Got this #syngonium cutting sometime back from a propagation workshop @botanicalsbybella and it’s looking good!

I love learning about #floraandfauna and in another lifetime would have go into #botany... can someone in the incredible IG #plantcommunity tell me what these amazing white #starbuddies are and what the magical green spikey plants are?! I spent a couple of minutes researching but my time's up and still no firm answer #momlife #momduties #plantquestion #planthelp #ilovespring #whattheflower #gardening #plantlife #perennials #architectureandplants #architectwholovesplants #growsomething #philadelphiaplants #justplants #plantsomethinggreen #plantsofinsta #plantsofinstagram #plantstagram

Today I’m joining in the theme #sharegrowheal. Here’s my story:
I grew up in tiny tiny town, Ak. Like, really tiny guys. 2,500 people. I was always the kid who felt like I never fully fit in anywhere. I wasn’t smart, I couldn’t do sports, I hated reading, social clubs weren’t my thing. It wasn’t until I found my now husband that I ever really connected with anyone completely. Him and I were both the same kinda weird, and we fit together perfectly. .
It wasn’t until after we had our first child ten years ago that I truly realized something was not ok with me. I had a short temper and couldn’t let things go. I saw a doctor and hey! I have depression! I started Zoloft and have been SUCH A NORMAL person ever since. I honestly don’t understand how I functioned before it. Ever since I’ve decided that I’m going to be totally open about what it means to suffer from depression. It doesn’t just mean you want to hurt yourself. I never had those thoughts, thankfully. .
There are so many people out there who suffer every single day, and they probably don’t even know it. I still struggle with making friends; self-doubt will always be on my shoulder asking me if I’m really all that fun to be around. But I know one thing for certain, if I ever feel like someone is struggling the way I used to, I WILL reach out to them. You’re not alone. We ALL have something that burdens us.
That being said I hope you’ll reach out to me if you ever wanna chat. I honestly love helping people more than anything. Any way I can (with the exception of nursing issues. Nope.). I feel valued when I can see physically that I’ve done something for someone to improve their life. Maybe that’s weird, but that’s me. And I’m ok with it!
PS this was written at 2pm and I’ve had three hours of sleep. Forgive me if it’s a bit incoherent. 🤪😴
#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #plantcommunity #woodworkers #stayathomemom #depression

Peony or Japanese rose. Beautiful specimen Just bloomed in my Garden. #flowers #flower #flowerpower #flower_special_ #peony #peonyflower #peonyseason #nice #good #photooftheday #photography #garden #gardening

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