What does your Sunday look like?! 🙌 Ours involves grabbing our favourite reusable bag, and heading to the local markets to stock up on organic, fresh produce for the week! 💕 We’re not perfect -- but that certainly doesn’t make us shy away from doing what we can. 🍃 If you ask us, every small step is a positive one in the journey towards an organic New Zealand. Want to know more? We’ve written several write-ups about the importance of organics, over on our blog. Your Sunday read, available at http://plantae.co.nz/blog/.

Wondering how to start Saturday right?! 🙌 1) Let yourself sleep in! Healthy skin relies on feeling rested and relaxed too. 💕 2) Take a long, warm shower. Enjoy the time to think and reflect. And 3) Indulge in a positive skin care routine. After all, starting the next week on a positive note begins with taking the right steps now! 🙏 The same could be said of our relationship with the environment, right?! 🍃 Here’s to self-preservation this Saturday -- and to keeping an eye out for the bigger picture too, at www.plantae.co.nz.

There’s nothing like the anticipation of a slow wind-down. 5pm during Winter, and we’re dreaming of a long evening in the bath, filled with candles and Plantae’s velvety skin care products. 💕 We like to think of the Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream as the perfect compliment to an ideal night-time routine. 🙏 Put it in the hands of rose hips and buckthorn berries to ensure you wake the following day, looking as radiant and replenished as you feel. 🙈 Plan your next wind-down with Plantae, at http://plantae.co.nz/our-products/sea-buckthorn-berry-night-crea/.

The way we start our day sets the tone for how we intend to go on. 🙌 It only makes sense then, that we take the time to feel good about ourselves, and also, to prepare adequately for the day ahead. 🙈 Our favourite way to ready our skin is with Plantae’s Ivy Cleansing Gel. Comprised of the very purifying Totarol™ extract, sourced from native New Zealand trees, this cleanser is responsible for balancing pH levels and preventing the formation of acne throughout the day! 💕Set the tone for a positive one each morning, at http://plantae.co.nz/our-products/ivy-cleansing-gel/.

Imagine if every Monday began like this?! 🙌 While we may have to save the pile of pancakes for Sunday, we CAN treat ourselves in another way to start the week right! 💕 Reap the benefits of fruit like lemon and bergamot orange, with Plantae’s Bergamot Orange Cleansing Milk. 🙈 Not only is this cleanser ideal for day AND night use; extracts of bergamot orange act to lift the vibrancy of our skin, leaving it baby soft and rich in colour. 🙏 Talk about a pile of benefits, right?! Order yours now at http://plantae.co.nz/our-products/bergamot-orange-cream-cleanser/.

If you were looking for reason to mix up your skincare routine, why not take this as a positive sign? 👌 It’s not always easy to be the change we wish to see. But when it comes to our skin, we can’t rely on anyone else. If you’re getting nowhere with your current routine, consider investing in organic. 🌷Our pure skin care range itself contains no harmful chemicals AND fights against those amid even those things we forget about -- like the water flowing out of our tap. 👊 Don’t settle for a routine that’s not working; instead, give change a chance, at www.plantae.co.nz.

We may not be waking to sandy toes and the sound of the ocean this Saturday… but we are waking to beautiful glowing skin! 🙌 And honestly, it’s a reality we find just as soothing. We know first-hand the stress of unexpected breakouts and relentless acne. 😔 That’s why we created a 95% certified organic skin care range that compliments your skin, as opposed to evoking further irritation and inflammation. 🙏 Rest easy, knowing that your skin care routine is comprised of the highest quality raw materials, at www.plantae.co.nz.

Why are we so passionate about self-love at Plantae? 💕To us, skin care is not about altering the way you look. It’s about finding confidence in something that was already there.. YOU. 🙌 We’re here to maximise those features that make you feel beautiful, confident and happy to be you. 🍃 It’s time to remove toxic thoughts about yourself. Why not start with a non-toxifying skin care routine, available at www.plantae.co.nz.

