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I am fucking feeling Peru! I’ve never been to a more magical place. I feel the energies, I’m connected. I’m supposed to be here. I will always come back time and time again. Cradle of civilization. I’m a witch doctor finding her way. #witchdoctor #pachamama #veganforareason #southamerica #eucalyptus #godeeperthanthesurface #peru #naturalmedicine #plantmedicine #earthconsciousness #leylines #aliens #lovetravel

Summer Face Kit // We all get summer face. It’s hot. It’s oily. It’s sweaty. It breaks out. 🌿
This little travel kit is made to assist you on your summer adventures and calm that summer face. A tin of green clay and lavender mask to draw out impurities and calm the redness. A coconut vinegar toner infused with witch hazel, roses, and lavender to calm and control oil and breakouts.
Only 2 available at the moment. Find it in the shop now! #linkinbio

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I don’t usually share my opinion on this, but I felt like it was a must after my experience at rite-aid drug store today . .
It’s time for the stigma on cannabis to go! 🌿
Trust me, I get it. I had to make peace with this powerful plant and get over my stigma that stemmed from childhood seeing this medicinal plant be abused. Anything in excess can be poisons, but used in the correct dosage and way, it can be medicine. .
I was checking out from buying earplugs at rite-aid today. There was a long line with only 2 cashiers. I asked the lady where all her help was and she replied by saying they can’t find any help because everyone fails the pee test since Oregon legalized cannabis.
I asked her what’s the difference from someone using all synthetic man made drugs they sell that have a long scary list of side effects vs a plant medicine?
She agreed.
As most of you that know me, I’ve been on a healing journey for the last couple + years. A trauma followed by synthetic FDA approved drugs wrecked my mind and body.
I’ve tried every diet, therapy, herb, and even a couple other synthetic drugs to help me heal.
My body has become VERY good at telling me what it likes and what is poison. I react to a lot of things especially chemicals or synthetic man made additives and even many herbs. One mans medicine is another man’s poison.
However, I feel the best I’ve felt in 3 years right now. PRAISE the lord 🙌🏼🙏🏽
I’ve done a lot of work and continue to do work on all levels physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. .
I do have to give credit to cannabis for a huge part of my healing. I use small doses before bed right now. It helps me sleep, calms my over active mast cells / immune system (so I can live in this over stimulated world), helped heal my stomach, helped me get over OCD (started after the antibiotics), and makes me a damn happier healthier person!
Again this is in the right dosage and with the right strain. I’ve had to test a dozen strains and preparations to find the right cannabinods and terpenes that work for me.
Flower vs synthetic man made drug?
It’s your choice, just make sure to drop the stigma and judgement.

During your tansformation you might feel like everything is falling apart, but, in reality everything is coming together for your highest good. You're being pushed to evolve and get out of your comfort zone so you can live and experience your true greatness. •Welcome change•

Word on the street is that Hand, Foot & Mouth is going around 😬 It’s a nasty bug that no one likes to deal with, let alone watch their child suffer through. Because it’s a virus, it can’t be treated with antibiotics and those with it are told to let it run its course 😷 You could do that or utilize the awesome plant-medicine of essential oils that God created (I mean, I do) because oils work on our body’s behalf just like they do to protect the plants they come from A N D did you know that essential oils, work on a cellular level?! 🤯 with the ability to penetrate cells and kick virus booty?! UH, yeah. You read that right. Still wanna be skeptical & say oils are for crunchy folks? That’s alright, you do you boo 🙋🏻‍♀️ but if you wanna be On Guard like me and boost your families immune system function with naturally, holler at me! I can be your oil girl 💁🏻‍♀️ #oilytothemacs

The powerful duo ❤ red gum eucalyptus & old man weed 🍃

I'm trying to incorporate more cooked foods into my diet to aid with digestion. I made a colorful tempeh Buddha bowl for dinner with local organic mustard greens, carrots and kohlrabi, my new favourite veggie! Add some quinoa, marinated tempeh and your favourite homemade dressing for some good fat and you have yourself the ultimate boyfriend-approved plant-based bowl.

