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regram of @bubblestudy using my weekly study schedule printable! you can download your own for free at the link in my bio!💗😊 is anyone else using it? or have any ideas for other printables? let me know!!🙈

Not too long ago, I decided to clear my stationery stash. I have a crazy load of stickers, washi tapes and sticky notes collected since last December - and it's still growing! Most of them are from online (etsy, @kawaiipenshop, @doublerainbows.sg ), or from Daiso. I store them all in one box (if you can see it by the side), and I clean it out regularly, if not every weekend. How do you store your stationery? Share your tips because I'm thinking of revamping my collection and clearing it out, especially since my box is now filled to the brim.
Use STUDYRELLA10 for 10% off @kawaiipenshop, @bricksxcastle and @doublerainbows.sg, and save! I would recommend kawaiipenshop for countries that do not sell a range of stationery, or are less accessible. Doublerainbows is good for Carousell (Singapore) users, so do check them out!
Edit: Thoughts and prayers for all those at Ariana's concert in Manchester, and all the families affected 💗

"Praying for others in your brokenness is a selfless act of love". With so much pain and evil happening all over the world it is our duty to pray for others constantly. The power of prayer is strong and by praying for others, you too will be blessed in return. Pray for those who you know are going through hardships and pray for those who may be going through battles in secret. Use your Faith Planner to write down all your prayers for yourself and others. #PowerOfPrayer #PlanWithGod #MyFaithPlanner

[23/05/17] Green pen swatch 🌿🌱🍃 From left to right:
• Staedtler Triplus fineliners in Dark and Light Green [ @staedtlermars ] 🌺
• Muji 0.38mm Gel Pens in Dark and Light Green [ @ukmuji ] ✌🏼
• Zebra Mildliner in WKT7-MG [ @zebrapenuk ] 🌹
• Kuretake Zig Clean Colour Real Brush Pens in 040 and 041 "Green and Light Green" [ @kuretakezig ] ✨
• Tombow ABT Dual Brush pen in 243 [ @tombow_uk ] 💫

Bom dia, quase tarde, como vocês estão ? Resumo sobre geometria molecular (Química 1) , em tons Verde, espero que gostem.
- Para as pessoas que me perguntaram qual o nome da folha que utilizo para fazer meus resumos, são A4 simples, os quadradinhos eu faço no photoscape em uma aba que se chama paper print.
Link para baixar os meus resumos na bio (posto eles todo sábado no driver)
Siga o snapchat calourodemed.
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Gotta love this mint color from Julie Nutting's @myprimaplanner 😍 Amo esse verde menta do planner da @julie_nutting ( @myprimaplanner) #deskdecor #desksetup #myprimaplanner #picoftheday

For these days I tried a new black and white/ blue layout, what do you think? With these last layouts I've been practicing with watercolors 👩🏻‍🎨 #BulletJournalDailyLog


Have you ever woken up at 6AM to buy stickers? This kit was my first time! 😍 @wontoninamillion thanks for the adorable kit! I had to get creative to use it in my hourly, but I am so happy with the results! 💜

The kawaii weather stickers are from @bearyartsy ^_^

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Estou completamente apaixonada pelo meu planner. Organizar a vida, pq vem muita mudança pela frente! O carinho é tão grande, que a caixa vem com cheirinho de chiclete. #feliz #gratidao #novossonhos #planner #lapomme #lindeza

Seek comfort in God ✨ This is one of my favorite corners in last week's spread. Will show full spread soon. And I am so in love with the washi samples that ms. @piacayetano sent me 😍Happy Wednesday, loves! 💗

Porque a nuestros papás se les celebra con los regalitos más lindos 😍¿Qué les parece nuestras tarjetas de ocasión para el Día del Padre? Muy pronto disponibles en nuestra tienda ☺️

Good evening, everyone! The sale continues all night long on all new releases - and don't forget to check out the last call for a bunch of felties (also on sale for $2 each!). See you all tomorrow. :D

Glitter headers for every color scheme! Only a few hours left to get them for $2!

Anyone else in the midst of midterms or finals?? 🙋🏻 Get your studying on with these final exam flags! On sale for $2 for $2 Tuesday!

Nutrition is a scary word! I'm not gonna lie! And I'm a simple person, simple, easy, that's what I need. And that's what I get 🙌🏻

It's a gloomy, rainy Tuesday and I'm off tonight and tomorrow. My mood is matching the weather so I'm pulling out my new planner and a new set of markers and setting up some goals and getting organized. Here's how I pull myself out of a slump! 😊 thinking about where I want to be in 3 months, 6 months, and a year. The only other goal for the night is to smash leg day tonight #igfitness #fitgirl #gymgirlsofig #girlswholift #inspiration #goals #goalsetting #planner #gymgirl #gymlife

Full spread from last week featuring @simplywatercolorco with my favorite @rosecoloreddaze foiled headers! 💕Oooh and I forgot to check off that I WAS able to get my hands on the @paperdoveshop Anniversary Box in the second round! I can't even tell you how excited I am for that! All of the feels. 🤗

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