habit and don’t like to be moved around too much. If this does happen, just continue with regular care and they will bounce right back. 🌿

#plantsarelife 🌱🌿

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