Today is an important day for the team at Plantae, as well as for every pro-organic New Zealander. 🍃 It’s the final day left to send a submission to the MPI to support Damien O’Connor’s proposal for a National Organic Standard. 💕 Let it be said that our actions today have the power to make for incredible and positive change tomorrow. Find out more about the way you can help, at https://www.biogro.co.nz/latest-news/organicregulation. 🙈

Anyone else find themselves craving a warm, tropical vacation this time of year? 👌 Just the way we require a break to let our mind and our body rest, it pays to do the same for our skin too. 🙌 To free it of make-up, to replenish it of toxins and to offer a chance for cells to rebuild and repair. Never underestimate the importance of looking after your WHOLE body this Winter. 💕

Sometimes we nourish our bodies with healthy, nutritious foods -- and other times, we nourish our MIND with indulgent, soul food! 💕Here at Plantae, we take a holistic approach to all that we do. 👌 That being said, if it’s in our power to make positive change, you can assure we’ll be on board in any way we can. Will you be making a submission to the MPI to support National Organic Standard this June? 👊 You have until the 14th to make your say matter! Happy Sunday everyone! https://www.biogro.co.nz/latest-news/organicregulation

Accompanied by fresh blooms and crisp morning air, there’s nothing like a warm shower on a cool Winter’s morning. 🍃 Adding to the warmth of this routine is Plantae’s 95% or greater certified organic skincare range. Encouraging we take a moment to ourselves, and never making us feel selfish or guilty for doing so. 👊 Indulge in the self-love you deserve this Saturday, at www.plantae.co.nz.

Our Thursday muse is the beautiful and full-of-smiles Julia Roberts! 💕 A reminder to us all to be comfortable in the person that we are; to celebrate the beauty that makes us us, and not alike to the people we often compare ourselves. 👏 Treat yourself this Thursday… and make sure it’s to self-love. We’re here to help, at www.plantae.co.nz. 🌷

So why should you invest in a certain beauty brand? 👊 Here at Plantae, we believe an effective product is as important as the message it shares to the beauty community. 💕 Our Rose Hip Fruit & Seed Serum is a perfect example, representing Plantae’s belief in a holistic approach to skincare. 👏 Consisting of both the fruit and the seed, this serum offers every benefit this plant has to offer. 👌 It’s no surprise that results have shown a 200% increase in fibrolast production. See the same results yourself at http://plantae.co.nz/our-products/rose-hip-fruit-seed-serum/

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful long weekend! 🍃 This week marks the first official week of June, and thus too, our arrival at the halfway point of 2018. 💕 Can you believe the year has flown by so fast already?! Here at Plantae, we’re taking this milestone as an opportunity to reassess our goals and the way we’re using our time. Together and for the rest of the year, we should aim to give back: to others, to the environment and to ourselves. 🙌 We can start with supporting Damien O’Connor’s proposal for a National Organic Standard across all industries in New Zealand. 👊 Find out more at https://www.biogro.co.nz/latest-news/organicregulation.

Before the Sunday rush.. 💕 What a pleasure it is to be located in the quaint, creative hub that is Nelson. 🙌 We’re so proud to be positioned alongside many up-and-coming businesses, forming here and yet expanding far beyond our little town. 🙏 We may be small, but we have big ideas. And we’re on the journey to having them heard. 👊 Don’t forget to join us by adding your comment, attending a meeting or sending a submission to support MPI’s proposal for a National Organic Standard. 😎 We have until June the 14th to push for change! Let’s do it this Sunday! 🙏

Warm coffee and warm croissants are the perfect compliment to a Saturday morning! 👌 After all, self-love comes in the shape of a pastry sometimes too, right?! 💕 Have a wonderful Saturday everyone -- and don’t forget to treat yourself with the love and care you deserve, with our help at www.plantae.co.nz.

While we might begin our day with motivation, this has typically faded by the evening, right?! 😌 Fortunately, at Plantae, we’re aware of the importance of having a functional and realistic skin care routine. 🙌 Don’t expect to be ordering dozens of products, but rather, several products which perform their job well! 😎 Take our Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream, for example. An overnight stimulator of collagen production, our night cream encourages the replacement of cells and increases the vitality of our skin by morning time! 👌 Find our night cream, and other functional skin products at http://plantae.co.nz/our-products/sea-buckthorn-berry-night-crea/.

It’s the little things in life… like an organised bathroom, filled with all your favourite essentials. 🙌 With that said, it requires much more than aesthetics to convince the team at Plantae on beauty products. 🍃 Our favourite products are appealing, organic, multi-functional AND effective. 👊 Make your investment worthwhile, with a range that ticks all the boxes at www.plantae.co.nz.

We are beyond happy to announce the ever awesome @clairerobbie has become our first official ambassador for @plantaeskincare! We adore Claire, she’s a woman of high integrity, values and ethics and has become a huge fan of Plantaes Organic Skincare range and ethos over the last few months. It’s a match made in organic heaven 🌱💚🌱 #naturalbeauty #greenbeauty #ecofriendly #ecoconscious #plantaeskincare #organic #madeinnz #ethicallysourced

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