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shooting plants in dreamy Atlanta @wework spaces for @plantshednyc today!
additionally: my new goal in life is to thrive as beautifully as this fiddle leaf fig. 🌱


one of my resolutions for the year was to build and maintain a compost heap and before the first month of the year was over i'd built one! it might be silly but i felt *so* much pride and accomplishment in building this with my own two hands. (though thanks is due to my Dad for his guidance in how to properly cut the wood, help me with the math in regards to how much hardware cloth to get *math has never been my strong suit* and letting me use his post hole digger)

i am hoping to plant my very first garden this year as well. i've grown various things in pots around my home and on balconies in various apartments in The Fan, but now that i actually have something more in the way of a yard i am all geared up to expand my #plantmamadiaries ways in growing my own food. •
any tips/advice/encouragement in the way of gardening and composting is much appreciated! it's been a part of my slow living mindset to learn more over this past year and i'm so excited to start. 🌱


-p r u n i n g-
cutting away at what is dead and dying to reveal and make room for the potential of new growth underneath.
how hard it is to cut back to the bare bones of something sometimes. to look at a thing that appears to be less full of life now- less lush and green with fewer stalks and blossoms -and not get discouraged by it. to not see it just for what it is, but for what it could be.
to remember that after the hard work, after the cutting away and after a season of dormancy, new life is possible.
you just have to keep watering it.
and giving it sunshine.
and time.
yes, most of all you have to give it time. •

My plant is giving me baby flowers 😍👏🏻😊 #plantmama #plantmamadiaries #iloveplants🌿 #nofilterneeded

would you just look at this wild haired beauty? she's been hanging in the window but i think she rather likes this vintage wooden pedestal i put her on for a @folkling photo.

also to the left is a ladder i made from driftwood i foraged from a tiny little island in Maine. literally kayaked it back to the mainland over several trips (and made @thewildcomposition help me...). the things i do to bring nature into my life...🌿


"i have come to realize that stuff takes us away from our roots, from the outdoors. and with more time now spent outside, i no longer take the earth for granted and i find my spiritual faith has been recharged."—Bea Johnson in Zero Waste Home

staying in and having a slow morning and reading this book and i love the ideas and practices she talks about. has anyone here tried Zero Waste before? i'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences! also here's a gorgeous plant that is seriously this purple in real life. •

the photo i was going to post to share this little story was going to be one from the picture-perfect greenhouse but, let's be real, that's too easy and something like this is way more *me*. •
it's been a long week of working all of the jobs all at once (not complaining, i'm very grateful for the work, but it's been harder than usual to take care of myself) and i truthfully haven't been sleeping well lately either. slow living has been harder to implement but, i've learned, all the more rewarding when it is because of that.
this evening's dose entailed going to @strangesrva because my
sweet friend @lostandfoundhome gave me a gift card (she gets me) which i'd been saving for just such a needed moment of self-care. (yes. buying plants is self care.)
i chose these three little plant babies and i'm happy to wave them up and into #theknittingqueenscastle amongst all my other greenery. just taking 45 minutes out of my day to do this was so rewarding and just what i needed. •
for some reason i've been hesitant and guarded with sharing my normal amount around here -in regards to thoughts and photos- perhaps because i need some breathing room in more ways than one. but this space has always been an encouraging one for me so though i might be a little quieter around here for a bit, it won't be for forever.
i'm just craving a little bit more of real life these days i think.
so now i'm off for an after dinner walk without my phone.
enjoy your evening my friends. •

slow living. ah slow living has been quite hard lately my friends. at least in the actual pace sense. in the perspective/mindset sense i've been doing okay. but finding moments of pausing, of slowing, amidst the go-go-go that has been the past month or two has been a challenge. even as i type this my mind is beating "running-out-of-time-running-out-of-time-running-out-of-time". akin to the little white rabbit's "you're late, you're late, for a very important date, no time to say hello-goodbye! i'mlatei'mlatei'mlate!"
but the things we love and are most passionate about don't always have their due space and time created easily for them. there are seasons in which we have to work harder for them and times in which we have to push them up and above the noise and clutter of every day life to the top of our priority lists.
for, our priorities aren't what we say they are, but rather what we DO.
remembering to take things one at a time. and that little actions do count. all the small pieces make up that of the whole.

Want to really stick a middle finger to everything the government is doing + taking away? Start growing your own food, healing yourself through plants + herbs & stop depending on them to save you. Let's go back to a time when we all had gardens instead of lawns, where what we ate mostly came from what we grew ourselves. 🌱🌿🍃
What you see here are my herbal babes; chives, mint, basil + cilantro, there's a small debut of my aloe plant as well 🙌🏽 I live in an apartment in New York, urban gardens are possible, if there's a will there's a way + if you need help starting one, ideas on what to use to start you off or even for seeds go follow my beautiful queen @hoghealthyorganicgreen she's like the fairy goddess mama of all things organic, green + sustainable. .
#plantmamadiaries #healingwithahippy #urbangardens #saveyoself #sustainableliving