🌿✨We can hardly wait until our doors open to share all our healing, strengthening and seriously magical supplements with you. 🌿✨
@sunpotion we’re honored to carry your divine magic in our retail boutique. 🌱🍄🌾🌬
Why we love it... Pearl is our jam! Taken a few times a week it will strengthen your body from a cellular level. Giving a boost to skin, organs, hair and nails. ..

I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad. I got sunshine in a bag 🌝✨🌿 #growyourown #plantmedicine #whitesage #calendula #borage #oxeeyedaisy #abundantla #gorillaz

Oh, hello👋🏼🌞 This lady is starting to take on new patients for Chinese herbal consults, and offering a special $50 session rate on Wednesday afternoons through the end of July (plus the cost of herbs). Allergies? Women’s issues (who doesn’t)? Funky digestion? Insomnia? Anxiety? Come in for some healing plant medicine🍄🌱🌿 (PS. You can choose how you take them - old style cauldron cooking, dissolvable powder, capsules, tablets, it all works). DM me with questions and to schedule an appointment🤓

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Join us on the night of the super new moon for a fresh local ingredient filled dinner to renew your body for summer!
The new moon symbolizes renewal and new beginnings. Set your intentions for the remainder of the summer with good food and festive friends.
100% Vegan - 4 courses served simi family style - nothing processed, everything made from scratch!
Cocktails 6:30- Dinner 7:30
Live Music
Cash Bar
Security On Property
Tickets $58
Some things we’ll be serving up: • Mushroom Pate, Hummus, Summer Veggies • Jerusalem Artichoke & Pear Salad • Quinoa Tabbouleh, Nectarine, Heirloom Tomato
• Rainbow Gnocchi, Sage Coconut Oil, Marcona Almonds • Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower Steaks, Jalapeño Lemon Gremolata • Sweet Corn & Truffle Soup • Grilled Peaches, Rose Cardamon Coconut Cream, Toasted Pistachio

Ticket link in bio!
Check Caspiana’s Facebook event page for updates and details!

💎SPIRIT BAGS SUBSCRIPTION BOX💎 3 magical leather pouches delivered to you monthly. Many colors, designs & natural gems, feathers, glass & metal beads incorporated. Store crystals, plant medicine, gifts and more. #crystalpouches #crystalbags #sacred #spiritualtools #pouches #plantmedicine #altarpieces #handmade #ethicallysourced #leatherpouches #metaphysical #pagan #wiccan #spellbags #manifesting

Love-in-a-mist ... these flowers are all on the same plant. Many faces, many loves.

Ugh life has been so crazy lately, good but crazy. Back in action finally!!! Taking full advantage of this summer solstice by starting a batch of infused honey 🍯 details 2 come #plantalchemy #herbalhoney #plantmedicine #medicinalnutrition

Regrann from @thehempprojectcollective - Hemp’s advantages for vegan and vegetarian diets is well documented, but hemp can also be a great addition for everyone else too.

The use in animal feed with fat content providing a notable quantity of n-3 fatty acids increases the deposition of these fatty acids in the meat and to a lesser degree the deposition of the long-chain derivate, without modifying the growth performances of the animals.
The C18:2/C18:3 ratio is better balanced and provides higher levels of bio-availability which specialists in human nutrition are looking for. If the ratio is equivalent in the meat of pigs receiving rapeseed or hemp oil, the animals receiving hemp oil will have higher n-3 content than that obtained with the rapeseed diet. Hemp oil can therefore be a favourable addition to pig feed.
Current production of hemp is not as intense as at the beginning of the 20th century. But the new development of cultivation of this plant to supply agromaterials may make hemp oil an interesting co-product for animal nutrition. Research on extruded hemp products would appear to be a worthwhile project.
Effect of introducing hemp oil into feed on the nutritional quality of meat.

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