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🌱📰🔥 Great news: A new company is looking to install plant-based vending machines in strategic places across the US, and it's raised more than $2.2 million in funding to make it happen. The available prepared meals will all be 100% vegan.
leCupboard, which has a cafe in Church Street, Noe Valley, San Francisco is aiming to take their vending machines nationwide.
But they aren't the traditional vending machines full of junk foods and soft drinks - they will contain delicious prepared plant-based meals designed to act as preventative healthcare.
“The goal is to reconnect preventative healthcare with food,” says Lamiaâ Bounahmidi, the founder and CEO of leCupboard:
“Everyone is going around talking about food as medicine, but there is more to it than going organic or eating vegetables.”
Their mission is to turn the food system 'rightside up':
According to leCupboard: "Under the current food and retail industries, our norm is to accept compromises at the loss of accessibility, health, and sustainability. We have paved another way to turn the food system rightside up.
The meals, which are designed for optimal nutrition, include chia pudding breakfast jars, lentil salads and zucchini noodle bowls with walnut pesto and will be conveniently available from the vending machines with affordable pricing.
leCupboard plan to roll out 30 of the vending machines in California over the next 3 months, followed by another 200 across the country soon after.
Supporting their mission to increase the accessibility of healthy living, expect to find these vending machines in places where customers might not already have access to healthy food, such as hospitals, offices, and food deserts - areas where access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables is difficult.
See the full article on RiseOfTheVegan.com - clickable link in @veganbodybuilding profile.
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Complete exercises back to back 12 reps each, then rest 2-3 mins and repeat the circuit 2 more times. #tofufitness
Video is sped up

A reminder for you night owls! One week from today (July 31st) myself and 5 other #VeganAthletes will share our stories about our fitness and #Vegan journey during #SanAntonio's first ever #VeganFitSA Seminar. 💪🏽✌🏽 .
Over 3 years ago #Juicing and #Movement transformed my Life and saved me from a crippling neuromuscular imbalance caused by popular foolish gym rat philosophy. This transformation ultimately led me to #Veganism and the birth of @FamousJuice.Co .
I will go into more detail during my presentation next week. If you're curious about going vegan whether your an athlete or not you'll learn a ton and meet some awesome people while you're at it. Included in the tickets is a delightful #PlantBased dinner catered by @GreenVegetarian, and an Ebook with an article from each of us! .
Click the Link in my Bio for tickets and use code: EATPLANTS for 25% off! .
Follow these #PlantBuilt athletes that will be presenting:
@plantbased_scotty .
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Come check out our Dirty Secret Burger which was featured on the @startribune's IG. We love the video they made with us and the article they wrote. Go to their feed and check it out! ❤️🌱🍔

Spice up your yoga look with these Wrap Yoga Pants!😍 .
Get it at 50% OFF from @kismetcollections 🌸 Link in bio 💙 Get a free 5% gift card by FOLLOWING @kismetcollections and entering the code "GOVEGAN" at the checkout! 😄 Pants come in 4 pretty colors!💕

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Boa tarde queridos! ☀️☀️Almocinho estilo gorila no @domveggie em Curitiba! Adoro essa sensação de barriguinha cheia com alimentos verdadeiramente nutritivos!! Que vocês tenham um lindo domingo e uma excelente nutrição sempre! :) Gio #vegan #plantbased #dietadegorila #curitibacapitalvegana #veganoptionscuritiba #domveggie #curitiba #plantbuilt #plantprotein #proteinavegetal #veganlifestyle #veganfit


Acai bowls are pretty bomb especially when you try and make one yourself 🙈
I made this with some frozen nanas, berries and acaii anddd topped it off with strawberries, more nanas, granola, chia seeds, coconut flakes and almond butter 🌱

Een gewoonte veranderen makkelijk? Nou... nee. Van proteïne "verslaving" vertrouwen krijgen in een 70% koolhydraten inname per dag... Dat is spannend. En wat moet ik dan eten, hoe kan ik nog steeds lekker trainen zonder me ineens futloos te voelen? Kan ik nog wel spiermassa opbouwen? Vorige week overviel mij een serieuze plantaardige dip. Staan de bakken kwark inmiddels weer in de koelkast of ga ik de uitdaging aan inclusief deze (nog niet zo rijpe) banaantjes? 🍌🍌 Je leest het in m'n nieuwe blog! Link in de bio. Fijne avond allemaal 😘 #bananapower

Hope you all make the most of the sun. It'll be back shining in my sky in a literal blink of an eye, as I'm heading to bed now in humid Jiangmen. Don't sleep on it, now. Y'all weren't born to have too many average days and do average shit. IG and other procrastination can wait, get after it!

