The past three months, all this cutting did was grow roots and get some white streaks (when I moved it indoors), then after one rainy weekend in the balcony... 😍💚 I had to yell at my hubs to come see 😅 I know that’s what plant do 🤷🏽‍♀️ but new growth always makes my heart flutter (especially when it’s been so long since it showed any sign of growth). Am I weird?

Friday wet your plants type of vibes. Last task before the weekend! Don’t forget to keep yours on a schedule to keep them growing happy! #weekendvibes #alwaysgrowing #plantpowered #wetyourplants

Great plant day !!!! I was gifted this beautiful cactus start from my favorite nurse at the doctors office!! She is lovely !!! Then I went to my nursery and picked up a few more ;) I bought the begonia to hopefully green up my brown begonia thumb 😉
And a pepermonia ‘hope’ new variety for me. I love the name!!! Found a few broken wandering Jew stems on the floor so I had to save those 🤫😊😉#happyday #plantsarefriends #alwaysroomformore #cactusclub #cactuslover
#greenisgood #growbabygrow
#lovemyplants #itsagreatday #planthoarder #plantmom

It’s Friday & my Fiddle Leaf Fig is basking in the first sunlight we’ve had in days ☀️🌿

Thats right people! Its the theme we've all been waiting for! Jks maybe just me coz I was sick of my last one. I'm not sure....is it too dark? Or is it ok? Today I'm going to bunnings 😂 to get paint to paint a stool for my plants! I love my plants sm hehehe.
Annie 💗
f.c. 1833
#succulentgarden #plantsarefriends

valuable life lessons from @hillergoodspeed 🌿

@mindfulpursuits gifted me with a bunch of wonderful things including this Frieda lino block print😭I’m so excited to find it a perfect spot in our home💚

Raise your hand if you are excited for the weekend 🙋🏽‍♀️🌱
#plantsmakepeoplehappy #botanicalpickmeup #atxsucculents

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