hello new friends!
so many lovely new faces around here (thanks to sweet @_annalouise._ ) so i thought i'd do a little introduction.
brought to you by a very real 6am messy-grainy-rainy-Monday scene in #theknittingqueenscastle.
1. my name is Leney (pronounced LeeKnee) and i live in Richmond Virginia where i'm a full time artist. my life is my work. from the way i dress myself and my home to the things i make with my hands to the thoughts i think and the words i write. my business (A Girl Named Leney) has been my job for 7 years now and it's truly amazing to see it evolve and grow even still. i'm most grateful for that aspect of it: its evolution. my life is my canvas.
2. lately this has translated through the following ventures: •curating vintage to promote the idea of mindful consumption--->@folkling •sustainable knitwear (i process raw wool into yarn start to finish and design and knit garments from it) #theknittingqueen •writing. mostly in the form of short essays and poems. i post semi-regularly on my journal (link in profile) #writingsfromawouldbebeatnik •photography. primarily through travel and intimate lifestyle sessions + most recently in film. which i'm learning how to develop it myself. you can read more about all of these at www.agirlnamedleney.com/ventures
3. i reside in what i call #theknittingqueenscastle, where i spend most of my time. it's my sacred space, inspiration and home-studio-muse. it's always changing. and there are a lot (a lot) of plants in here. #plantmamadiaries
4. i'm passionate about slow living. i write a lot about it. if you're interested to know more check out #30daysofslowliving AND maybe come to the slow living event i'm hosting with @thevillagemagazine in July!
5. i'm the #daughterofasailor. i have water-bound adventures with my father frequently. we document them together over on @tumblehome.us. #anywhereonthewaterisaplaceicallhome
6. i'm mildly obsessed with sheep. i'd love to live/work on a farm with a whole gorgeous flock of them. but until that day... #sheepdreamsaremadeofthis

now tell me something about you! i want to properly say hey so introduce yourselves.

spent another full day mostly-outside, overall clad, getting dirt under my nails, carrying things to-and-fro, replanting some foraged plants, cleaning the space my outdoor plants live in, petting and feeding horses, and even letting some kids (as in the goat kind, not the human kind) climb all over me. •
i love the smell of cool dirt. i love being around little creatures (minus the huge spiders i saw in the woods... i do not like being around them). i love how worn out my body feels after a day of being on my feet and working hard and being productive. i love wearing baseball caps. i love being fresh faced and starting the day at dawn.
i love being all-day kissed by the sun.
i swear i belong on a farm. •

i like waking up in a jungle 🌿


an adopted jade plant looking right at home dwelling in this brushed tin bowl. my plants are always moving around from various pots and bowls and planters. if we get to change our outfits, why shouldn't they? 🌿 —$22 shipped DM to purchase

1. i dislike shopping but sometimes i succumb to the appeal of retail therapy so i buy $80 trees that are on sale for $20.

2. the only living thing i have the ability to adopt and take care of at this point in my life are plants.

domestic foraging in a favorite blue striped shirt that i thrifted in Paris. •
today i am holding onto gratitude for what is already in my possession. namely the gifts found in nature—fresh air for my lungs, flowers for my hair, new greenery for my eyes, rain for my dirty shoes, and a little break in the storm for leg stretching on water logged streets.

freeform late afternoon weaving with dried Curly Wurly Corkscrew Rush (i'm not being poetic-that's it's actual name). 🌾

S U N D A Z E. ☀️
Today marks two full weeks from the day I planted these babies. A few are still in their makeshift greenhouses without a seedling but soul many are starting to bud and flourish. This is possibly the most rewarding hobby I have ever taken on. Just imagine a child getting their hands on a science experiment and watching it morph from start to finish, that's the level of excitement I receive from watching these little seeds grow into plant beings. The vibrational energy on this window sill is unimaginable. What you see here are #MediumRoundTomato , #Basil , #ButternutSquash , #Sunflowers , #GreenBeans , #Oregano , #Chives + #Dill. 🌱🌿
#healingwithahippy #plantmamadiaries

Since starting this urban garden on my window sill, I've had this inspiration to start a mini series on IG called #plantmamadiaries 🌱
A place I can collect the different stories behind each seedling, how they've grown over the course of time I've planted them and their overall health benefits. I wanted to show moms, friends, brothers, siblings and everyone in between, that if you really want to eat organic and you're on a budget, there are many ways to do so. Pick up a bag of organic indoor soil and start seeding. When you watch the process from seed to produce and realize that YOU helped in that growth, it brings such a high level of accomplishment. 🙃👏🏽
I helped grow this. You can too! You can get organic seeds from my dearest friend and garden mentor @hoghealthyorganicgreen 👯
She's a plethora of knowledge and a trip to be around. You'll be happy you befriended her. 🌽🥕🥒🍆🍅
What you see in this picture is oregano that was gifted to me as a seedling from the beauty above and out pops this volunteer plant. We've decided to wait and see what it is but we're leaning toward, a black eyed Susan. Any help in deciphering what this mystery volunteer plant is would be much appreciated. 🤔

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