I've been tagged on some old ass memes like 100 times. I've learned it's not about how many times I've seen the meme but the thought that counts. I appreciate you. 😂🌱

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What places in this world take you back home to your soul?
. 🔅
Where time stops and moments melt into one long exhale.
Your senses awaken.
As you tap in to the connectedness and peace infuses you.
The aliveness that flows warm and gently up through your heart.
Where bliss soaks your cells.
Light and full.
The soft hum of pure contentment as happiness flickers.
Your eyes glow with crystal sparkle.
Tuned in and turned on.
🔅 .

What places or people or things in this world take you back home to your soul?
That's the question I asked myself tonight. I felt the answers out. And made a promise to spend more time learning, growing and enjoying infinite blissful moments in these spaces. This is my intention now. To remember, allow and explore where I feel home.

Ok ok I am really starting to miss my dark hair... but I don't like having to get my blonde roots covered up all the time 😏 what do you think? #blondeorbrunette #vegan #vegangirl #vegangains #plantbased #plantbuilt #plantstrong #vegancommunity

Yes! I was so worried about my time trial because a few weeks before the half marathon I did, all of my runs were just sucking so bad. So I was worried I somehow got slower or lost fitness or something. But today, my fastest mile is 6:31! 17 seconds faster than in May! I think that's a good improvement. Progress is progress! I'm so excited! And! A shout out to my coach @motherrunnermel for helping me improve so much! There's no way I could have improved my mile time so much without her help! Thank you! .
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A behind the scenes look at the Vegan Fitness Model team photoshoot, last month in Austin, Texas USA.
1-2 times every year, I have my clients get together for a photoshoot for added motivation to reach their health, fitness and bodybuilding goals plus to finally connect. I get so excited and proud of my clients, we form bonds like friends and family even if it is online. We all felt like we knew each other!! (Watch my 1st VLOG of the series). There are 3 generation of women here in these VLOG's 20s, 30s, 40s and all Vegan whole-food higher carbed...no crazy keto or animal based diets!!!
Check out my healthy fit strong VEGAN superstars!

This shoot is the first in the USA for me, it was post the Naturally Fit Games in Texas and it is the part of a NEW project being launched called @HardcoreVegans

Enjoy our behind the scenes photoshoot, dream big and you too can inspire.

Youtube LINK in bio >> @veganfitnessmodel.
📸Photography by @japhoto70 .
👚Clothing by @veganfitnessbody & @veganfitnessmodel .
🍫Chocolates by @thechocolateyogi
🌱Inspire Change #bethechange & join me ☮️💞♻️🌏

Chia seed pudding for post workout (2nd breakfast). Before my workout I had a hazelnut butter cliff bar. I think this recipe needs a little tweaking. It's pretty simple: chia seeds, unsweetened coconut milk, and vanilla and I topped it with cinnamon, almond coconut butter, coconut sugar, coconut flakes, and frozen blueberries. ❤️
I'm sorry that I have been MIA lately. I got a little burnt out and felt uninspired but I'm back for the time being and am excited to continue to share healthful habits and experiences with all of you! ❤️

Tofu, mushroom, and spinach pasta topped with juuust a touch of vegan parm. 👌

• C’è una gioia nei boschi inesplorati, c’è un’estasi sulla spiaggia solitaria, c’è vita dove nessuno arriva vicino al mare profondo, e c’è musica nel suo boato. Io non amo l’uomo di meno, ma la Natura di più • 🌱☀️💛


Se você é um cristão que tem o hábito de sempre consultar a Bíblia e conhece bem os livros de Gênesis a Apocalipse. É interessante que você não só leia o Gênesis 1: 29-30, mas também as passagens de profetas como Isaías, Daniel e Jeremias. Não esquecendo de passagens em Provérbios!
Leia com atenção e observe bem como agrega as passagens.
A Bíblia não tem só banhos de sangue, invasão de terras lamentações e esperança. Se você analisar bem poderá observar o que hoje está começando a acontecer!
Para que a Terra seja pura, de paz, harmoniosa e abençoada. Precisamos deixar a escravidão, a exploração e o derramamento de sangue de inocentes!
Se como disse João " DEUS É AMOR ". O que dizer mais. Existe algo maior que o AMOR!? Considere o VEGANISMO. O veganismo é AMOR

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SOCIAL LITMUS TEST: If you find this funny then we can continue to be friends.
#ItsAnItalianThing 🇮🇹 #SomeStereotypesAreTrue

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