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Writing the things I want to do for my self-care/mental health 😊#plannerprincess #planneraddict #plannercommunity #mentalhealth #selfcare

Finally decided to use my @michaelsstores Recollections zipper planner as my fitness and mental health planner πŸ’–#plannerprincess

Me and baby #Alyssa - the day before We went into labour ward and now she is 5-days old. I am so glad that everyone is so sweet and kind to wait for me while I rest and spend time with Alyssa + Ivan. I think I am making Baby Alyssa a #plannerprincess as her eyes light up when she went to my office/craft room and saw a bunch of planning supplies and my new #erincondren planner!

So I caved in and bought the @the_happy_planner mini HP snap closure case. It doesn't seem to be too bulky and it does protect my planner. I guess I'll keep it #plannerprincess #planneraddict #minihappyplanner #plannercommunity

Week of May 15-21 in my mini HP #plannerprincess #minihappyplanner #weeklyspread

Found this cute To-Do thing(sorry idk what to call this) at Walmart and I had to have it. On the right side is what's on the inside. I will get my money worths out of this #plannerprincess #planneraddict #plannercommunity #shopaholic


Week One of the @erincondren #ECPlanyourway challenge : Why do I plan?
1. Organization
2. Documentation
3. Reflection
4. Checklists
And last
5. JOY... my word of the year. By making my schedule and to-do lists cute & colorful, I feel a tiny bit creative every day. And creativity, while staying on top of life, brings me joy! ❀️ I love my life... that's why I decorate it!

@erincondren #plannergirl #planneraddict #plannerlove #plannerprincess #plannernerd #eclp #echourly #erincondrenlifeplanner
#weloveec #erincondren #eclifeplanner #lovetoplan #stickerlove #iLoveMyLifeThatsWhyIDecorateIt

Already planning my fall retreat! Lots to do! And I love that there's a waiting list to attend! ❀️ That's how I know my guests love it as much as I do. #kinderhookretreat2017
#scrapbooking #preservingmemories #create

Finally got the beautiful kate spade planner " pink ballet slipper " and it's GORGEOUS!! I long wished to get that planner along w some other carefully selected planners in passport especially but I haven't wished to buy too many before I got more unpacked so has only bought ONE in passport size bc I love that size not bc the price. But bc I wanna collect that size. When I then wanted to set up a purchase and wrote seller about a detail I was told how I " always bought the cheapest item from her shop " and since I only bought one that I wanted bigger but that was pre made in only passport and micro I HAD to chose passport and w this I wished to buy , w all the xtra pockets and the click lock since I hate the elastic , it would have been a 100$ planner ! How is that cheap ?! And if u have a store how can u refuse costumers bc some may not be super rich and chose a cheaper option ( I didn't ) ? I don't think that's right AT ALL !!!! I used a web convo back and forth w @pelle_studio and they used HOURS to make sure my wishes were met πŸ’― and I haven't forgotten u guys or what we decided on πŸ¦‹πŸ˜˜ but I think in a world where it's beauty and art and talent , u don't refuse ppl bc money and if u do u shouldn't sell things like that . Plus I never bought " always the cheapest option " I bought the ONLY OPTION in a design . I hope in the future it wont be like this if I order from her again. Instead I got this amazing beauty omg.... it was worth every penny and the seller couldn't have been sweeter on eBay . #plannerbabe #plannernerd #planner #katespadepreorder #katespadeplanner #plannerpages #plannergirl #plannerprincess

Omg 😱 I'm really debating on getting them! And they are undated!! πŸ’ƒπŸ» how cute, I love Rose Gold and silver too! It's meant to be #plannerprincess #RoseGold

Looks who's joining me for breakfast 😍😍😍 nerves are kicking in now :) #plannercon #scotcon #girlsontour #plannnersontour #dobbyontour #plannerprincess #geekyplanner

Aww 😍😍 it's always lovely to receive feedback from customers... and even better when they are repeat customers... I can't wait to see her set up @soozy.plans xx

Thanks for the pinky fox , and I'm so glad to have 9 bow washi πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Today I mixed 2 of my favourite things over on my blog, planners and stamping!

Just made a page marker for my fat tn from all my Paris trip pieces and ribbon from my birthday flowers. #tn #traveldiary #travellersnotebook #washi #paris #ribbon #birthday #fattn #chunky #planneraddict #plannerlove #plannerinspo #plannergirl #plannerprincess

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