🦁SormaPit🐶😂. #pitbull #pitlove #amstaff #dog

“Good morning” from Batman! This cutie is confident, easygoing & loves to give kisses. Batman is dog & kid friendly but would do best without cats around. He is house and crate trained. He is currently working with foster dad & the training team on some leash reactivity. He is a very good boy and we are so proud of his progress. This precious little super hero isn't quite ready for adoption but he will be once he meets his training requirements! Stay tuned if he sounds like the missing piece to your bat cave! #GoBatmanGo

We’re pooped after visiting our Uncle Ethan and Will tonight. Targhee is very fearful in new environments but did amazing ! We are all so proud of him. He even peed on my head this morning by accident and I didn’t get mad 😂😂 #pitlove #pitbull #pittiedad #pittiemom #pittielove #pitties #pittienation #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbullgram_ #pitbullsociety #pitbullsofinsta #adoptdontshop #adoptpits #flopdontcrop #letemflop #bulliesofinstagram #tricolorbully #tricolorpitbull #fawnbully #pittie #pitbulladvocate #bluenosepitbull #lovepitbulls #lovepitbulls #bluenose #pitbulls #pitbullpuppy #endbsl #endbslworldwide #pittiesofinsta

Muito amor 😍😍😍

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🎧😂 #clienttipstuesdays 👏🏻Oldie but goody!
We know the warmish weather has us in a blissful state of winter denial but we assure you snow is coming! You know what that means? SALT! ••Salt on sidewalks, streets and our own steps and driveways☹️ ••Not everyone puts out the pet friendly stuff and even the pet friendly stuff hurts when they step on it😖 ••Paws that get cut and raw from the cold don't feel great when you add salt to the picture! What's the point? PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE start to acclimate your dogs to wearing boots before they need them. If your dog has trouble sitting still to put his collar on, he prob won't chill while you put boots on. Do this the same way you you make them feel good about anything. FOOD and FUN👍🏻Feed or play with them while you put the boots on. It may just be a team effort. We have some suggestions but by all means check reviews and do what works for you and your budget. Some friendly advice, the fleece lined boots sound good but are overkill. We warm quick on our "Power Hour" trip’s and our "2 hour Adventure" troopers would be melting in those boots. Look for ease of use. We all geared up right last winter and we didn't miss a day of fun 🙏🏻Plus dogs in boots just never gets old 😂
Some suggestions below
The "Durable" or "Rugged" style from Ultra Paws is what we've used and
the "all weather" boot from muttlucks. Happy shopping 😁 #neverboredwithbella #grateful 💚

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