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After Dominic Smith was late to a team meeting yesterday, Mickey Callaway benched him against the Braves. Terry Collins would have never done this, look at what he put up with Matt Harvey. I like this no-bs attitude that he has. It's what our team needs and it shows that he isn't messing around. We're in win-now mode, and Callaway is the perfect manager for this type of team. As for Smith, I'm not that worried about him. We have plenty of veteran players in the locker room to help him such as Cespedes, Reyes, and Wright, and he played well today. I don't think that this will happen in the future with him, but this is a good way to show him what will if he is late to a meeting again. What are your thoughts on it?🤔⬇️

Day 164/365
In-Season Training Guidelines
Here’s a short list of some in-season training guidelines to help you guys with your training this spring. If you have any questions drop them below in the comments! - Alex
1. No Sprinting (Outside of Playing Your Sport) - For position players I feel there’s absolutely no reason for you to do any additional sprint work outside of playing your sport. Think about it...🧐 You’re sprinting everyday whether it be in practices or in games. Why would you want to put more stress on your body and potentially take away from your on-field outputs by sprinting even more?
2. No Medicine Ball Throws - I don’t like using medball throws in season because you’re playing and practicing your sport everyday (throwing and hitting). By adding to your hitting/throwing volume in the weight room (via medball throws) you can potentially take away from your on-field outputs. With this being said, I don’t have a problem with an athlete performing a couple sets (1-2) of medicine ball stomps/throws at the conclusion of a warmup to prime their nervous system for a practice or game.
3. Maintain Movement Quality/Mobility: With a lot of sitting and standing around mobility is lost in many baseball players over the course of the season. This becomes a problem as a restricted and immobile athlete usually becomes injured athlete. To maintain mobility make sure you’re not neglecting your soft tissue work and your performing a full body warmup before games. Another way to maintain mobility in-season is to program mobility exercises into your strength training session. For example, this is how I’ve been programming mobility exercises into my athletes in-season training sessions:
A1. Trap Bar Deadlift
A2. Arm Care Exercise (Low Trap or Serratus)
A3. Mobility Based Exercise (EX: Spider-Man Lunge W/Hip Lift and OH Reach)
4. Perform More Sets and Less Reps (EX: 6x3 or 4x5) - In my experience using low rep schemes with heavier weight does not contribute to as much muscle soreness as higher rep sets ex: 8-12. I’m going to go more in depth on this in the next few weeks as I’ll be posting more of my athletes in-season training.

Isaac Rodriguez (@isaac.rodriguez__) is a 5’9” 160 lb. MIF/C out of Murrieta, California. Quick transfers and release in the infield. Accurate arm and throws 80 across the diamond. Class of 2021. University of Southern California commit.
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Do you trust and empower your players to make spontaneous decisions during the finals of a state tournament championship game!?
Here we have a player stealing home on his own against a top rival school in the 2nd inning of a semi-final state tournament game. We are training athletes not robots! -Paul Niggebrugge/Tyler Hansen #bba #workout #pitching #batting #pitcher #batter #mechanics #baseball #mlb #milb #espn #highlights #baseballlife #thedugout #repost #homerun #dinger #halloffame #springtraining

The Mets take their first loss of the season today against the Cardinals. The Mets got off to a good start, scoring one in the first inning, but the Cardinals bounced back and poured the game open with six in the third. They scored four in the next two innings after that, bringing the total runs to ten. The Mets had some offense after the first, too , including a solo home run for Guillorme, but it wasn't enough and the Mets fall to the Cardinals 10-5. Dominic Smith played his first game today and played well, going 1 for 1 hitting. The winning pitcher is Hesley (1-0), and the losing pitcher is McGowan (0-1). The Mets take on the Marlins at 1:10 tomorrow. LGM!!

The Blue Jays drop their first Spring training game 5-4 against the Detroit Tigers. Chris Rowley got the start and recorded: 1.1IP 4H 4R 3ER and he was charged with the Loss. The Blue Jays 4 Runs came from a 2 run home run from Tim Lopes, a Sac fly by Steve Pearce and a RBI from Jansen. The Blue Jays will face the Tigers again tomorrow on a 1:05 PM start as J.A. Happ will get the start.
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