A little teaser of something we have been working on.
For those you aren’t familiar with Ayurveda it can be translated to Science of Life, the traditional form of medicine practiced in India 5000 years ago and still practiced across the world to this very day
Ayurveda works by treating the whole person via a classification system that encompasses your body type (dosha) your imbalances (guanas, tastes, elements) your digestive strength(Agni) and toxicity (ama)
In Ayurveda there are 3 body types
•Vata (ether + air)
•Pitta (fire + water)
•Kapha (earth + water)
Yesterday via our Facebook page we posted a quiz for you to discover your dosha. Head on over to find out more if you haven’t already done so.
For those Pitta’s out there we got a little creative and put together a little recipe for you try if you need to bring your body back into balance
Stay tuned this week on our blog for the recipe to see our Pitta Balancing Chai Popsicles that blend ancient Ayurvedic spices with modern day means.

Crystal clear water today, it this is still as far as I could get in...this #floridagirl doesn’t like the cold. #groundingmyself #pittabalancing #vatabalancing #ayurvediclifestyle

It’s near Pitta season! Learn how to keep cool and collected in these hot summer months. Pittas tend to be hot and intense and require lots of cooling in order to be well balanced.
Pop into one of Lisa’s Pitta balancing yoga classes at 6:45pm Wednesday nights to discover more about balancing this Dosha!
No idea what Pitta means or have no familiarity with the Doshas!? Take the quiz in our bio to find out more!

Living for that intense glare (#pittaproblems). 🤦🏼‍♀️ Despite the questionable look on my face (I swear I was breathing), I had an amazing time practicing amongst other teachers in the community, and having the opportunity to learn from them afterwards. Just what I needed after a rough commute. Thank you @bweir for organizing such a cool event! #teachersaligned #pittaprobz #lululemon5thave #lemonlove🍋 #joblove #pittabalancing #flamesonthesidesofmyface🔥 #yogaeverydamnday
📷: @slamminlammon

"Everything in life is vibration." -Albert Einstein

✧ ✧ for the month of May get your VPK bundle for 20% OFF! $48 for 4oz, $72 for 8oz ✧ ✧
link in bio // use code VPK20
If you live in the Northeast...
“It’s Spring! Wait, is it? Oh it’s snowing... there’s the sun! Whoops nope just a sec. Oh ok some rain. Whoa, lots of rain. Cold again? K, I’ll get the ski jacket back out. Ok... guess we’ll never feel war- THE SUN IS BACK!”☀️🌲🌼
Typical VT spring got your body feeling a little confused and not sure how to acclimate?
Cue the VPK dream team - all the help you’ll need to feel energetically balanced no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at us this season!
🌙 warm up with Vata-Balancing Body Oil for those cold snaps that leave you feeling depleted & ungrounded.
🌸 cool off with Pitta-balancing Body Oil for those random Cali-esque days that leave you feeling short-tempered and spread too thin.
🌻 perk things up with Kapha-Balancing Body Oil on those muggy, heavy days when you feel groggy & foggy.
Wishing you Balance & Lightness during this Spring renewal!✨
#ayurvedaeverydamnday #ayurvediclifestyle #doshabalancingbodyoil #vatabalancing #pittabalancing #kaphabalancing #dreamteam #smallbatchoil #vtmadecrafts #springtime #springinvt #plantmedicinewoman #dinacharya #abhyanga #selfmassage

Stay cool! Coconut water is a great rasayana (rasa: juice & ayana: essence) to nourish yourself & your tissues during the warmer days. It relieves thirst and has a cooling effect on your body and mind.
And above all it is super tasty.
I love the one from Fountain of Youth. But there are many more out there. A good one you can also get from Marqt
Enjoy the ☀️shine

Cooling Rose Sun Tea.
Allow the flower essence to flourish in your femeninity.
Good for the Atman.
Hari Om.
#cool #hydrate #divinefeminine #pitta #balancepitta #ayurveda #yogalife #theyogiway #pittabalancing

My new favourite breakfast!
Soaked Vegan rolled oats. This was soaked with Raspberries overnight and sprinkled with Ayurvedic balancing Pitta powder before eating. 😋 Sx #innerbalanceyoga☯️ #ayurveda #pittabalancing #pitta #yogalife #yogalifestyle #veganfood #soakedoats #mynewfavorite 😊

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