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Life is weird because l want to be an art teacher, a business entrepreneur and an artist.
Perhaps I’ll be all of them ✨

Today l got to pet the cutest babes and drink an americano✨
As confusing as life can be l still love it✨🐈☕️✨

Newest plant babies, hopefully these stay with me 🌱🌿💚 • seriously if you have any tips on how to keep them thriving send them my way please! #plantmami

🍂✨Change is good ✨🍂

Coffee has saved me once again~ I’m grateful to have learned so much about business, fabrics and fashion these past weeks. I can’t wait to keep growing. ✨☕️

Reading the “Kokinshu,” or “Collection of Ancient and Modern Poems.” The first of the anthologies of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial order. 📜✨

Americano. ✨

I missed you so much. ✨☕️

Milo the hamster loves napping all day. ✨🐾

The best Thai iced coffee ✨

“In Western cultures, white symbolizes purity, elegance, peace, and cleanliness; brides traditionally wear white dresses at their weddings. But in China, Korea, and some other Asian countries white represents death, mourning, and bad luck, and is traditionally worn at funerals. In Peru, white is associated with angels, good health, and time.” By Christina Wang

We wanted to adopt them all✨🐈✨

*here’s a better view!* This little split rock pleiospilos nelii is about to bloom! Stay tuned 🌼🌼🌼 #plantmami #growth #livingrocks #bloomintime #newpotontheway #mujerplantaisback

I want all the coffee. ☕️✨

Ginger Tea recipe @ lunasoleilc.com 📍

Eucalyptus: Healing, Protection. It is seen as a protecting and nurturing tree.
PS: Eucalyptus is amazing for colds. ✨🌱

Affirmation of the day:
Today, l will accept myself just as l am. I will love myself just as I am. ✨🍃

I’m currently working in a new recipe to post in my website that contains aloe “sabila.”
My father would give me this recipe to help my stomach (immune system) stay strong from the cancer medications. ✨

Just be yourself✨
Codex Seraphinianus, originally published in 1981, is an illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world, created by the Italian artist, architect, and industrial designer Luigi Serafini during thirty months, from 1976 to 1978📒
This is a little doodle l did. It is nowhere as cute or fascinating like the book but you guys should check it out 🌝✨

Full of sunshine.✨


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