I'm getting some greys....just like my.mom. 😉

It FINALLY stopped raining, so I can stop hiding now. ❤

I am literally traumatized with this westher we've been having. I hide in the bathtub because I'm so scared of the thunder. It makes my mom so, so sad to see me this way. I REALLY wish the weather wasn't like this ALL WEEK!! 😢

My fur mom photo. This is after Diesel's third leg surgery in 11 months (L back leg mast cell tumor removal, L ACL, R ACL). He got a staph infection after his second ACL surgery. I was performing in the city that night, but came home after the morning tech rehearsal because he needed superficial heat, medicine, and snuggles. I was exhausted, and fell asleep helping him. We had a very long year and a half with him. The vet lovingly calls him our problem child, with his surgeries and allergies. Diesel smiles through it all. I think the universe brought us to him, because it knew we'd be able to take care of him. #adoptdontshop #mrdieseldog #pfpbmodelcall19 #pinupsforpitbulls #pitbullsofinstagram #pibble #pitstagram #yourpitbullandyou #pittiechick #furmom #dogmom #dogmothersday

Good morning!!!
I hope my snoring didn't wake you!

Shhhhhh! I'm still sleeping!

Enjoying this pretty day!

What?! Isn't that dirt hole just for me to roll around in?? It makes me a nice light brown!!!

This is my bored nose...

Look deep in to my eyes....

Just laying around again...

I'll be right here today....

My baby sister and cousin 💗💕 family
via: @eros_the_pitador
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Morning snugs

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