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Say tongue out bllluuuuaaaa ....💞😘❤️💞❤️

Because, why not Hi5 your dog 🐶 🐶❤️
Check out the Full Video in the link my Bio @pitbullsvilla

My box of @myollie dog food came...can't get enough of this stuff!


Being brave at the vet today ...

“The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man's .”
― Mark Twain 🐶

#pibble lovers in the NYC area are u looking 2 add the most squishable pupper to your home? Plz consider meeting my friend Beaker! See details below ⬇️
#Repost @beaker_bunny
Beaker Bunny is the kid who just seems to have it all, young and athletic with moviestar good looks, he’s the smartest dog in any room. Though he attracts a lot of attention when he’s out showing off his gentlemanly manners, meeting strangers can be more than Mr. Shy-but-Popular knows how to handle. Beaker Bunny prefers snugging by your side and exploring quiet trails to mingling at parties. Do you want to join the exclusive Beaker Bunny Best Friends Club? 💕PLEASE SHARE ✨ to help Beaky find his happily ever after💕
Extra smart and fun to train, Beaker has a beautiful cooperative temperament. He is a high energy adolescent -not hyper- and loves to play fetch and tug. He's surprisingly agile for an #80poundlapdog . He loves hopping on stone walls and running along logs during hikes. His favorite things are practicing tricks, giving wuzzles, and taking bubble baths -he takes baths like a person! He has a sense of humor and is super silly. He would prefer his forever home to be calm and quiet, free from other pets and children, and that he have a fenced in yard to run around (walks can be scary). He is not a dog park dog, but is polite to dogs on leash.
His ideal adopter would be familiar with body language (he displays learned helplessness) and committed to positive reinforcement training to ensure that he gains confidence throughout his life. Beaker Bunny has generalized anxiety for which he is medicated and receives training –continuity of both in his forever home will set him up for success. Potential adopters can meet him in Brooklyn, NY where he is fostered through the @NYCACC. Beaker can relocate and would do best in a non-urban area.
He needs and deserves a special home...he is a wonderful charming dog. Someone is out there who will feel unbelievably lucky to love and protect him always. For more information, please email BeakerBunny@gmail.com and accfosters@nycacc.com Credit (and infinitive of gratitude) for the beautiful original 🖼: @stateofwander The66DogsProject 📸: @dogmug

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I sniffs this 👃🏼

🐕 Play time w/ Mr. Beans


BBR ALUMNI "Axl& #34; our Deaf Bully is doing Amazing and Enjoying Life to the Fullest!! His Dad says that he Finally Stopped Destroying his Beds lol 😂! Axl Loves Cuddling and Playing with his Human Sibbling and Fur Sister. His Dad is now Working from Home, so Axl's Loving the Extra Attention and Quality Time 💕! We couldn't have Asked for a Better Home for our Sweet Boy because they Understood his Needs and Made sure he Fit it Perfectly with their Family! Gage is such a Gorgeous, Sweet, Playful, Cuddly, Couch Potato, that is Now Living the Good Life! We All Continue to do what we do and Fight Hard for these Voiceless Amazing Dogs because of Happy Endings just Like these!!! All Our Bullies are Very Loving, Loyal, and the Greatest Companions 😍!! Remember that in Order to Help Save a Dogs Life, you have to First Keep yours and Never Forget the Importance of Spaying/Neutering your Babies!! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS ADOPT AND NEVER SHOP to Help Save a Life! We Love Receiving Many Happy and Adorable Updates from Our BBR Families Like these!

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~In Need of FOSTER HOME, Ready for ADOPTION~

PUPPY OF THE DAY: Walter is a 3 Month old Pitbull Rodeshian Mix Handsome Boy who is Ready to Enter Our Puppy Program "Brave Angels" - which means you can Foster to Adopt him! He is 1 of the 7 Pups from Momma Sasha. Walter, or as his Foster Family affectionately calls him, "Sir Walter," is the Biggest of the Litter and One of the Most laid back Puppies! He Loves to Play, Cuddle, Eat, and have his Belly Rubbed. He gets along Great with his Fosters other Dogs, Male/Female, Big/Small, and also Likes the Kitty Cats! Sir Walter is doing very well with his House Training & if he Potties Inside, he only Uses the Potty Pads - but Mostly he goes Potty Outside like a Good Boy! He is Kennel Trained, Currently Weighs just a hair under 20 lbs, and is probably going to be a decent sized Boy once he gets Older! This Cutie Pie is doing Amazing & Anxiously Waiting for his Loving Forever Home 😍💚!! Please If you are Interested in Fostering to Adopt or would Like More Information on how, Go to Our Website for Our Adoption Process, Adoption Application, Fees, and to See what is Included when you Adopt from BBR. You will NOT Regret it! If you Live Out of the State and would Like to Adopt One of Sasha's Puppies, please PM on Facebook or DM on Instagram!! We will Do Out of State Adoptions, but on a Case by Case Scenario! Sir Walter is the Cutest Litttle Chunk you will Ever Meet 💕🐶 and if you Adopt him, he will Love you Unconditionally and Forever!

If you would Like to Meet WALTER, please Email us at info@bravebullyrescue.com and Visit Our Website bravebullyrescue.com
God Bless ❤🐶🐾 Brave Bully Team

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