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I've never before had to work for anything in my life...Throughout those years that I did not have to work, I was bored, I wanted to change that. I decided to work towards my goals/dreams. I applied myself to learning the how's, the when's, etc. The whole time I was carefully getting my armor ready for the sharks out here. They're loaded with ammunition, deceptive, men, and I am woman...Fearless! Not a walk over! ✌ #goodnightig #planahead #buildyouramorbeforeyoubuildyourdreams #bepreparedtoworkhard

If you're headed out tonight and will be drinking, please tell your designated driver that fog has moved here & visibility is reduced.πŸ˜‰#hingham #hinghampolice #trafficsafety #designateddriver #planahead #drivesafe #drunkdriving

'You're Only As Successful As You Train Your Mind To Be.'
You're only as good as your mindset. Do you have belief, are you driven? What do you focus on each and every day? It's these things that will make you successful, and it's these things that allow you to have a success mindset.
Your Mindset Is Everything
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My creative juices are flowing, as I continue my 2018 planner prep...armed with some of my favorite planners, stamps, watercolors, and a delicious cup of Nespresso half-caff...

so long Jakarta ❀ off to start my provisional PhD in brain tumour research at the University of Leeds. give me a shout if any of you ever find yourselves in Leeds! fingers crossed. πŸ“·: @najlas_

Disasters don’t #planahead. You can. Work-related hazards faced by flood clean-up workers may include: electrical hazards, carbon monoxide, #heatstress, and many others. Help prevent work-related injuries & illnesses during flood rescue, recovery, & clean-up. Find #NIOSH resources by following the link in our profile. #NatlPrep

Your home, your personal belongings, and your business are meaningful and valuable assets. If a disaster strikes,
having insurance for your home or business property is the best way to ensure you will have the necessary
financial resources to help you repair, rebuild, or replace whatever is damaged. Before disaster strikes, take time to document your property, understand your options for coverage and ensure you have appropriate insurance for relevant hazards. Learn more here: goo.gl/tdWWH5

#natlprep #planahead #insurance #protectyourself

Plan ahead! By placing shrubs, grasses and perennials in the planters for summer you can keep them for your fall displays. The topiary and vine in this planter made a great starting point for fall.
#planahead #perennial #seasonalplanters #curbappeal

Are you prepared for #hurricaneirma ?? Soldiers with the 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade are preparing to help support in case of land fall in the Carolinas. Don't wait till it's too late, #planahead #scguard #readytorespond


Next week looking a bit busy again! Using @lovelyroseprints Glitter Fairy kit. Other shopped tagged 😊 #eclp #eclifeplanner #verticalspread #verticalplanner #planahead #etsystickers

You can never be too organised! It's easier to eat healthy food when it's easier to reach! I like my kitchen like I like my race horses.. Smart, quick and healthy #thinkahead #planahead #doitforyourself #healthyeating #jockeylife

Enter the code TOYS at the checkout for 10% off all toys. A great time to get ahead in the xmas shopping! Β£3.50 UK delivery. Visit the store or come to my fb page www.facebook.com/thatssomefashion #sundaysale #sale #10percentoff #toysale #planahead #xmasplanning #birthdaypressie #loveasale #webstore #homebusiness

Sunday nights - love em or hate em? I used to suffer terrible anxiety on a Sunday night (over)thinking the work week ahead and all the seemingly impossible deadlines to meet. Ugh.

And now? I take a few deep breaths, make a quick plan and focus on what is achievable. Β I do this in the early evening NOT when I'm lying in bed trying to go to sleep as I used to.
So, my plan is done and now I shall put it aside to enjoy what's left of the weekend - with Sunday night palpitations a thing of the past.

Hope your week is shaping up to be a beauty.

Quite Relieved.

Traveling in another country can be fun, but it can be very tough and tiring. Having to learn and read their language takes a lot of patience, because you have to find and know where to go.
Tip: Make sure you plan your itinerary in the country you are visiting ahead of time. Know the destination you're coming from to get to the destination you are going to.
#museedulouvre #louvre #paris #france #europe #europetravel #bigbus #bigbusparis #map #planahead #itinerary #travelphotography #bewisewithyourtime #fujifilm #ax3 #haphotography101

Take your time WellBeings. Think smart but take your time. The right plan and consistency will get you where you need to be in the week ahead. Happy Sunday afternoon xo
#sundaymood #planahead #consistency

Ok, who preps their food? I need ideas!!! Food prep, meal prep, menu planning?
I prep meat in bulk and freeze it. But I need to figure out a good way to meal plan, and store food! It's hard with a family of 6!! We eat a very clean diet! Hardly any processed foods! HELP! Ideas please! .
#foodprep #planahead #cleaneating #wholefoods #pnw #spokane #washington #lifewithash #lifewithashmarie

Last night in Albany!! ❀️❀️

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