This plant is called T. Best In Class for a reason! It’s a gorgeous hybrid of T. xerographica by T. rothii 😍 Available for purchase on our website #LinkInBio

“Since so many plants made fun of my name growing up, I never really had many friends. I think this influenced me becoming an independent plant and doing things on my own. I like making my own things. Also, why would you ever pay for something when you can make it yourself and maybe even better?
Here's me at a sewing bootcamp at @workshopsf. Out of all the things I knew how to do, sewing wasn’t one of them. Now I can sew all the buttons in the world!” -Rio

Happy Monday! This week, we meet Medusa, a multi-tasking Bulbosa air plant. 🌱

“Hey! So you must already know, my name is Medusa. I don't really have time for things like this, I'm already so busy. But I figured that if I'm a true multitasker, I can be interviewed and continue on with my projects. During the day, I'm a website designer. I've been building websites for clients for 5 years now. During the night time, I code. So there. Is that good? I hope that's good.” -Medusa

“So apparently there's more I have to share with you all. Uhh...here's a photo of me on a regular day. Coffee on one side...always!
I usually have two computers; I like to think of it as my Mega Desk like Dwight Schrute’s. I use one to design websites and the other one is for coding. But apparently that was too much for the camera so here’s me just coding..........Okay, that's got to be all. If not, sorry. Gotta get back to it. But it was great meeting you all. If you ever need website work, let me know!” -Medusa

Photo by @carterreid

Early winter mornings amongst the gardenias. Gotta love sunny winter days 🙌🏼❄️🌿 Happy Friday everyone!!

Elle n’avait que 5 petites feuilles sans motifs il y a 2 ans. 🌱🌵🌿
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“I run my own business, so I’m always busy. ‘Time to lean, time to clean’, that’s what I always say. Taking care of folks at my B&B is my jam, and some of my regular guests have taken to calling me ‘Mama Nell’. I tell ’em I’m not so much into the whole parental vibe, but hey, it’s nice to feel appreciated, so I let ’em. You should come stay a night!” -Mistress Nell Quickly

This week we have *two* special guests! Tomorrow, you’ll get to meet our first guest: Mistress Nell Quickly, an Echeveria Afterglow succulent.

Tomorrow: Get ready to meet our 2nd plant of the week! Oberon, an African Violet.

“My wife Ti and I spend a good chunk of my time traveling, and causing mischief around the world. Good mischief, I mean. Most of the time. There was that one time with that weaver in Athens, but we just laugh about it now. So now yeah, we travel and meet all kinds of characters. Anyway, what was the question?” -Oberon

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