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Spring Ready 🌱🌸🔥👍🏼👍🏼 There are a few hours left for you to vote in the #jachsgridoff contest❗️ If you haven't already, please click on the link on my profile page and vote for @chrismehan in the contest❗️ And you could win $1000 worth of @jachsny clothes or 1 of 6 free shirts❗️❗️❗️ 🎁🎁🎁 Thanks and good luck!!! It was a little too warm to wear the awesome olive field jacket, but here's the live action look of the shirt and pants from my grid.
Do you like this outfit❓


Shirt: @jachsny Pink Madras Plaid Shirt
Pants: @jachsny Off White Bowie Fit Stretch Cotton Chino

Must have in your #wardrobe #red #plaid #sleeveless shirt. Available on MAORLUZ.com with @etalonbysc 👈🏽 #gold #sunglasses 😎
Photo by @julien.ddm 👈🏽 🎥
_______________________________ #coachella2017 #coachella #sundayfunday #funtime #maorluzTRAVEL #MAORLUZ #ferriswheel

Excuse me boss I have a question✋️: Could we please possibly go for secondbreakfast or late morning snack? I've been told that to get the most production out of your workers they need a full tummy. It's very important to manage my blood sugars too! 😲 .
Cowdog shirt: @lucyand.co

De verwarming doet het gelukkig weer, maar ik ben snipverkouden. Zou ik het dan toch te koud gehad hebben? Gelukkig ontving ik afgelopen week mijn gewonnen plaid van @vachtvanvilt.nl om me warm te houden. Hij is echt prachtig! En die lieve Manouk heeft er nog een schapekleed bij gedaan, omdat ze zo laat was met verzenden. Heel blij mee!
This week I received the beautiful blanket of @vachtvanvilt.nl which I won. Sweet Manouk also gave me this beautiful sheeprug, because she was late with sending it to me. Love it!

Which is your fave? I had fun styling these skirts...... hopefully I get to wear them again before the year is over. :
#womensfashion #Apostolic #Modesty #Classy #Covered #Blessed #Saved #Plaid #Skirts #SkirtGirl #LadiesWear #LadiesFashion #Vintage 🌟✨💫🌼

Don't mess with me Monday
Photo and makeup credit to @mrs.penaloza You are so talented in so many ways 😘 Thank you!


// p l a i d & d e n i m // #fashionblogger @the_salty_blonde dressed in plaid & denim (hemd verkrijgbaar bij Miss-M) ✔️

You've heard of the cookie, but the dark side has coffee, too. #comeovertothedarksidewehavecookies #andcoffee #darthvadertattoo

Lazy day is the best day ever... #blackandwhite #decoration #homesweethome #violet #plaid

- Love This Book - I love it so much I don't want to finish it. Always wondered why I feel at home in Copenhagen/Denmark, because of this book I know now. It's al about Hygge! @meikwiking

Empreintes et témoins du glorieux passé de l'industrie textile, les roues à aubes parsèment encore notre rivière à l'Isle sur la Sorgue /
Traces and witnesses of the glorious past of the textile industry, the paddle wheels still pace our Sorgue river

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