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Check out how much FUN Planetdance students have on Wednesday nights! Full video on our Facebook page! #PLANETDANCE #fun #dance

Ok Wasco these fierce dancers are coming to you live tomorrow at your parade and performing at the park shortly after! What a GREAT rehearsal tonight dancers💜. See everyone tomorrow! #PlanetDance #Community#OnlySomeofOurDancers

#datwgiveaway i would love to win something from the website #planetdance or some stuff from @covetdance or a turntrainer from @dncmode
I want a lot of things heheh 😂 @chrystalla_stylianou @aggelinaballerina @ballet_pointe_pirouette @shoes_ballet_ballerinas

💥Танцевальный баттл начался!

Судья баттла Ванчек порадовал своим мастерством и зарядил вдохновением участников соревнования! 😃

Всем удачи!😉 #танцевальныйбаттл#планетауфа#planetdance#trcplanetaufa


Great job Hip Hop II. Review and Clean. Fun little combo to @adele #SendMyLove #HipHop #AboutThatDanceLife #PlanetDance Had super fun today with yous guys. 💜💜 @planet_dance_studio 💜

Ждём вас🔥🔥
#planetdance 💖🐾

Happy National Dance day to my dancing babies. #happynationaldanceday #planetdance #squad #myloves #dancemom


Attention family up north. Isabella will be competing in your area soon. If you would like to see her compete you are more than welcome to come and watch her. She will be dancing over a period of 3 days so you have a few chances to watch her. Admission is free and you can come and go as you wish. You don't have to stay any longer than her performances (you can leave as soon as she's done). Be advised that this is a competition and kids are on stage dancing every 3-4 minutes so please be courteous as you enter and exit the building. Excessive noise and talking during performances is highly discouraged. Also, no video or photography is allowed. If you are caught recording her performances or taking photographs of her it could result in her being disqualified. So please don't take any photos/videos of her while she is on stage. I will post her schedule below and if you think you might show up to watch her you should be there at least 1-1.5 hours before her scheduled time. Sometimes these competitions run an hour ahead of schedule so it's wise to be there early so you don't miss her performance. 💜Friday at 7:36 PM 💜Saturday 11:35 AM and 1:32 PM 💜Sunday 10:00 AM

I know that we're all busy so please don't worry if you can't make it. I just thought since we're going to be in your area I would extend an invite. If you show up you can text me so we can sit together. Also, Isabella may not be available to come out and and say hello before and after her performances. Competition days are busy days and she spends most of her time backstage preparing, warming up, and getting ready. But if you're there and you don't get a chance to see her I will make sure that she knows that you were there supporting her. OK, I think that's it. Lol!!! #Planetdance #abouthatdancelife #dance #izzy_the_dancer #makingourwaytonationals

Happy Birthday to my big sister @jillyjay20 True story, she does it all and I don't know how she does it but years of watching my sister conquering the world and looking up to her has always made me feel proud and loved knowing that because I'm a part of her, I know anything is possible. I love you sis and I wish you the best Bday ever because you deserve it!!! #birthdaygirl #birthdaysis #dancefamily #planetdance #love #sisters #family #blessed #danceinstructors #youloveme #blessed #happiness #growingup #missyou

Great job Hip Hop II. Review and Clean. Fun little combo to @adele #SendMyLove #HipHop #AboutThatDanceLife #PlanetDance Had super fun today with yous guys. 💜💜 @planet_dance_studio 💜

Great job today Hop Hop III. Attack. Aggressive. Isolate. Groove. Definitely feeling very inspired after our weekend at @hollywoodvibedanceconvention 💜💜 #ToryLanez #Luv #PlanetDance #HipHop #AboutThatDanceLife 💜💜💜💜💜💜

@brooke_lipton I was absolutely blown away and moved by this piece. Our teens definitely loved it as well. @dancing_dom & @izzygarciaofficial 💜💜💜💜💜 @hollywoodvibedanceconvention #HVGardenGrove #Contemporary @planet_dance_studio #PlanetDance #AboutThatDanceLife 💜💜💜💜💜

@izzygarciaofficial in @brooke_lipton contemporary class today at @hollywoodvibedanceconvention Loved this choreo so much. Izzy is in the back, right hand side, black top and pink and black leggings. #hvgardengrove #contemporary #hollywoodvibeconvention #izzy_the_dancer #Planetdance #abouthatdancelife #dance #dancer #dancemom